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HI GUYS !!!! Welcome to Farming Simulator 17 Mods Channel,
in this video i show You a new Flatbed Low Loader trailer from MoDHuB. MoDHuB Flatbed Low Loader is equipped with Fasten Tension Belt … I would like to have more colors options. After my pc upgrade I lost my save games So I need to rebuild my installation from the start . I can’t live with out my JCB AWS Loader. I found a new bale grabber I will present it in next video. No I must put the grabber first MoDHuB Flatbed Low Loader it is also provided MoDHuB Flatbed Low Loader with ramps KEY X
Install the ramps Still unable to use Fasten tension belts for machine transport . Anyway the loader seems steady on the trailer… JUST need to drive carefully I have tune this man truck to in order to can reach the speed of 93 km/h
I need to make some tests before I share it with You. If you enjoy watching my videos…
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