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This week on TGC News, Colt spins the drain,
the best mag loader yet, and deals on deals on deals! The Dead Mans Hand cards and IQ targets from
RE Factor are one of the most fun combinations for upping your game on the
range. Each card has a different drill that associates
with the target ranging from beginner to advanced. They now offer the targets for rifles and
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the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, My name is Jon Patton. Remember if you haven’t done so yet, on
YouTube, go ahead and get subscribed and ring that bell to get notified of new episodes. On Facebook, hit see first. And remember guys, we are giving away a total
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your prize! All you have to do to get entered is post
a picture of your rifle or rifles on the ZRO delta facebook page and tell them where you
are from… that’s it! Now, some news. Colt can’t seem to get ahead these days
and is being sued for half a million dollars for breaching a production contract agreement. As I understand it, Colt had contracted out
the production of their Expanse rifle which was a cookie cutter cheap AR15. The MSRP on those was about 750 bucks if youre
curious. They contracted the production out to a company
in Texas for the original amount of 6,000 rifle per quarter in November of 2015. And in March of this year, Colt ordered the
company to immediately reduce the number of rifles to 2400 per quarter. The problem here was that they didnt give
the 60 days notice as required by their contract. Obviously they did this because AR15 sales
TANKED industry wide after the election and Colt was likely hemorrhaging money on rifles
that weren’t selling. The long and short of this is that Colt from
my point of view… is a mess. I don’t know who is running that company
or where they get their ideas for production but they dont make anything worth buying and
they certainly don’t listen to consumers. We are watching the downfall of a gun manufacturing
giant and its sad. What do you guys think? Does Colt currently make a gun that you would
actually buy? And in OMG AK NEWS news, on the back of importation
sanctions we are seeing (obviously) significantly less AK style rifles coming into the country. That being said, Century Arms, one of the
more notable importers is now producing a 100% US made Draco Pistol. They feature a 10.5 inch barrel, weigh about
6.5 pounds and are chambered in 7.62×39. A classic AK pistol made completely in the
states. Not a bad thing at all. It kinda shocks me that we don’t see more
proliferation of this into US gun companies. Perhaps they just can’t seem to find ways
to make them cheap enough. I’m not sure. What I do know is that Century has a checkered
past as far as quality of guns so we shall see if this US made AK pistol holds up. And speaking of holding up… it seems as
though ETS group magazines have made a big impact. I’ve seen them all over the place and that
has most likely been a good reason for this next product. The CAM loader. This seems to be one of the best ways to load
a 9mm or 40S&W pistol mag that I’ve seen. You just slide the rounds into the loader
while theyre still in the factory tray, and then push them down into the magazine using
the plunger. I would probably be “that guy” and use
a table instead but whatever. We’ve seen all kinds of loaders… probably
the most popular being the Uplula and now we’ve got the weird looking Pistol Mag Charger
from Caldwell. Most of them require handling the rounds and
putting them into the loader itself and then into the magazine. This seems to be a MUCH faster method. Now, I don’t know if they have some sort
of agreement with B&T but this is absolutely a modified version of B&T’s loader for the
MP9 and MP5. Either way the ETS loader is priced at a hefty
50 bucks. Would you guys grab one of these? I mean, this does look like the fastest way
to load a mag but is it worth $50? You guys seemed to love the segment I did
last week on summertime deals so let’s keep that going. Tons of you told me about the deal that Walther
is offering right now. From now until September 15th if you buy a
PPQ or PPS you can get a $100 off via a mail in rebate. For that you can probably snag a couple of
their magazines and some extra ammo. Not as good as last week’s deals but they
make up for it with this really funny ad. Another one this week is from Ruger… theyre
giving away 3 rifles for people that shop at You could win a Ruger American, an American
Rimfire or a 10/22. So basically you could win a 3-400 dollar
rifle from them if you spend a couple bucks on their site. And rounding us out this week is Century Arms
with a $50 visa gift card if you purchase certain models of the C39v2, the NPAP, the
RAS47 and the C308. Its funny that $50 off a rifle seems a bit
weak but in comparison to the other offers we’ve seen, this isnt the best out there. Again, just like last week, if you guys know
of a promo that needs to be mentioned here on TGC, let me know. We’ll keep this going as long as it makes
sense to do. Our good guy with a gun this week comes to
us from Laurel County Kentucky. This is a very simple case. Homeowner comes home to find a douchebag in
his house, grabs his shotgun and shoots this guy that looks like an extra from breaking
bad… in the torso. The man made it out the back of the house
but was later found in the woods not far away due to a dog barking at him. Now, this story could have ended very badly
for the homeowner but thank goodness it did not. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. How many of you are hyper aware when you arrive
at your house? Do you think thats going overboard? Let me know in the comments. This week, we’re taking a look at a guntuber
that has some of the more thoughtful and well laid out reviews that i’ve watched. Its as if you’re watching a story as he
goes through things and I love that. The voiceover audio is also super clean which
is another plus in my book. Say hello to Alabama Arsenal. Now guys, I think you should head over there
and get subscribed to his channel and let him know that TGC sent you… of course there
is a link in the description like always. And if you know of a guntuber that needs to
be featured that does high quality content…. Post that in the comments below. Guess that’s it. Help a brother out and like
the video then share it with your friends if you found any of the info interesting,
if you haven’t please subscribe so you can catch the show week after week and as always,
thank you all for watching, we’ll see you soon!

