Eva Mendes Explains Her And Ryan Gosling’s ‘Bulldozing’ Parenting Style

– I just wanna say sorry,
I owe you a play date. Let’s start with that. – [Eva] Yes, you do. – We were texting, we
have the same hair guy, Robert Ramos. – Robert Ramos, amazing. – He’s amazing and he
was like, “You two are so sweet you should hang out”. And he told each of us this and we were… – [Eva] And I got really
excited I was like– – I did too. – So anyway, I was like, “this is gonna be great”. And I texted her I was so excited. I’m like, “when can we do this? I’m totally available, all I do is this, play with my kids”. And she was like… This was like last May
and then she was like, “well, my first day
off is like Christmas”. – And I was like, I literally told Robert, I was like, “she’s gonna
think I’m blowing her off”. It’s Eva Mendes, I’m not blowing you off I just, I literally have no days off. – No – I don’t. – You do, and congratulations
on everything. – Aww thank you. – Really. – But when we have a play date it’s gonna be epic. – It’s gonna be epic. – It’s gonna be epic, I’m gonna make up for it. We’re gonna do so many amazing things. No, but you and Ryan Gosling, you all have two kids right? – Yes, we have two little girls – [Kelly] Yes, are you
excited about Halloween? – We are, but it’s kinda like Halloween in our house every day. – Me too, my kids wear cost– – [Eva] Right. – [Kelly] What the hell? – [Eva] Oh my God, that’s so old. That’s literally me going, “I’m not in love with him, I’m
not in love with him. What? I’m not in love”. Cause we were trying to
be very professional. – This is me going “I’m in love with you”. – Awwww – [Kelly] Like what? You’re so beautiful. Look at that sexy little eye okay. – [Eva] Look at him though. – He’s so cute, yes. You got the notebook and you got Noah. No, but our kids are the same. They’re literally constantly in costume. – They’re constantly dressing up and our kids are obsessed
with “Wizard of Oz” and Dorothy so they’ve
been Dorothy every year. So we’re like this year lets– – That’s financially awesome. – Financially great,
but we’re like you know maybe we could do like a bloody Dorothy. I could just put some blood on you or something. Cause really Dorothy again? You wanna like, you know. – But it’s kinda awesome
cause what my daughter did was tell me she wanted
to be Princess in Black. We’re reading these books. And there is no costume for that. I had to make it happen
and put it all together with all my free time Eva. – Right. – And then she was like
“never mind I wanna be Ana”. And I’m like uh huh
huh, and then I get Ana and she’s like “I don’t
know, Wonder Woman”. I’m like “you’re gonna wear it”. I’m like– – Which one? – My daughter changes
her mind all the time. Our five year old. I would love it if she wanted to be Dorothy every Halloween. – Every Halloween? – [Kelly] It’s magical. – So what’s she going with? You don’t know. – I have no idea. She can wear a sheet for all I care and be a ghost at this point. I am past it. – Are you the kind of mom, do you make the things? You don’t make the things. – Hell no, I get on Etsy
with all those mamas that have time to make stuff. – I’m with you. – You put your life, your career kind of on hold to become a parent. That was really important to you. When did you realize, wait I picked the way harder job? – Well ya know, every day and people are so sweet, they really
like try to warn you, prep you when you’re pregnant. But nobody can prep you, nobody. And nobody told me it was
gonna really be a job. And a job that I needed
an incredible amount of skill for. – And patience. – In different areas. A chauffeur, a cook, a personal assistant to an abusive boss. – Amen, they don’t appreciate it. – No they don’t, they’re not grateful. – I know. – Oh my God, do they get grateful? Does that happen at some point? Do they become grateful? I didn’t know I needed to– – I agree. – And any other profession you would need to take a test or pass test. The only test I had to
pass was a pregnancy test. That doesn’t seem fair. – Nailed it. – Right. – What do you think the
hardest part is though? Cause I have my thing, what’s your thing? The hardest part. – Hardest part? Hands down– – I think we agree. – is the amount of snacks I have to carry with me all day long. And the variety. – You feel like a Sherpa, just going up the mountain with everyone’s crap. – Totally, totally. And you need variation,
you need a variety. – Cause they all like something different. – They like something
different and you need to keep it fresh cause they’re like “nah”. Especially on long car
rides, those are the worst. But even going to the market, we’re like going to the market
but I need to take food in the car to go to the market. – Exactly. We’re gonna get along so
well on this play date. – This play date is gonna be– – Oh my God it’s gonna be so good. – Disneyland and… – No I’m telling you its upsetting and then for me, I don’t
like to be surrounded by food all the time. I’m like I’m gonna start eating it. And I’m starting to resent my children. For the amount of caloric
intake that’s happening. All right how would you
