Farmer Crushed Under Tractor’s Tires

I’m Glen Dunsmore, an occupational hygiene
officer with WorkSafeBC. This farm was the scene of a tragic accident
involving a tractor. Here’s what happened. On farms, tractors are commonly used to tow
liquid manure spreaders. A tractor operator had backed a liquid manure
spreader up to a manure pond to fill its 4,500-gallon tank. Once full, the manure spreader weighed over
50,000 pounds – almost twice as much as the tractor pulling it. As the operator tried to move the tractor
forward, the loaded manure spreader rolled backwards into the pond, pulling the tractor
to the pond’s edge. The operator exited the tractor cab and got
caught in the spinning left rear wheels. He was pulled beneath them and pushed out
behind the tractor. The operator died of his injuries. Let’s look at the main causes of this accident. The edge of the pond did not have a barrier. If practicable, a barrier must be installed
to prevent equipment from falling into or inadvertently entering the pond. The manure spreader did not have a braking
system. The manual for the tractor states that towed
vehicles that weigh more than the tractor must be equipped with brakes for safe operation. The operator exited the cab of the tractor
while its wheels were still spinning. Always put the transmission in park or neutral
and set the parking brake before exiting the cab. Tractor accidents are the leading cause of
deaths on farms in B.C. This accident was preventable. Work safely; your life depends on it.

100 comments on “Farmer Crushed Under Tractor’s Tires”

  1. benjamin phillips says:

    @shortcrossrulezz same reason a truck has 4 back wheels, it allows more stabilization and more towing capacity

  2. Matt 50680 says:

    Occupational hygiene officer? So you go around and make sure people smell good at work? LOL

  3. bodders1029 says:

    tip of the day. wheels go round stay in cab!

  4. CBKillas says:

    "Ahhh, don't worry bout them there tires a spinnin', it'll be awright."

  5. G777GUN says:


    Thats what i was thinking.

  6. rajvader says:

    Presumably because he was afraid that, if the tractor were to stop actively pulling the load forward, it would slip farther backward into the pond.

  7. studpuppy69 says:

    @PonyPower71 Apparently, if this guy can do it another idiot can do the same damn thing. These videos are EDUCATIONAL, they teach PREVENTION. Too many people think it can't happen to them, it can and will if you act like a fool. The video is spreading a message, if you don't get it watch it again. Take things a little more seriously this is not a game.

  8. sLowd09 says:


    Shit happens, it's unpreventable.

    But university trained grads find employment with Nanny State gov'ts, and are enriched preaching a gospel of unattainable perfect safety.

  9. Michael K says:

    I hate manure ?.


  10. MegaJohndeere1 says:

    yes lets look at what happend. clearly the guy wasnt trained on what to do. he was probably panincing out of his mind and didnt know what he was doing. how can you put brakes on something that brakes couldnt stop in that scinario any was… these safety people that work for the government think they know everything just because a piece of paper tells them they are

  11. rweiii1 says:

    @PonyPower71 it is common for a tractor driver to step out of the vehicle while it is still moving if it is going very slow. he probably didnt think about it, he just acted upon instinct.

  12. Edward Elk says:

    that why you need to take serious when you work some thing like this dangerous easy to die job.

  13. alex garcia says:

    damn dude that sucks r.i.p.

  14. speedskiff2 says:

    As a kid on my grandfather's farm, neighboring farmer had tractor with steel spiked wheels and coat tail caught spikes and dragged him under wheel after getting stuck in mud. They found tractor still running stuck in mud and not much left of farmer. Read in paper roll bars and seat belts are being installed on tractors for tip overs. Good deal. Farm now baseball field and tennis courts at Rider College but it was the best life I had as a kid growing up.

  15. MrThisIsMeToo says:

    WTF is a "hygiene officer" ? What a fucking waste of tax dollars.

  16. Paul L says:

    @fighter1881 But sadly it did.

  17. Cory Kiddoo says:

    @muckcityrules47 ya, maybe on a lawn mower it works that way

  18. FoRm4t says:

    hygiene officer is a fancy way of telling you are in charge of shit isn't it? Poor guy RIP

  19. snakyfloresty says:

    horrible death

  20. lokethedog says:

    Because he paniced. The vehicle was being pulled into the pond and he simply tried to jump out.

  21. klavss76 says:

    One of the finest farmer-crushing videos I've ever seen.

  22. TheHDQuality says:

    nicely sayd: "most accidents on farms happens with tractors" hell yea, because on farms there are tractors…

  23. mubd1234 says:

    A nasty job gets even nastier!

  24. trainfreak14 says:

    same thing happened to me but not in a pond my friend was backin up the tractor with the spreader an i was beside directin him well stupid me got behind an couldnt see me well i got pinned between the fence that was there luckily he stopped before anything else happened its easy to get in an accident like this especially on a farm anything can happen ive had alot of close calls

  25. G1LB3RT1 says:

    No brakes on the tanker! Are you asking for an accident??

  26. Leroy Hogwash says:

    British Columbia is in Brittian stupid.

