Division 2 How to Farm BTSU GLOVES – Guaranteed Exotic Datagloves

want to find out how to farm the BTS you
gloves in the division too in case you need to nab yourself eight-second pair
or if you’re just one of those unlucky few who haven’t been able to get one
well today I’m going to teach you guys how to guarantee a drop essica this is
laser bolt and welcome to today’s video today guys we are gonna be talking about
how to form the BTS u gloves yes guys how to actually form them now I’ve seen
multiple videos guys on YouTube on people stating that there is impossible
way of farming it and you know I did make a video on how to get them and I
told you guys how you could possibly get them but there are multiple options to
actually picking up these gloves but today I want to talk to you guys about a
guaranteed method that will drop the gloves for you guys you could take this
to the bank a hundred percent guarantee drop even you already have a pair you
will be getting one to drop as long as you move them out of your inventory if
you guys have been playing a division you guys should already know how to farm
exotics you gotta move out of your inventory if you want an extra pair but
before I show you guys the guaranteed method I do want to remind you guys that
we’re giving away two free copies of call of duty modern warfare for the
console of your choice to enter it’s super easy guys all you got to do is
click the link where it says join ball nation and you guys will be
automatically entered so good luck to everyone that’s plans on participating
alright so there are a couple requirements that you’re gonna need to
do in order to actually fund with now I don’t know why this actually is a thing
but it is a thing guys I don’t know why I mean it just is so here are the
requirements you’re gonna need you want to make sure you go over to the white
house and if you’re running a specialist that is not the Sharpshooter you’re
gonna want to change over to the Sharpshooter don’t ask me why this works
but this actually works now at first when someone actually told me about this
method I was a little bit skeptical as well but you know me I always like to
try things because you never know if they’re gonna work and I actually found
out about this method someone sent me a video of someone farming this and I went
ahead and did what that video said it actually works so shout out to born from
fire four actually you know this during this method but before anything
before we post a video we wanted to test it out so I hopped on tried it out and
actually worked we tried it with someone else a buddy of mine hopped on it acted
work for him we brought in someone else in and it also worked for him so this
guy’s is a hundred percent work now that you already have your sharpshooter
already picked up you guys are ready to proceed to step number two to make sure
we get this actually job for us so what exactly are we gonna be doing so we’re
gonna be heading over to Camp wide oak and we’re gonna be making sure
that when we play this we are playing this in challengeable now this is
another requirement guys so requiring my number one make sure you pick up the
sharpshooter required number two is make sure you’re running camp wide oak
unchallenging now there are more requirements that we’re gonna be talking
about as we progress through the video so make sure you guys play close
attention what you will need to do is make sure you guys go ahead and launch a
camp white oak and once again please double check that it’s unchallenging
making sure you guys change that up now usually once you get the first run and
usually takes you between 20 to 30 minutes but once you keep doing this
continuously you’re gonna be able to knock these runs like in about 15 to 20
minutes and it should be smooth sailing some of you guys actually might even do
it a lot faster than that I just wanted to give you guys kind of like a
reference point of how long it takes you to the missions now guides on the runs I
tested I got one of them to drop on my second run I got another one to drop on
the first run and then I got another pair of gloves to actually drop on the
fifth one so I’m gonna say that it’s gonna take you between one to five tries
to actually get this gloves some of you guys might be lucky and get it on the
first run and somebody you guys might take a little bit longer to get it on
the fifth drop but I want to know from you guys let me know in the comment
section down below once the gloves job for you let me know how many runs it
actually took you to actually get them so well make sure you guys are
completing the requirements guys remember sharpshooter camp white oak
unchallengeable now as we progress through camp white oak what you guys are
gonna want to do is make sure you guys are collecting sniper bullets for your
sharpshooter class because that’s gonna be a critical factor to you actually you
obtaining the gloves so once you guys go ahead and complete the whole mission you
are gonna get to the part where you have to fight the boss I believe it’s Gavilan
I believe that’s the name of the boss I’m not a hundred percent sure I might
have me saying that wrong all right I think it’s something with a G though I’m
for 100% for sure what gonna happen is he’s gonna doesn’t be a
couple enemies unit clear out those enemies and as soon as you clear out
those enemies the boss will spawn which is a gold medic now your main objective
guys when you guys are doing this mission is once you get towards the end
of this mission you want to make sure that when you kill the main boss you
actually one-shot them with your 50 Cal that is what kind of guarantees a job
you want to make sure that when you shoot them you should have with the 50
Cal and it’s a one-shot headshot that is what kind of sets this guarantee job now
let’s talk up a little bit about the guarantees so basically you know there
are multiple ways of you actually in getting these gloves you pretty much get
them to drop as long as there is a gold medic in the room you’ll be able to
actually get this gloves or if you kill a boss that’s a black boss you should be
able to get the gloves there are multiple ways where people have said
that these are for mobile but this is more of a higher guarantee chance and
it’s the only way you can actually guarantee a job because cowboy talk has
a higher probability of dropping than gloves then the open world so you what
if you need the gloves this is definitely the method you’re gonna want
to choose all right so let’s say you went ahead and did your first run and
you shot him in the head and he didn’t drop the gloves for you what exactly do
you need to do this is where you need to play closer attention because if you
don’t do the step you’re gonna mess it up you want to make sure that as soon as
you shoot him and you see that the gloves don’t dropped clear the room and
wait till it says that the room has been completely cleared and it tells you that
the mission is completed once it tells you that if you didn’t get the gloves
you’re gonna go to your menu and you’re gonna want to log out and then you’re
gonna want to log back in when you lock that game it should automatically put
you in the Camp white oak you don’t have to go to the White House and then go to
camp right now it’ll automatically put you in here play it again and you guys
should be good to go now like I said you’re more than likely to get this to
jump on your first or second try but if not give if I tries and I’m pretty sure
a hundred percent that you will get the gloves to drop I’m gonna let the rest of
the gameplay play out so you can see me getting to drop once again for the
gloves so you can see that the method actually works the way I’m telling you
now if you guys are trying to figure out what exactly other gloves good for are
they good are they bad or what builds shoes I have multiple videos on Bill
Qaeda I actually have a new one coming out that you guys are gonna definitely
fall in love with so definitely do check that one out when
that goes live I do hope you guys did find this video helpful and it helps you
get the gloves if you did guys do me the keys favor come back comment in the
comment section below how many tries it took you and please guys do me a huge
favor drop a like on this video share with your friends so they can also get
the gloves as well if you want to show additional love and support do consider
joining the book they shoots you join it super easy I got to do is click the link
down below where it says join pole nation and you guys will automatically
join and unlock exclusive features only found on the channel thank you guys for
watching and enjoy the rest of the gameplay right see anything serious drama I did back in the fight the site is under our control we didn’t
get the anytime to clean up after themselves there’s gonna be a lot of
useful Intel there we could take our time to get through it you

