Diecast Masters Caterpillar 994K Wheel Loader by Cranes Etc TV

Yes it’s big box time. Actually it’s very
big box time and this distinctive outer box with its big model number tells us
is from Diecast Masters and therefore it’s a Caterpillar model. First out of
the box unusually is not a nylon bag instead it’s two big expanded
polystyrene trays which are enclosing the tin inside. It’s all factory sealed
so is a bit more knife work is needed to separate the trays and after some gentle
separation we begin to get to the tin. And it’s a big tin because it’s holding
a model of the Caterpillar 994K mining wheel loader. As usual the big tin
has got very high quality photographs and there is specification information
about the real machine. It’s a big tin and if you use it to hold cookies it
will hold a month’s supply. Unless of course you’re a greedy pig in
which case it’ll only hold a day’s worth. With the lid off there’s some foam
rubber to remove but although we can see the model we’re still not able to get it
out because there’s a plastic former on top, so let’s take that out next.
As usual included with the model is a small Diecast Masters brochure and it
tells you what other models are available.
On we go and there’s still some more packaging to remove from the tin and
finally we can get the heavy hand cranes into the tin to lift the model out. Oh
yes, there’s no assembly to do because this model is complete out of the tin. Cranes Etc has made over a thousand
reviews and reports, so if you like what we do please support us and help us
continue by making a pledge via Patreon. The link is on the screen and in the
video description, and in return for your support you can get various rewards
including news, early access, discounts and other benefits, and know that your
support will keep us going. Looking underneath there’s some good detailing
of the transmissions and axles but the base plate under the engine is plastic.
The tyres have a realistic tread pattern and the wheel hubs are plastic but they
are detailed. At the back the counterweight looks suitably heavy.
There’s lights and nice hand rails. Across the pivot point the steering rams
and transmission can be seen but there are no hydraulics visible. Up on top the
walkway surfaces are all textured and it’s good to see fire suppression
equipment. The metal cab is detailed and it has silvered mirrors and there’s an
operator at the controls. The front axle is nicely detailed and there are
stepping plates rising up. The loader arms are heavily built and the
connection rivets have painted heads and there are soft hoses running to the rams.
The big rock bucket has nicely defined teeth and there’s very good detailing
underneath and on the back. The rear grille of the model is plastic and there
are other plastic parts such as the massive exhaust stacks on top. Nearly all
of the handrails and ladders on the model are metal and quite thin, but where
there are plastic parts they all have an excellent colour match. The 994K is a huge machine and a huge
model and here you can see it tiptoeing up behind a Cat 982M which is no small
machine. Of course for true perspective here is a member of the Cranes Etc team. It
just looks like he’s a scale model. So we know it’s a big model but does it have
the weight to back it up? The real machine weighs around 240 tonnes and the
model weighs in at 2 and 1/4 kilos or 5 pounds. Let’s also get the tape out and
do a quick dim check, and it is about 40 centimetres or 60 inches end-to-end. So
now you’re greedy and want to know the height. Well it’s about 15 centimetres or
6 inches. in terms of the features let’s start underneath, and a nice touch is
that each of the wheels spins independently. Also the rear axle pivots
with a significant range of movement. In terms of rolling along the model is
great it’s super smooth and that’s because a big chunk of metal is moving.
Here the giant hand crane lifts it up and you can see the significant
oscillation on the rear axle, and the steering is good too, and because the
wheels are independent it turns very smoothly.
Next up we give the rock bucket a tryout and it’s no problem at all in terms of
the cut angle and you can see how stiff the rams are and moving the other way
the carry angle is fairly shallow but it may be on the real machine also.
Going up in the world in terms of the height of lift of the bucket
it seems realistic and a very good height is achieved so it has no problem
getting over the side of a big mining truck, and if we test the tipping angle
that’s also very good. So in terms of the main functionality
Diecast Masters has made a very good effort with this model there is one more
small feature which is the access stair at the back, and that folds down and it
even has articulated handrails but to achieve that it’s all made of plastic. With this model Diecast Masters has once again shown a steady improvement in the
Caterpillar model range and this well presented model has good detailing and
good functionality too. Of course it also has that wow factor of being a giant
model so if you like really big mining equipment this model is very good.

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