100 comments on “Fastest Mag Loader EVAR, Colt gets sued, DEALS ON DEALS! – TGC News”

  1. Alabama Arsenal says:

    Thank you so much for the mention! Cant tell you how much I appreciate the shoutout and think that it's amazing how you help out smaller Youtube channels in this way, it says a lot.

  2. beanhead159 says:

    the federal ammo rebate is worth a mention

  3. dubvc1 says:

    you losing weight?

  4. fucken uknown says:

    wat up

  5. jagget mordu says:

    id recommend chris bartocci as guntuber of the week

  6. jagget mordu says:

    oh and mishaco.

  7. keith moore says:

    colt's main problem is and has always been the government!!! first they to comfortable with military contracts and then they let the state get their treasonous claws into them!!! what they need to do is get back to basics toss the damn government their money back and start making guns that people want again a good .380 pocket job a good python style revolver a good .22 pistol like they use to and then get their prices down!! that's where Ruger shines they have a good selection at good prices and their quality is top notch!!!

  8. Jake Holevinski says:

    John, love your videos man! Maybe you can mention this next week and maybe share it? Let the rest of our community know about the deal!

    Federal Premium is doing a 25% Mail in rebate on 50 and 100 round boxes of American Eagle Branded PISTOL ammunition until the end of August!!!

    P.S. I found out about this from MidSouth Shooter Supply if you'd like to give them some love!

    Keep up the great work, thanks for your time and what you do for the shooting sports community!!

  9. Shaw_Shooting says:

    John, please highlight fifty% tactical!!

  10. john 925 says:

    I always enter my home with a keen eye, no matter if roommates cars are in the drive way or not

  11. Kurt Kenehan says:

    i nominate t. rex arms or ozzie reviews for guntuber of the week

  12. drewlehmann25 says:

    I actually own a Colt Expanse M4 and couldn't be happier with it. For the shooter who won't put 10,000 or 50,000 rounds through their AR, it's a great rifle. I've since spec'd it out the way I want with accessories, cerakote, etc., but this is a fantastic rifle for my purposes. I don't chrome lined this and NiB that, etc. it's great for what's it's designed for. It's unfortunate that the company seems to be losing its premiere status in the firearm industry…however…Ruger was and Springfield Armory is in the same situation…and I'm confident they'll recover.

  13. ville vee says:

    Here in finland the good guy with gun would go to jail.

  14. SNSReaper says:

    someone from Arkansas won something! woohoo!

  15. ARK2114 says:

    Justin Opinion is a good channel. Good quality videos, informative, entertaining, to the point. You guys should feature the channel next week!!

