Engine Idle Timer on Cat® M Series Medium Wheel Loaders

To help customers
reduce fuel consumption from unnecessary idle time around the job site, Caterpillar medium wheel loaders from the 950 to the 982M have a standard engine
idle timer feature that is disabled
from the factory. To enable this
functionality we will now navigate through
the service menu. First, utilizing the
service mode and enabling the full service
capabilities of the machine by
typing in the password; we will then
enable the system. Using the back
arrow we will hit “Configurations”
and “Engine”. The option shown is
“Engine Idle Timer”. We will click on
“Engine Idle Timer” to first enable the system. Once it’s enabled
and hitting the back arrow we can now enter
the engine idle delay – and we have options
from 3, 5, 10 and 20 minutes. Having a discussion with the customer operators will help understand what is the best level to set here; operators while
in the cab anytime that the blip the throttle
move and implement control the
system timer will re-enable itself
starting at 0. This functionality
can be changed very quickly through
the service passcode. Allowing an operator to fine tune what is
right for the job site.

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