19 comments on “Farming Simulator 20 – Launch Trailer”

  1. Leon 12 says:

    Giant the best

  2. Antonio Leandro says:

    Falta otimizar

  3. AngryBaneling says:

    I don't know about this one, guys. I already play a Farming Simulator. It's called Dota 2.

  4. Andrew Eagle says:

    Snow Runner please


    GIANTS Software (Developers) really worked hard! I just wish fs20 reach 1 Million download on play store in less than a month! Best wishes by Xtreme Gaming Fever 🙏

  6. Lara Edwards says:

    Is this coming on Xbox one

  7. Merle Mami says:

    Meine Oma liebt dieses Spiel. Jage gerade von Geschäft zu Geschäft um eines zu bekommen. Media Markt und Müller haben es noch nicht. Saturn dafür so hoffe ich schon.

  8. Rocketpower 2606 says:

    Buying now !!!

  9. Dawsons farming videos Kershaw says:

    This is cool

  10. Rainbow Goo says:

    I want my money back for this game immediately!!!! This game is pure garbage compared to the previous release.

  11. Dylan Aguilhon says:

    et sur Android

  12. Lmao. says:

    Wait what

  13. Lemi says:

    Лол, негр хлопок собирает 0:20
    "Толерантность"- говорили они

  14. The Gameing Fox says:

    Hey focus is this going to be on iOS and Android/ mobile?
    Edit: and can we get the follow me mod on console and how long will sessions be?

  15. Jessica McAuliffe says:

    Only on swich

  16. Dylan Aguilhon says:

    and for Android

  17. Jayden Tran says:

    Ay focus can we get a 4o foot trailer on console (ps4 and Xbox) and some other cars on fs19

  18. Rainbowdude 12 says:

    I just got farming simulator 19

  19. Roystylesss 123 says:

    Est-ce que c’est aussi De Su la Xbox wow

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