  27. marleyboro says:

    good advice even tho i might never need it

  28. vaheedh says:

    forget the barrier get a longer tube

  29. ClintL63 says:

    Why dont people SHUT THE DAMN THING OFF! Hard to do when a routine thing goes hay-wire; probably done it a hundred times;pinch points SUCK!

  30. Eddie Ruprecht says:


  31. Jesper schjøtt vang says:

    its the shitty tractors fault 😉 if it was a JOHN DEERE! it wouldnt have happend.

  32. atimo taguy says:

    @24preacherboy BC is in western Canada, so before you go calling others down, get a map

  33. Ben Silva says:

    One more reason to end industrialized farming. The supposed "efficiency" doesn't cut it anymore. We have the capabilities to grow food completely without soil, and organically. Using a city's own supply, it could self-sustain its own food supply. No tractor accidents, no pesticides or chemicals, no GMOs.

  34. AA says:

    thats how my grandpa died..

  35. 1234zaxc says:

    what is the point of this video if you are not a farmer!!!!!!!!

  36. methanbreather says:

    I am glad living in a country where open shit ponds are forbidden…

  37. MortenBandit says:

    A manure pond ??? Hope that pond is coated with plastic.

  38. BogiCECHL04 says:

    RIP…..but why did he leave the tractor while the wheels are still spinning?…

  39. Pimpmastahanhduece says:

    wow, i thought that maybe a combination of the soft wet mud embankment combined with tire with huge tread the farmer mightve gotten pulled through with just maybe a broken nose and friction burns. Maybe he died from being hurt and thrown into the manure and drowned, but the producers of the video wanted to spare the farmers dignity.

  40. MegaJordie11 says:


  41. sasop117 says:

    i think he did put it in park, because a) he had moment to get out the cab and b) the split secound were be disengaged the cluch would have made it roll back more

  42. mugwump666 says:

    @wheelin1 Yeah, maybe there should be a "sarcastic" button, but it should be pretty clear to ANYONE that he was joking.

  43. Peter M says:

    I don't understand people, who find thisthing funny! A man died!He was not a criminal He died in an accident during he done his job! But ifany of you think it's funny, I have a better one! Good few idiot died in the WTC few years ago! That was hilarious! People jump trugh windos and fall 10 or more meters! Lets find some vids! Funny!! You fu**ers!!!

  44. Andrew N says:

    @24preacherboy are you stupid

  45. DReymer AgriPhotos says:

    wouldnt of happened if it was a case and why would you hop out with the wheels spinning.

  46. MrZroe says:

    @24preacherboy enter foot in mouth now.

  47. Graham Keir says:

    what a fanny leaving a tractor while its still turning….

  48. Matt P says:

    liquid manure…… nice

  49. DM BandZ says:

    @24preacherboy lmao you are really dumb.

  50. MadMoose01 says:

    @JohnDeereBoy3790 yeah, cause it would have broke down before it got to the pond… I work on tractors quite a lot.

  51. BrianS317 says:

    Terrible and tragic…. Probably was upset that his tank was sinking and not thinking about the tire.

  52. Mark2790 says:

    yeww, what a gruesome way to die

  53. Tim Branch says:

    @WunderHuse At my school, we have a shop teacher who is very strict with safety, and the slackers and idiots of the school don't like him. He was hurt himself, so he doesn't want it to happen to us. He is one of my favourite teachers, by the way.

  54. JosephCraftHD says:

    Thanks Captain Hindsight!

  55. jonsabine29 says:

    why exactly did he want to get out with the wheels spinning I wonder? I've done plenty of dangerous things around farm machinery but there is always a moment where you think 'this isn't that safe but is it safe enough? yes' Guess he never did. we'll never know.

  56. MegaMouseSEC says:

    Hopefully this has opened some eyes on safe work pracitces. I know it opened mine.

  57. spiltmilkmaniac says:

    Practicable ?

  58. hamsterbacke3 says:

    1:18 this is the key agent, i don't want to push away the other safety measures, but i think this is the only real reason, why sth like that can happen, without the other safety measures, you can in worse case slide into the shit pond

  59. vashon100 says:

    practicable ? (at 0:58) LOL

  60. Scott Hageman says:

    operator mistake

  61. Blue Mountain Edward says:

    I am glad there are no farms in my neighborhood. A pond full of manure would stink from a half mile away. Farming is a dangerous job I know from experience. Farmer left it in gear and stepped out. Last mistake he ever made.

  62. theruley says:

    @24preacherboy British Columbia is a province in western Canada, just above Washington state.

  63. Jake Evan says:

    @rinavanity i believe you are the smartest youtuber ever born

  64. The Viewer formerly known as Prince says:

    @WunderHuse its called a press brake (or just press – or just brake) and DAMN!! i use those often and they still sketch me out. an employee at my work just got his thumbnail removed by it… ouch. safety first!! and how the fuck did i get here? started at a bike video…

  65. eric jayjay says:

    This is a great video

  66. DisasterRasta says:

    oh shit son why is it everyone of these videos there just stupid mistakes made by people

  67. litleChristopher77 says:


  68. Dylan Heise says:

    this almost happened to me

  69. Leroy Bullied says:

    they are all preventable but all it takes is a moments loss of concentration. why would he get out with the tractor in gear and the wheels spinning

  70. goshawk1974 says:

    Operator error, for sure. Foul play? No!

