Farmer Tired of People Parking Cars on His Land, Gets on Tractor & Blocks Them In

Farmar tired of people parking cars on his land gets on tractor and blocks them in If it doesn’t belong to you, don’t take it as something most of us are taught in our childhood it helps us understand the concept of personal property and ownership as We get older that is often overrated by philosophies such as it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission That’s sort of what this farmer was dealing with The farmer had a problem on his hands part of his property near Zagreb Croatia was close to a shopping area Seeing the empty field people decided it wouldn’t hurt anyone to park there while they ran their errands So they did the field filled up with market goers cars It doesn’t seem like too much of an issue right open space. No one doing anything with it Why not use it is free parking Wrong DeVoe bitte Kovac wasn’t having any of that It’s not clear how well marked his property was or whether he’d asked people to move but regardless of what? Preventive measures had or had not been taken The result was still the same cars were parked on his property and he did not like that. So he plotted his revenge If you want to get revenge, you have to be careful how you do it if you don’t want to get in trouble Damaging the cars themselves would have gotten him in trouble Chasing people off his land or yelling at them when they came back Probably wouldn’t be too effective and might get him labeled as a madman but a Kovac had to come up with something clever Harmless and annoying but annoying enough to cause shoppers to seriously reconsider their parking choices the next time they were in the area So he took his tractor out for a spin and clawed deep trenches around the parked cars The turned over mud and uneven surface would make it nearly impossible to maneuver in the small cars that were now stuck on his land People watched as he made the rounds with his tractor and they laughed It’s probably safe to assume that the people laughing were not the ones whose cars were in jeopardy The people whose cars were affected were not too happy with the situation now either someone called the cops on the angry farmer after A chat with bitte Kovac the authorities said there was nothing they could do since the people were after all parked on the farmers property and trespassing hopefully these shoppers learned their lesson don’t upset the farmer and Maybe BT Kovac might consider opening a pay lot on the field. It certainly would get used Submit your story here and subscribe to our best uplifting stories here Please subscribe my channel real world

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  1. Joe Worden says:

    Good for the farmer.

  2. Tyler Jones says:

    Narrator: Microsoft Sam

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