Dying Light The Following – Kyle Crane Is The Night Hunter Theory ( Following Ending Explained )

What’s good guys? I’m John the chief and for this video It’s going to be on the theory about how Kyle crane could Potentially be [the] night hunter that you face within night invasions in the be the zombie game mode So this theory depends heavily on the ending that you pick Obviously, we’re going to be going with the ending where you actually fight the mother take the vials and become a volatile yourself But the theory goes is that you’re actually turning into a different type of volatile Not a normal one kind of like how when the mother drank the vial herself drank the special liquid She became a volatile that was capable of using telepathy the theory is is that when you drink the liquid you become into the night hunter version of the volatile the Reasoning to back this up is because when you first talked to the mother face-To-face She says and I quote you see breathing the fumes is one thing But drinking the liquid is something else entirely And during the ending when you reject the mother and you try to take the vows for yourself she forces you Kyle crane to drink it meaning that he is also gonna turn into a volatile and The type of volatile that we think that he’s going to turn into is the night hunter variation of the volatile We can assume that night hunter is actually a variation of the volatile because what he guards during night invasions is volatile nest he is guarding his own nest basically now in order to Prove this we actually have two very concrete piece of evidence That help prove that Kyle crane is indeed the night Hunter Now first one is during the actual fight with the mother again this fight only happens if you pick this certain ending now Halfway through [the] fight you’re going to actually lose access to all your weapons And you’re gonna start punching the mother but it actually looks like the calling Animation from playing as the night Hunter instead so here We’re [gonna] look at what it’s like when you’re actually playing against the mother and you’re calling as Kyle crane Next you’re actually going to be looking at right now the night hunter just calling animation in General So you can actually see that. It’s basically the same exact arm movements Just swiping your arm from right to left very simple stuff it looks more like a swipe than a punch or anything and That is exactly the same whether you’re as kyle crane fighting the mother or the night hunter facing Kyle cranes the Final Piece [of] Evidence is Actually at the very end right before the credits roll when you actually hear what they call a volatile scream That’s what it says in [the] subtitles [buy] it if you actually listen to it It’s not really a volatile scream, but the night hunter scream that you’re listening to I’m going to put all three screams right here I’m going to play them for you, [so] wait You can hear it the first one is going to be the actual volatile scream The next one is Gonna be the scream that Kyle crane does at the very end of dying light the following and the third one? Is going to be the one that night hunter does in the be the zombie game mode? you Now as you could possibly hear it Sounded the exact same between the one that you hear at the very end of dying like the following And the one that you hear when you play as a night hunter, so leave in the comments down below Do you think Kyle crane is actually the night hunter in dying light? I actually think so I think that this is imply for how it works But it kind of makes me [sad] because if this is the case that means Kyle crane will most likely not make a return in Dying light – unless he’s going to be some sort of enemy or boss that you encounter throughout the game Anyways, hope all of you guys enjoy the video and have a great day

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