Doosan Real Work Stories: Scott Rommel With The Doosan Wheel Loader

Scott Rommel is my name. I’m the owner and manager Poland Sand and Gravel; we’re a mining operation. Right now, we’re running a 400, we got a 450, and a 500, and then we also have a 340DX excavator. We need really versatile pieces of equipment for what we’re doing, because we’re using loaders as, as loadouts at stockpiled machines and at the face. We found the versatility to run around and be able to load a truck and hop right back into the stockpile work was important to us. We’re working on a lot of slopes, we’re running a lot of grades around here, because our mine is all on hillsides, and that’s where stability’s important, grade-ability, as far as power-to-weight ratios. When you get into machines that are too light in that regard, that’s where you get into little stability, if you’re loading a truck on a slight side-slope or something like that, you want to feel comfortable that the machines are predictable. We’re using them for just for what they’re designed for, and they’re engineered well. I’d rate them as high as any any machines out there. When I had that first machine, the first Doosan, I had another brand machine, they were both the same year, we were going to get rid of one or the other, and I went to the operators, and I said which one that you guys want, and they had the same hours and stuff, they wanted to keep the Doosan. We got very good dealer support in our area, when we need something, there right there. That’s one of the most important things when you buy a machine, if you don’t have the support. We count on all our machines. With them adding that parts guarantee, it’s very important that you’re not gonna get hung out there, you know, it’s peace of mind and that that comes into play, I’ve had other machines where I’ve had something break down and you have to wait for it to get shipped around the world, you know, sometimes the cost of a part or the cost of the shipping, there’s nothing compared to the downtime. I think they’ve made a commitment to this industry, especially, I picture, for the mining industry. But the thing is to know that you have a company that’s, that’s been around and is planning on being around. I think a lot of people don’t realize how big Doosan is.

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