  16. champy1210 says:


  17. CrazyIrishMedic says:

    At this point with colts now horrible QC Colt now stands for
    C- Cheaply made
    O- Overpriced
    L- Laughable
    T- Trash

  18. Drew Thompson says:

    Does colt still make the python?

  19. Mike Yob says:

    👍 i have a small gun shop by me they have 2 colt python one never used . i believe your right the used one is 2500.i don't remember how much for the one never shot…alot of $$$$ thank you. 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  20. cincinnati funk says:

    Dude you are doing really good work with this channel. Nice work I really enjoyed this one. As far as vigilance when arriving home yes. Make a point to know the home and the status it was left in. If you're in mine when i come home and u look like an extra from Breaking Bad and ur intentions are bad?… good possibility you're gonna be faced with the room temperature challenge.

  21. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Colt is one of the laziest gun companies out there. What do they even do anymore? Make basic, overpriced entry-level ARs and 1911. The rest of the industry passed them half a decade ago.
    What marketing strategy do they have? Lord knows they don't sell products people want. Let me buy an IAR. Let me buy a fully supported Delta.
    Who actually runs Colt? Everything I hear about Colt lately is a decision made somewhere between bad and worse. They keep on making decisions that highschools know are bad.

  22. Jacob Montgomery says:

    Tried out of the ETS loader loading 9mm Glock mags. The rounds bound up so bad we tossed it aside to go back to our UpLula. Hopefully it was just the one we got.

  23. Andrew Bradshaw says:

    That mag loader does you no good at all when buy bulk packaged.

  24. big visk says:

    i like coopers levels, white, yellow, orange, red. when out of the house you should always be condition yellow, when you get back to the house you check it, then you can go down to white, or stay in yellow, your call. i have a dog, if he barks, i go to yellow, until i check it out. pretty good stuff.

  25. DB Cooper says:

    Fn, 3 mags if you buy an 509

  26. Blakstar says:

    Colt hasn't made anything worth owning since the early 80s. Their customer service is dogsh!t

  27. Rick Koehler says:

    Does Colt make a gun I'd actually buy… short answer, No. Long answer… Nooooooo!!!!!

  28. Jesse McDonald says:

    Remington has some rebates on guns and shotshell ammo going on right now.

  29. Scott Grossman says:

    "tactical shit" fellas did a video on the ETS mag loader showed them either not knowing how to use correctly! or it's garbage! the concept seems ledgit

  30. Alan Jones says:

    colt makes the 6920. I'd still think they are solid rifles

  31. Jacob Fooy says:

    Mag Loader for $50 yeah good deal when mags themselves can coast that much.

  32. RAITYUS360 says:

    colt pins are not compatible with other ar15 uppers and lowers

  33. sierraharvester says:

    Not usually hyper aware of things when I get home, but I knew my house had been burglarized the moment I got home. The thieves left a few tail tell signs. The biggest one was that the deadbolts in my front door were already unlocked.

  34. Soulless Ginger says:

    When I come home, with wife and daughters in tow, I always go in first and check the house before they can come in. Small house so it's quick. I always conceal and carry so I'm armed when entering. It helps to have good neighbors that look out for you to.

  35. Texas Mud says:

    Level of preparedness- I find it varies (if I'm honest). I find that I watch more when I'm with my wife, because she doesn't.

  36. Colton Allen says:

    The only two guns that Colt makes that I have any general interest in owning would be a Colt Mustang and one of their new M45 1911.