100 comments on “Division 2 How to Farm BTSU GLOVES – Guaranteed Exotic Datagloves”

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    ➥ JOIN & Become a Member: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5kbCDveYQUcxoOll5NKocA/join

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  2. JinjaAsashin says:

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    they need to stop calling this game The Division 2 and just call it for what it really is.
    Terminator cuz that's what it feels like when you fight the Mobs in this game.
    I been farming for these BTSU GLOVES ever since they came out and to this very day, I still have not gotten them.

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    I am not a good sniper, usually kamikaze tank style so challenging difficulty with spec weapon is hard for me. I never got a chance for the shot. Tried this on story mode and it was easy to get a good shot. First time and drop. BTSU gloves. Thank you!

    Definitely go solo and guarantee the shot. If you die trying you just reboot to try again without needing the whole mission. Even just making sure you leave someone standing who can kill you if it doesn't drop would speed this up.

  24. Bill Taylor says:

    I got 2 pairs in one run with out the sniper

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    I get it 50% of the with Random people. I speed run it. I use the grenade launcher class cause I use my Seeker mine build. So I already got it 3 times and I gave it away twice.I also think like the Eagle Bearer , it might drop once a week. That’s just my theory.

  48. kojiking says:

    I finally got mine and got another pair again using the method I trailed and error.

    Location : Camp White Oak

    1. Set mission to challenge mode
    2. Use Sharpshooter specialization
    3. DO NOT use any exotic weapon during mission
    4. Head shot kill to final boss using signature sharpshooter weapon

  49. Alfredo761 says:

    Okay now this is what i did. Played for 7 hours trying to get this. No good results. tried alot of different thing which made no sense to do but I did them but with no results as well. after 7 hours I thought to myself challenge with a group of four at white oak was a breeze to run through because all the others also had great dps so we mowed them down. about three tries and i finally got them. dont do it by yourself because the drop ratio is low but high if your in a group. I had demolition ran ar and lmg with decent build also had the exotic holster to. had revive hive and armor canister. 310k armor 55k health and 220 utility. those are my specs i Used for the three runs. my dps on my ar is 20k and lmg is 35k. I hope that helps you guys. I alway wonder what other players had when they got it.

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    Lol. I farmed open world (BT bounties), i run White Oak on hard for 10 times and no luck. Did this method and i got DOUBLE drop. Double BTSU gloves on first try! It's rly works. Believe it or not, but if you sick trying to get this gloves, what you gonna lose if you try this method?

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    Also, didn't shoot him in the head for the kill.

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    1. Specialization Sharpshooter
    2. Run challenge mode
    3. Kill Galveston with headshot with Tac-51

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