Farm Truck Full Interior Car Detailing Ford F350! Dirtiest Car Detailing Series Ep. 12

what’s up guys welcome back to Stauffer
garage today’s detail is an exciting one I’m excited to be finally doing a work
truck again so hashtag work trucks need love too
this is a 2011 f350 Powerstroke diesel trucks this one needs some love it needs
a lot of work done on the interior to clean it up but it’s gonna turn out
amazing in the end so I want to make sure that if you guys are watching these
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go and get started all right so as you guys can see this
car is definitely dirty this car is used on a farm to haul cattle to haul hay
it’s got tons of stuff that deal with farming inside the vehicle that needs to
be removed before we can get any of the detailing done so obviously the first
step is to remove everything from all the door panels underneath the seats get
all that trash and debris out of the car that the shopvac can’t pick up before we
can get into the vacuuming one tip when you’re removing your floor
mats from your car make sure you fold them up when you’re trying to pull them
out and removing them for the vehicle so that way any of the dirt or trash that’s
collected on them doesn’t spill onto the carpet to making the job harder for you
in the end and if you guys are on instagram go
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post behind-the-scenes stories of details that are coming up and I know
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ahead and follow me over there at Stoffer garage now that everything’s out
of the vehicle gives us a better idea of how much dirt and trash is on the ground
and gives you an idea of what the detail will entail here on out one thing that I’m doing differently
with this detail is I’m actually gonna be using compressed air to try to blow
out as much of the trash and dirt as possible this was a recommendation that
I got from some of you guys that do detailing and it was something I wanted
to try and I was really impressed with how it turned out it allowed me to get
all of the dirt and dust and everything that was inside the door panels the
speaker grilles out of the carpet into all those different cracks and crevices
it blew it all out which made the vacuuming process and then the wiping
down process with our all-purpose cleaner later on ten times easier so if
you have the opportunity to use compressed air I highly recommend it if you guys are interested in any of the
products that I do use in my video I always link them in the description box
below that you guys can check out I wanted to ask you guys if you want to
see a Q&A on my channel it’s something I’ve kind of seen some of you guys
requests but if you have any specific questions and you think a Q&A would be
something fun that you’d like to see let me know in the comments below or if
there’s any other types of videos let me know so that way I know what content you
guys want to see next now that all the debris has been blown
out of the car we’re going to do our vacuuming stage and I’m using a hard
bristle brush that I typically used to use before I had a drill brush for the
carpet I’m using that just kind of used to scrape off all the dirt that’s caked
into all the different kick panels the sides of the seats all the different
creases with between the carpet and then using my vacuum cleaner to suck up that
dirt now it’s time to bust out our
all-purpose cleaner and wipe down all of the interior panels the dashboard the
seats the side panels the seat belts everything that you can inside the
vehicle with our all-purpose cleaner that’s diluted to a ratio of 20 to 1 and
that pretty much just means that you’re taking an all-purpose cleaner product
whether it’s simple green whether it’s LA’s totally awesome chemical I mean
anything any all-purpose cleaner you need to dilute typically down to its
specific ratio depending on the type of dirt that you’re working on and for this
case I’m using a ratio of 20 to 1 so that’s one part all-purpose cleaner and
20 parts water in my spray bottle because I’m just trying to get dirt off
of the panels and it’s not greasy or anything like that and that is kind of
what dictates what your ratio ends up being I highly recommend that if you are
detailing or you’re even doing it as a hobby on the side or you’re working on
your own car pick up some detailing brushes they help with getting into all
of those hard-to-reach spots that you’re not able to get to with your microfiber
towel and they make the job 10 times easier and also make your detail look
ten times better now for the dashboard in the steering
wheel I recommend moving the steering wheel up and down forward and backwards
whatever your steering wheel is capable of doing so that way you can get between
the dashboard and the steering column which is a common place that’s typically
missed now if your car has LCD screens I don’t
recommend you spraying directly onto the surface of them I usually spray around
the screen which kind of leaves some residual spray on them which is
typically just enough to wipe them down with a clean microfiber towel and for the seats I’m using the
all-purpose cleaner my drill brush because there is a lot of caked on dirt
that got into the different creases of this leather and also on the stitching
and the drill brush made it ten times easier to remove that dirt and then wipe
it clean with a microfiber towel now if you’re detailing your car and the
cup holders have anything caked inside them go ahead and spray your all-purpose
cleaner in there and let it soak up for several minutes it’ll make wiping out
that dirt or debris ten times easier with everything cleaned is now time to
follow with our top coat to all the plastic panels in the seats and for this
I’m using the Chemical Guys silk and shine I like using this product cuz it
has a UV protectant plus it kind of gives the car that new car smell and for
the windows I’m using invisible glass for as a cleaner and then I’m using two
microfiber towels to clean the windows and the reason being is you want to use
one microfiber towel to wipe the windows get any of the grease enos off of any of
the dirt and then I’m using a second microfiber towel to wipe that clean and
remove any streaking or residual cleaner that’s left on the surface one thing that I think if you aren’t a
detailer you wouldn’t realize is that some of these pickup trucks that are
crew cabs or the larger size pickup trucks they’re pretty much like a
suburban or a full-size SUV like an expedition in this case there was a ton
of interior this pickup truck seat six people it’s got plastic panels it’s got
cubbies everywhere to store stuff it really does have a ton of interior that
takes a long time to clean so that is one thing that I don’t think a lot of
people realize about pickup trucks is they’re pretty much the same amount at
work as a full-size SUV and make sure you don’t forget when
you’re cleaning your interior glass like your windshield or your windows
don’t forget your rear glass your sunroof your Sun visors and your
rear-view mirror when you’re doing it now the final cleaning step is the floor
mats with them bein rubber makes it super super simple I just rinse them off
with the hose take my all-purpose cleaner my drill brush to remove any of
the dirt that’s caked on and then I’m using the hose to rinse it back off
again in my compressed air to dry them and here are the end results I included
the before and afters of a truck that was extremely dusty and dirty from
working on a farm and with just using compressed air the vacuum and very very
simple amount of tools we completely transformed this interior and it turned
out incredible so if you guys enjoyed today’s video
make sure you give it a thumbs up leave a comment below and make sure you guys
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coming out of my channel is gonna be a full exterior and interior clean that I
know you guys are gonna love so be on the lookout for that for next week and
if you do not follow me on instagram make sure you guys go ahead and head
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thanks again guys for watching I’ll see you next time bye guys

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