  37. Cooper Hall says:

    Warrior Poet Society for guntuber of the week

  38. Gren Moyo says:

    LE6920 is still g2g in my eyes

  39. ElijahJohn888 says:

    The line in the sand is the Second. We should come together on/for that line. When you know that the enemy is fast approaching there should only be one concern & that is to see that EVERY concerned/decent/patriotic citizen is armed with the weapon of their choice The fact is this those that hate us want to Dis-armed us so that they can hurt/kill us with the minimum of dis-comfort to them selfs & those who send them. As for me I would rather die standing on my feet UN-loading my magazines then on my knees with a bullet in the back of my head. If we back down on the second then in my opinion it is over for us who love Liberty/Truth & the speed bumps removed for those who would run us down aka road kill . Those who stand for nothing fall for everything. ~Maranatha~ 7/1817

  40. Lynn Baker says:

    I got a great idea; Why don't you pick one topic and just talk about that?I clicked on your Vid, to learn more about the "Fastest Mag loader EVER" not some BS story about Colt.

  41. Nick J says:

    Hate to say it, but Colt was around before you and will be here after your gone !

  42. loves2shoot says:

    Hey, check out John Lovell 's yt channel … I discovered a video that youtube "suggested" for me, and followed with a couple of others. Guys not really a tiny channel, but content is good!

  43. Michael Wood says:

    I'm not paranoid, but the minute you stop being alert, they get you

  44. Mrgunsngear Channel says:

    Colt still makes great carbines; they just have atrocious marketing and PR

  45. V powpow says:

    Colt LE6920… all day, no matter how you spin it. In fact, I am convinced that you are paid/sponsored by other high end rifle companies to drag Colt's name through the mud. Shame on you. Support struggling companies, don't kick'em in the nuts, laugh, and record a web series. It's time for me to unsubscribe.

  46. James Constas says:

    I know Colt has been taking it on the chin over the past few years, but their LE6920 really is a great rifle for the money. There are other great rifles out there too, but I've owned several and none have let me down. The Colt brand still has a lot of brand equity, they just need new management who can bring new products to market fast!

  47. Mark K says:

    I elevate my level of attention as I drive into my development. really pay attention to my surrounding as I get close to the house and pull in.

  48. HachiZenki says:

    Colt needs to get into the……AK business. 😏

  49. HachiZenki says:

    Why would you need that ETS loader to load 10 rounds? #LivingBehindEnemyLines

  50. Andrew Ryan says:

    the B&T loader is simiar but it only loads double side feed lip magazines (Like an AR/AK) this is a lot more complicated as it works with single feed like 99.9% of pistol mags

  51. CTKix says:

    Regarding the "Summer Specials" segment, I like it in there. I work a few days a week in a shop and you guys caught a few of the deals from manufacturers that I didn't, thanx!
    Regarding Colt, it's demise is saddening here as I not only live in their back yard, I LIVED in their original factor in a loft for 7 years!
    Awesome history, I still like some of their current production guns (1911 XSE series especially, interested in the Delta Elite).
    But, I have friends that are employees and I said they missed the boat completely during the last 8 years investing in production of guns that the military doesn't need during a deescalation and municipalities can't afford with dwindling grants since the "free money" days of the post 9/11 USA.
    IF they only went into production and made the two platforms that are the most requested, Python and Anaconda revolvers. But, that would have made too much sense so they go with their current revolver lineup….. which, I honestly don't even want to discuss…….

  52. Jake L says:

    Warrior poet society John Lovell for gun tuber of the week!

  53. bobTom37 says:

    I own a le6920, i am veey happy and proud of my purchase. after some research I decided on that as my first and possibly only ar choice. I didn't settle until I saw it in person and picked it up at a gun show.

  54. noahbarger01 says:

    Colt can save itself with a new python

  55. Steve says:

    century arms sucks never buying from them again!

  56. Patrycjusz Skrodzki says:

    cabelas has trijicon rmr for 349

  57. Midwest Misfit says:


  58. Matthew Johnson says:

    I own the Colt LE6920 and while it's no DD something light and fancy, it was a good deal and it works flawlessly. I'm sad to see the company go but that's capitalism for ya. They didn't innovate or change and now they're dying.

