HI GUYS !!!! Welcome to Farming Simulator 17 Mods Channel
in this Timelapse video i show You How can You load 78 Square bales on MoDHuB Flatbed Low Loader trailer . I use MAN TGS 4157 SEMI TRUCK MoDHuB Flatbed Low Loader New Holland LM 742 with Rear Hydraulics MEIJER HOLLAND RAMBO BALE GRABBER I try to find MEIJER HOLLAND RAMBO Trailer but I was unprepared :p Rφwer system The first thought was to load the grabber to low loader and telehandler folow the tuck with follow me mod But the weight was to heavy and necessarily to change my plans So I load the telehandler to trailer I have left link to description with presentations of all the mod You will see in the video No more talk Enjoy the video Stupid follow me mod which almost ruin my video… I can not reach higher
I did not think to use ramp mod maybe I could add some more :pp But I think 78 bales are more than enough… If you enjoy watching my videos…
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12 comments on “Farming Simulator 2017 Mods 78 SQUAREBALES ON LIZARD FLATBED LOW LOADER”

  1. Lenny Face says:

    can you say the website where you download all that mods. also:
    great video!

  2. Johar Azizi says:

    Could you please make modpack that has all the mods you have downloaded and are using? I am using over 700 mods now in Fs17 but surprisingly I don't have most of your mods! / Thanks 🙂

  3. Asthmatic Hedgegog says:

    have you ever played farming simulator without mods?



  5. Callum Hendy says:

    What is the front loader tool and is it on Xbox ??

  6. тим says:

    where can i find the claas scorpion?

  7. chatterbox5412 says:

    what music were u using?

  8. the cross VACB says:

    hoe download je da op de ps4

  9. the cross VACB says:

    da ga niet op ps4 ofwa

  10. Miroslav Štěp says:

    Jak jse rozsiruje fs 17 dekuji za pochopení

  11. mdnor matnor says:

    that why game is not realistic

  12. Tree Lover says:

    When out Xbox one farming simulator 17.

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