FEI XIONG FX-816 P38 Lightning 飛行レビュー2

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please understand.thanks. Hello, it’s Ultra Micro Maniacs. Today, we will send you the continuation of “Fei Xiong FX816 P38 Lightning” that was not able to fly in the previous review. Synopsis up to the previous time In Chiba, where the manager lives, the storm of 57.5m / s was blown by Typhoon No. 15 hit directly in the beginning of September, and not only the city coastal area of the landing site but also the entire prefecture was seriously damaged. Many parks in the prefecture are no exception, and there are damages such as fallen trees and equipment damage / collapse due to wind damage, and parks that are always used are “ no entry ” due to over 100 fallen trees, flight review of this plane is I gave up. After that, finally the partial maintenance of the park progressed, and some of the usage restrictions were lifted
Since the usual plaza has become usable, I have been shooting flight images waiting for good weather. Flight test First take off by hand throwing. Oops, I’m going to the left … Even if you keep cutting the stick all the way to the right, it will roll to the left, so make sure you don’t wear it. The transmitter does not have a trim function, so if you roll or turn left or right, It is necessary to correct the aircraft side so that it can fly straight. First-aid treatment by twisting the main wing to enable level flight. EPP material is safe because there is no risk of breakage. There is a little wind from the right (about 1m / s), so it runs a little to the left. The first thing I feel after flying is that the nose is so light that it heads up too much. For the time being, Maiden flight while confirming the habit of turning, such as figure eight. The turning radius is large, but there is no sudden entrainment or nose drop, It is very easy to steer. Glide performance is also good. Even if the throttle is pulled out, there is almost no change in posture, and the altitude falls off smoothly. So, it ’s the first flight, but let ’s challenge deck landing. Oops w Do n’t touch the stick! The second one will take off and take off. Oops, too high … After all head up is hard. The twin power of the 8mm motor accelerates the aircraft to takeoff speed at once, Take off is easy, but it seems to lead to head-up if the throttle fully open time is a little long. Nonetheless, it is easy to reduce pitching and recovery from phugoid motion is easy. The turning performance that I thought was dull at first is also quite good. When the throttle is lowered in accordance with the steering of the ladder, the motor power on one side protrudes relatively, A small turn is possible while rolling with the help of entrainment. However, small turns will reduce altitude, so it seems better to return the throttle in the second half of the turn. The silhouette is cool. Even though it is 2ch toy, responsiveness to the stick is good and maneuvering is fun. I noticed while maneuvering. If you lower the speed and increase the speed at the same time as full throttle, the light nose is coupled The head rises as much as possible, and the angle of attack rises almost vertically. This is probably It is considered a forbidden technique in 2ch Toiraji A turned up loop may be created Let’s play around the loop challenge. Loop success w This is fun ww It ’s a little lighter … Land and adjust. The adjustment is over. I was able to take off safely without heading up too much. “Adjustment” is done by simply putting a 10-yen coin in the battery hatch. By improving the balance, you can maneuver more easily. It feels good. The low-pass progresses ~ Of course, you can do it normally without sacrificing the loop. It’s fun ~ Now, the last is landing on the deck. 10-yen coins are good, landing is also easier to approach. Summary
Fx series with the brand name “FEIXIONG” from this airplane In translation, it was “Flying Bear”, and I felt a sense of security in the naming that just changed the old brand name “Flybear”. Now, the pillow has changed, but the contents have inherited the pedigree of the Fx series firmly, and the aircraft that expresses silhouette and features well while using all EPP made fragile materials, and gyro correction in the YAW direction The two-motor output control radio system to be used, the aircraft that floats well with a very inexpensive price range of less than 50 dollars, the structure that is nice for beginners follows the conventional aircraft. However, this is not true if it is said that all Fx series aircraft “fly well”. There were some planes that could not be said to “fly” like “Fx822F22”, so this plane with the common characteristics of an aircraft that was too particular about its shape could not be wiped out. I tried to fly with such anxiety, but the first thing I felt was a happy miscalculation that “Oh, this may become a famous aircraft”.
“GD00XC-17Transport” is the first name that comes to mind as a 2ch aircraft. The configuration of two motors with gyros is exactly the same as the Fx series, but it is a semi-scale aircraft that can be said to be a famous machine that has gained many fans from beginners to experts because it can be controlled precisely like 4ch. The airplane’s maneuvering characteristics seem to be comparable to the “C-17”, which is said to be a famous aircraft.
It’s not just Easy, it’s very responsive and you can feel the joy of skipping. I felt that it was the best of the current Fx series if I had a personal impression.
If you ask anyone who recommends this plane, you can reply to many people from beginners of the sky to beginners, experts, sambachi lovers, and two-headed devil followers. However, there is one caveat
Although it occurred during the previous review, there is a drawback that “the propeller is easy to drop off”. This is a weak point of the Fx series that sticks to the same tractor aircraft as the actual machine, while many 2ch machines that adopt a system that inserts a propeller into the motor shaft are pusher machines, loosening due to contact with the propeller during non-landing and landing, etc. As it becomes easier to come off, the phenomenon of falling off due to the thrust generated by the propeller itself frequently occurs. If it is a pusher, the thrust generated by the propeller will push the propeller against the shaft in the opposite direction of the tractor, so it will rarely fall off.
At present, this size does not exist for micro drones, etc., for the three-blade propeller that is inserted into the motor shaft. It ’s better to be aware that if you run out of spares, you wo n’t be able to fly. Thanks for watching.Subscribe please.

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