  59. Homefront says:

    The only good thing they make is the AR folding stock, it is really cool

  60. chzzyg269 says:

    Colt is done, and it's due to their stubborn management. Everything they put out is limited edition, overpriced, and mediocre quality. I've owned three Colt's in my life and only have one in my collection now, a Series 70 that required a few hundred dollars in replacement parts. The only parts left that can claim Colt's name at all is the rattly frame. My old M4 in the Army is the only Colt that ever worked right without needing a bunch of work done on it, but it's kinda hard to ruin an AR. Their company is going down, and someday S&W or the like will take up what they left behind and manufacture it even better.

  61. DallasTNPer says:

    i got a shield using the smith and wesson $75 rebate back in April and still haven't received it yet they said it would be 10 weeks. it has been longer than that and still nothing

  62. One Eyed Jack says:

    Great coverage Jon and like the Guntuber of the week, nice to find new content. Way to go on helping the smaller channels!!!

  63. Richard Gower says:

    Thanks Jon for mentioning Alabama Arsenal, I stumbled on to that channel awhile back and was really impressed! He definitely deserves more subscribers.

  64. mmaviator22 says:

    Guess ETS finally made a decent product because their mags suck ass!

  65. Ghost Shadow says:

    many complaints about quality of the Century AK guns

  66. JUST POLITIKIN says:


  67. Rich Webb says:

    Johnnys reloading bench is a very good channel with lots of content.

  68. Jacob Harris says:

    anyone been in this game for a minute knows buy it cheap and stack it deep. i bought mosins for $20 ea used and $69 from CAI back in the day. i sold them for a fortune when the time came. lets just say these deals dont stop they just change.

  69. Ray W says:

    That looks RASsssy…. No thanks.

  70. Thunderbolt22A10 says:

    As somebody who doesn't own an AR I'm buying a LE6920. It's and outstanding gun that's seen the price tank and man I want that pony rollmark

  71. Colonel K says:

    Does Colt currently make a gun?

  72. Allison Kendrick says:

    Love the channel. 2 suggestions for youtuber of the week … Paul Harrel and C&Resenal. Great content.

  73. Zack Glass says: Next Good guy with a gun

  74. Robin Patty says:

    Colt quality became a joke back in the 1980s and continued this into the 90s. I haven't bought a Colt since and don't see anything interesting or innovative coming from them. It appears to me that they're trying to survive off of their name and nothing else.

  75. GibsonOfAGun says:

    POF USA 6 free Pmags with purchase through Aug 1st

  76. Abhishek Singh says:

    I combat clear my house every time I get home.

  77. Donnie Love says:

    Is it weird the main thing I want to do with my case builder is make custom foam inserts for organizing my toolbox?

  78. mytmousemalibu says:

    I'd like to see the TGC cover the XM17 mess with the Army skipping the majority of the trials and picking the P320 mostly on merits of cost. Also the suit against Sig and a couple others for patent infringement of a "chassis system" which originates from Steyr. Steyr appears to have a firm leg to stand on in the deep water that is this suit.

    Hyper aware? Yes, I am pretty in touch with my surroundings and nothing much passes scrutiny. While I appear relaxed out in public setting, its by habit that my right hand rides with my thumb hooked in my right pocket. If approached by a stranger, my hand is already in my pocket. That's where my S&W 442 is located. Nobody seems to notice or bat an eye. It's not uncommon to be approached by transients or panhandlers around here in some areas I go through. Family and friends aside, I trust few people just cold turkey excluding the elderly and young kids, etc. The latter don't concern me. I'm not overly skittish and paranoid by far, just prepared. I have had several encounters with some unsavory people in the past (prior to me getting my CCW and State Constitutional Carry passing) and I got out of those situations with a few bruises or no harm at all. Not worth not being prepared. The US has changed dramatically in the past 20yrs or even the last 10yrs. Back in the 40's and 50's and after even, it was common to leave the house unlocked, the car in the driveway with the windows down and the keys in it and most people never had any trouble or worry over it. Compared to today, VAST difference. Back in 1963, most of our citizenry was shocked, disgusted, and upset over the assassination of JFK. Fast forward to today where some liberal idiot tried to kill a bunch of Republican's at a baseball game and the populace of the opposing political party cheers for the act like this is F-ing gladiators or something. The times have changed dramatically. Be smart, be prepared…

  79. chrisloUSA says:

    God, I hope that means no more Romanian Draco's….

