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The 12HM46 is the largest and most powerful drum-type continuous miner manufactured. The 12HM46 continuous miner, with a dual gathering head system, is ideal for industrial mineral mining applications, including trona, gypsum, potash, and salt. The 12HM46, with a 1473 mm (58 in.) cutter head diameter, is the largest and most powerful drum-style continuous miner in our product lineup. With a machine mass of 154,000 kg (340,000 lbs.) and a maximum cutting height of 6.0 m (20 ft.), the 12HM46 has what it takes to increase production in the tough industrial mineral cutting environment. The Joy 22-metric ton diesel LHD is a load haul dump featuring electric drives. Compared to other LHDs in its class, the 22HD offers faster acceleration, lower fuel consumption, lower heat rejection and best-in-class breakout and rimpull – all of which contribute to the lowest total operating costs of any LHD in its class. Simple control suite allows the operator to concentrate on maximizing productivity Automated control functions allow the operator to perform complex operations at a button press Switched reluctance hybrid drive captures and reuses braking energy Switched reluctance hybrid drive captures and reuses braking energy Heavy-duty design means less failures and more uptime Bucket design allows easy filling and low wear Technical innovation, brand reliability, and excellent productivity makes Liebherr trucks impressive. The trusted diesel-electric drive concept ensures the highest level of cost-effectiveness and, when paired with a Liebherr R 996 B or R 9800 mining excavator, the trucks are perfectly suited for the demands of mining environments. demands of mining environments. Customers can expect a high level of performance from these machines at the lowest cost per ton. The Liebherr T 284 mining truck represents Liebherr’s advancement of the successful T 282 C. It continues to be the lightest (lowest empty vehicle weight) and most capable (highest payload) ultra-class mining truck, while offering reduced fuel consumption, delivering over 4,000 hp. This further improved machine enables customers to meet production targets with fewer trucks, or in less time. Payload class – 400.00 tons Empty vehicle weight (EVW) – 261.00 tons Gross HP (SAE J1995) at 1900 rpm – 4,023 hp Drive system – Liebherr Litronic Plus AC drive system with IGBT technology Max speed – 40 mph Liebherr mining excavators are known for their exceptional performance, excellent reliability, simple operation, operator comfort and easy serviceability. The Liebherr mining product line includes eight different models, powered by diesel engines or electric motors, with bucket capacities from 7 to 47,5 m³ (13 to 80 tonnes material weight) and engine power ratings up to 4,000 hp. The R 9800 combines flexibility and productivity to meet customer expectations as this Liebherr mining excavator come with a choice of either Cummins or MTU as their preferred diesel engine partner, while an electric drive version is also available. The pairing of the T 264 or T 284 mining truck, with the R 9800, provides a cost-effective, highly productive mining solution for large-scale mining operations. The new Liebherr mining excavator: driven by two 1,492 kW/2,000 HP 16-cylinder V-engines, the Liebherr R 9800 boasts a 42 m³ bucket capacity. In conjunction with rapid loading cycles, tremendous ripper and breakout forces, the R 9800 offers high loading capacity and is the perfect loader for 220-t, 290-t and 360-t mining trucks. Engine rating at 1800 rpm – 4,000 hp Face shovel operating weight – 893.00 tons Backhoe operating weight – 882.00 tons Face shovel operating weight – 893.00 tons Bucket capacity at 3035 lb/yd³ – 62.10 yd³ Cutting, crushing and loading rock in a single operation. Our know-how in mature cutting technology permits deposits to be mined selectively and without drilling and blasting. The method is environmentally friendly and yields useful minerals of the purest quality. The design of the 3.8-m cutting drum unit installed in the 220 SM 3.8 / 220 SMi 3.8 has been optimized for the mining of soft rock to ensure maximum productivity at minimum operating costs. The surface miner extracts natural resources at a cutting depth of up to 350 mm and with an unconfined compressive strength of up to 35 MPa selectively. The compact 220 SM 3.8 / 220 SMi 3.8 is the ideal candidate for use in small-scale to largescale mining operations. Natural resources are extracted in a single, environmentally sustainable operation without drilling and blasting, yielding material of high quality. Windrowing enables the mined material to be deposited behind the machine in a continuous process.

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