describe you and Ryan coming together, my husband and I came together, like your parenting style. How is that at your house? Is the same or different? – It’s the same, we’re very controlling. Very, very controlling. We are, I think what the term is, we’re always laughing at these terms, I think we would be a bull dozing parent. – Oh. – Have you heard of the bull dozers? – No, but I might be one that’s why I don’t know about it. – I heard of the term
helicopter parenting. Have you guys heard that? Well what else are we supposed to do? They’re like this big we have to be on top of them every second. – Or your house will
flood or be set on fire. – Exactly, it’s literally the stakes are really high so yeah
I’m a helicopter parent. And then I heard the
bull dozing and I’m like oh I’m probably a bull dozing parent too. – You can click A, B, C, and D. – Yeah all of it. – Become all of them. Well how has being a mom
changed your sense of style? – Oh my gosh. Well I went through a period where there was just no sense of style or sense of self really. I kind of lost myself a little bit there. – I might be there right
now but I don’t know. I have so many jobs. – I’m just coming out of the you know… It’s funny cause I started this line at New York & Company six years ago. There’s a lot of dresses
like this, that kind of feel like you’re wearing a
t-shirt, like a shirt dress. – Yeah, I love this. – You have a little bit of you know, you can style it up or style it down. – [Kelly] Yeah. – But comfort, comfort is what’s changed. Before I would suffer. – You have to be able to wash it too. That’s the thing because you get stains. – [Eva] Yes. – My kid’s food, they just
all of a sudden, I’m like, “cool, this wasn’t expensive”. – Right, well that’s the thing our fabrics are made to be machine washable. That’s really important for
me because it has to be. I honestly don’t remember the last time I went to the dry cleaners. That’s bougie, that’s
like old me, dry cleaners. – That’s my 20s. We got a few women in the audience wearing Eva’s designs. Lets say hi to them. Where is Monet? I ran into you earlier. – [Eva] Oh my God. – [Kelly] Look at that dress. Monet? – Oh my God. Hey Monet that looks so beautiful. I would wear that. So, Monet like what works
for you with this outfit? – It’s so comfortable
and it’s very stretchy. Love, I’m sorry. We’re going to his sisters
40th birthday party next month. The parties gonna be all about me honey. I look good. – [Kelly] You look so good. – Really, such a goddess. When I see something
like this, this is our Melinda sweater dress, and
I love a sweater dress. But what I love about the
dress too is it’s elegant, it doesn’t show too much
up here, you have a nice cut right here. – [Kelly] It shows that booty. – Never mind. – Everything back there. – [Kelly] Show us that bass hummer. – Its so beautiful and you
really, I mean my gosh– – Thank you Eva, thank you. – [Eva] You’re just drop dead gorgeus. – Thank you. – [Kelly] Awesome, well thank you Monet. Thank you. Where’s Daniella at? Daniella’s also got– – Oh, Daniella. – [Kelly] Oh my gosh that’s adorable. – Daniella, this is what I lived in cause when I find something that
works for me I live in it. Does that happen to you now, as a mom? – [Kelly] Yes, I get in all the colors. – I just live in it for three
weeks straight, every day. And I lived in this for three
weeks straight, every day. – [Daniella] This is so comfortable. – [Kelly] You know why? Cause it hugs in at the
waist and I need that. – [Eva] It hugs at the
waist, you can tuck it in or tuck it out, and
it’s still a soft pant, there’s a little stretch to it. And then I just love a plaid. – You’re so cute Daniella. – I know, I love plaid. – [Kelly] And you’re a mom too right? – [Daniella] Yes. – You said you had two little girls? – I’m a mom of two girls. I just had a baby four months ago. – [Kelly] Oh my God I can’t stand you. – [Eva] That’s right, you look so amazing. Congratulations. – Yeah, congrats on the baby. – [Eva] You look amazing, four months. – And where’s Monica at? – Hi. – [Kelly] Yes Monica. – [Eva] Monica. – Oh my gosh, so tell us
about what Monica’s wearing. – Well this is the Estelle sweater set. I love a sweater set, especially for fall. I love a sweater set, a
sweater dress with boots without boots. But she’s wearing this beautifully. And I love, did you do
your own jewels here? – Oh I had a stylist. – [Eva] Oh you have a stylist? Okay. – Its awesome. – You look gorgeous. – You look just so beautiful. And again with the elegance
accentuating the waist. And obviously you have
such a beautiful body but it’s still something
you can wear to work and maybe take off the
jacket later on when you… – [Kelly] Yes, Eva. – So, you know, we like to
do a lot of day to night clothes so this is a
great example of that. – [Kelly] It’s awesome. – I love it, I love it. – [Eva] And you’re so beautiful. – [Kelly] Nicely done Eva. Those looks are great. I love you all. Thank you for modeling them for us. Well done Eva. I love your line. It wouldn’t fit my figure though.

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