  80. Josh Donat says:

    I may be weird … every time I get home after a trip or an evening out I sweep the house before letting the fam in the house. Crazy/paranoid? Or just prepared?

  81. Tj Mueller says:

    Kriss is giving a sparc red dot when you buy a vector by 9/30. Just saw that on their page.

  82. Randy She says:

    The mag loader – fine if the ammo you purchase comes in that kind of packaging, but what's the point if you buy in bulk?
    Arriving Home – I look for anything out of the ordinary on the outside and have my strong hand at the ready when I open the door – EVERY TIME.

  83. KB3GZW says:

    Daniel Defense has $125 in credit and free shipping to their online store right now when you buy a rifle of theirs. Conveniently $125 is exactly how much it costs for a pair of their iron sights but you can buy whatever you want from their store. Just FYI.

  84. tnp sheepdog says:

    nutnfancy is a good gun tuber

  85. Sergio Gonzalez says:

    Part of the reason I carry is in case I find my home being cased. I also had a neighbor get jumped as he was getting into his house (maybe got followed home).

  86. 2AisAlive says:

    Check out the channel guns and gadgets

  87. Teach says:

    Uplula is 30 bucks, ETS here in our shop is 40. Much better system, so yes it's worth it

  88. mongothedestroyer88 says:

    Don't know if you mentioned it but FN is giving away 3 free magazines when you buy a FN 509.

  89. TheArmedPoet says:

    for summer deals KH is celebrating Magazinepalooza! 4 free magazines with purchase of P30 or VP full size pistol. July 1st to Sept. 30

  90. Jorge J Noguera says:

    Yes Colt makes guns I would buy. IF they were just a bit cheaper, and a little better quality. But not ARs, I want a 1911 pistol, military model.

  91. dawnpatrol1943 says:

    $750 ain't cheap for us peasents so yep…

  92. ambluemax says:

    Primary Weapon Systems is doing a $200 rebate on all rifles and uppers

  93. Matthew Gray says:

    I'm not super aware entering my house, but my 80lb pitbull is.

  94. uncle Ben says:

    Oh yeah! I been singing Alabama Arsenals praises for a couple months. Hope you give them a boost.

  95. J. N. says:

    Mountain View Arkansas, been there, beautiful place

  96. berniedmj m says:

    The ETS mag loader is $35.99 on amazon

  97. Toamaius D'Vignir says:

    C.A.M Pistol loader works great with brass cased ammo. I mainly shoot or usto shoot aluminium cased and it didn't work well at all. Bullets would separate from cases.

    I sent mine back and ETS gave me a full refund.

  98. Wade Reaves says:

    The smaller speed loader with the key ring on it, I love it. I'm pretty quick with it and I don't really have a problem with it.

  99. N R says:

    I got the ETS 9 mm / 40 handgun magazine loader rifle magazine loader for $50 bucks plus shipping and tax from Sportsman's Guide.

  100. 44 Hawk says:

    I had a friend over , a while back, and he asked me why I was carrying a 45 on my hip while I was at home, and I told him that if somebody comes through that front door I cannot ask him to wait right here I have to go to my bedroom. He said aren't you being paranoid? And I told him as an NRA instructor I tell everybody that the first thing you become when you carry a gun is a gunfighter and there's some very simple rules for being a gunfighter. Rule number one always, always, always, try to avoid the gun fight. Rule number two, always carry your firearm with you, it's not as important as to what you carry, it's important that you carry, because the act of caring makes you more aware of what's going on around you. Rule number three, strange things happened to your psyche when you're involved in a gunfight. When the police get there you tell them this and only this, I was in fear of my life, I'd like to speak to my attorney. You are most likely going to jail while they figure out what they're going to do and you are not going to know whether the responding officer is one that can read the scene or not.

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