8 comments on “Extreme Bulldozers & Heavy Equipment Driving On Water Skills”

  1. Ren Leanne says:

    It seems most of the operators on this equipment are morons and need to have their butts kicked and be fired for being morons.

  2. Roger Kennedy says:

    Got to be hard on those final drives

  3. Autocomplex Dimitrov says:


  4. Simon Richard says:

    There's nothing extreme in this video, just a bunch of russians having fun.

  5. Roger Jones says:

    Extreme conditions here.Be interesting to know just what ťheir trying to do. .

  6. James Lindley says:

    Ya cant push water !!!!!!


    First thing to do if Dozer is in water is remove the fan belt!

  8. basant vimal sharma says:

    Those dozers have polluted the river water.all prawns.fish.eels die.

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