Excavator Backhoe Digger & Loader video for kids

Hi Kids, Today Funny Clown Bob will present you a video with Construction vehicles. In this video for kids you will learn construction vehicles Jamara Excavator Backhoe Digger and Loader in mud playing video for kids. Do not forget to subscribe under the video and like it Click on the picture to see other funny videos

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  1. Funny Clowns TV says:

    Hi guys. Today Clown Bob helping you to learn Construction Vehicles Jamara Excavator Backhoe Digger and Loader playing in mud video for kids. Funny Clown Bob will plant an apple tree in the garden.
    Thank you very much for watching .Please ,do not forget to subscribe and leave a comment.

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  4. Марина Григорян says:

    It's a pity that the apple tree withered from a lightning strike. It's great. Clown Bob you used as always Construction Vehicles Jamara Excavator Backhoe Digger and Loader and the new tree has grown . Well done. Like from me

  5. Azra Ceyhan says:

    Awesome small one is so cute and works hard great job big thumbs up full watching ☺💜

  6. Funny Learning TV - Kids Educational Videos says:

    Аnother great story with Construction Vehicles Jamara Excavator Backhoe Digger and Loader toys. We love an apple too. Big Thumbs up # 5

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  35. Anjali Says says:

    Wow you helped save the tree and filled in the dirt around it. Now the tree is happy and so is the rest of the world for making nature your number 1 priority. Love it. 💖💖💖

  36. Истории Героев says:

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