Easiest Way to Change Implements on Tractor

I had never actually tried to change attachments
on another machine. I’ve watched other people try to do it and
realized it wasn’t something I could ever do. When I saw how the Ventrac attachments attached
and detached I thought maybe I could. Being able to just drive up to it, and push
a lever, that’s great.

3 comments on “Easiest Way to Change Implements on Tractor”

  1. Runaway train Productions says:

    Hey ventrac I was thinking with the SSV why not make it so it has the same attachment system as all other ventrac units?

  2. William Magnan says:

    Amazing video. Who ever came up with a Ventrac is an amazing person.

  3. Dale Nienow says:

    Yes thet they are really easy to change attachments!

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