  71. Murray Liddle says:

    Better than torn apart by a muck spreader best advise is you can never be too careful

  72. Padraig Maloney says:

    Farming is a dangerous business and people should watch what they are doing all the time.

  73. BCRampage says:

    someone is big on conspiracy's…

  74. Chuck B says:

    I lost a dog in a similar fashion when she chased a tractor and was crushed between the duels and she was killed and going around trapped while the tractor continued down the road. I did catch up with the driver to stop him

  75. sneezie22 says:

    Saw that happen to a cat when it crossed the road while a tractor trailer truck was coming towards it…poor kitty ! Squish, roll, squish, roll, squish , roll, squish…….

  76. TheSRBgamer63 says:

    Poor that tractor …he leave tractor to spin wheels and go out of cab lol.

  77. Boyce Lawrence says:

    RIP dude.. But damn that was just dumb, hopping out while tractor still in gear. Like really !!!

  78. Push Back says:

    Man. It's bad enough to get spun up under the wheels of your own vehicle, but it's even worse to get shot out the bottom into a pond of shit. 

  79. WachdByBigBrother says:

    So the tractor's wheels were still spinning when he exited the tractor? Yikes!

  80. Robert Jackson says:

    what part of put the tractor in park do not understand

  81. Shane S says:

    He may have done this a few times and gotten away with it until it finally got him, pretty scary, we sometimes have to break our unsafe bad habits and or just not take the risk, all it takes is one time

  82. Viscount Hutton says:

    A lot of people seem confused as to why he exited while the tractor was still in gear, and while no one but the farmer will likely ever know why for sure, it seems like he may have panicked, thinking the heavy, sinking trailer was going to pull the tractor in with it, and jumped out (maybe falling in the process) to keep from going in. Might not have been the best decision, but there isn't much most of us wouldn't reflexively do to try and keep out of a shit pond…

  83. Alex Galvez says:

    Shit happens

  84. Dark Waters says:

    Who the hell listened to these awful voice recordings and thought "sounds good, final product!"?

  85. Mitchell Holladay says:

    I typed practicable out wondering if it’s actually a word. To my surprise, it didn’t autocorrect.

  86. Ob Fuscated says:

    LOCKED wheels have MORE traction than spinning wheels. Stop then bail out.

    Practice is free but few people outside the military practice rapid vehicle egress. Everyone ASSUMES it's intuitive.

    The military saying "assumption is the mother of all fuckups" certainly applies to safety!

    A handrail on the wheel side of the step wouldn't interfere with vehicle operation and tubing is cheap. Per many building codes industrial and home steps have rails because they work, and a simple stout rail can give someone dismounting the tractor MUCH more safety even in non-emergency dismounts and mounts.

    Remember when tractors and dozers for logging didn't have ROPS because no one had bothered to install them? Think about safe, comfortable dismount options for your tractor. There's no reason getting in and out of something you may use every day should require the effort to BALANCE your body while not having anything to grab. Slip on a wet day and you can damage yourself even on a stopped tractor.

    Steps for tractors running dual rear wheels can be easily modified to reach near the outer edge of the widest point.

  87. mike larochelle says:

    what a shitty way to go

  88. Alfredo Fuentes says:

    Dam what a way to go

  89. Brande S says:

    11years ago! Wow youtube impressive😒 Watchin in 2018 why is this in my recommended

  90. rtrThanos Ezekyle Abaddon says:

    I knew this was going to turn out bad as soon as I heard “manure pond.”

  91. Z71Ranger says:

    Well Damn… Son Of A Bitch… I have Lost ALL the Hearing in my Right Ear…

  92. Tiksu says:

    That audio quality tho

  93. Ragrle Graggle says:

    When he jumped out the opposite set of wheels were spinning and when he hit the ground the side he was on kicked and spun him under he was probable in a panic and did not notice the other wheels spinning .

  94. douglas787 says:

    Shitty way to die.

  95. teamhex says:

    A guy I went to school with was shredding around a pond with a tractor. The tractor tipped over into the pond pinning him to the bottom. Sad stuff man.

  96. John H. says:

    was this narrated over the phone?

  97. Dave Roberts says:

    Really wish they would stop calling these accidents. They are poor decisions. If you are driving down the road and a meteor falls on you, that's an accident. If you decide to ignore common sense that's foolish, not an accident.

  98. WorkSafeBC says:

    This was one of our earliest slide shows. As a result, audio only plays from one speaker or headphone. Thanks for your understanding.

  99. Buddy Clem says:

    The illiteracy in this comment thread is unbelievable! RIP incompetent farmer.

  100. Mike D says:

    He wasn't 'exiting' the tractor. He was bailing the F out because he thought he was going to get pulled into the pond and drown. Such a shame that if he had just stayed put he would have shit himself but other wise been fine

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