FS19 Chickens Test Is it worth it farming simulator 19

hello and welcome to my channel
Ukgamer808 and today we are looking at four different chicken stable mods or
chicken coop mods or FS 19 chicken farm whatever you want to call them
chicken enclosures as they’re called so many different things it’s you decide
anyway this is on farming simulator and 19 and the plan is today let’s jump in
the truck and we’ll show you what I got our setup so we’ve got four different
chicken stable mods or chicken mods whatever you want to call them one of
them is Giants one so you see we’ve got the two on down there these two here now
these are the Giants ones and they hold 400 chickens this one down here is the
this one also holds 400 chickens and then the other two hold one holds 500
chickens and the other holds 495 so they’re quite equally matched they’re
around the 4 to 500 and the ones on the back they are fully maxed 8 so they are
not gonna make any chickens we’re just gonna make eggs then the ones on the
front well a part of me see these to arraign the wrong way but there’s so
much some there was so much finger clicking to do it again I was like right
well they’re writing the wrong way so all the ones at the front here I’ve got
200 chickens in each so we’re gonna fast forward time over 20 no 48 hours and
we’re gonna see what they produce whether they produced all the same
amount of eggs or one is more eggs or less eggs or one that uses more food
we’ll see if that’s equal now if that’s equal because this might be a def test
then you know alright okay that’s why I decided to do the the ones
fully maxed out at the back because selling chickens
you can’t transport yourself to always paying a transport fee and half the time
is it worth it is it really worth it so if we go into the animals and see we got
the layin hen house there at the top and I’ve got 400 in that one and then the
that one’s got 200 and I’ve done the same for all the other ones so we’ve got
200 in the front ones and then they’re maxed out in the back ones you can see
they’ve got 499 in the large chicken coop and what I like about this is we
can tag them and we can actually see which ones wort which it’s pretty cool I
like that so none of them are ready to go let’s go back in actually you can see
I’ve done the cleanliness cheat where I put down some straw
so hopefully the last two don’t have cleanliness anyway and then I’ve got a
trailer with 60,000 litres of wheat I’ve done all the same food for each one so
we’re gonna go in and drop these all off it’s just gone 12:01 and the day is
where’s it gone there we are is Monday so we’re going to fast forward until
Wednesday 12 o’clock and see what the crack is well first of all I will go in
and fill these up so I’ll be back in a minute right then finally 35 minutes later and
we go into the animals and you see the layin hey a nice all of them nay we have
just they’re all full up with food and they’ve all the ones we’re looking at of
the 200 200 200 I will see how much they go up over 48 hours so our fast forward
time 48 hours I’ll go and buy a farmhouse and we’ll see how many eggs
and how many chickens every one of them make so I will see you shortly right we have the results and it looks
like that they all generate the same amount of eggs they use the same amount
of food and they generate the same amount of chickens so that test was a
bit of a death all of them are exactly the same we go in you can see we started
off that ones to fall for it was on 200 that was 2 for 4 and then that one was
to 4 is on 2 for 4 and it was on 200 so we generated 44 chickens now that
doesn’t seem to be worth the hassle so what we’re gonna do we go over to this
one here so we just compare these two because they’re all exactly the same so
this is the one where I had 200 chickens and it’s generated 9 boxes and gave us
44 chickens now the chickens you can’t sell for a lot so we go in and
we’re gonna sell one so you sell it for 25 pound and then there’s a fee so you
make 10 pounds on each one now that is it’s not worth it is it
really isn’t worth it so you’re gonna make 440 pounds on selling those 44
chickens so it’s not worth it I think the best way is just just fill the map
and just maximize and don’t worry about selling chickens because we we haven’t
got any transport to sell them so you’re always going to lose money every time
and if you were going to give away 15 pounds and the 25 pounds what’s the
point so here’s the other one and we have a
full box pilot there of 16 then we got 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 boxes so let’s go
off and have a look what we do is we sell those nine to see what they
generate and then we will sell this this load here and see what we generate from
that because to me selling chickens there’s no point you just want the eggs
right I’ll be back in a minute right so we are at the sale point and
the price isn’t too bad at the moment these cars did enough roll-off on this
flat map where are we there we go we got three thousand seven hundred and ninety
three so hopefully these will just sell and I won’t have to get a mate but no
I’m gonna have to get them out and drop them off uh-huh no oh we got a bit of a
harvest income there one of them’s gone oh they’re all gone right so harvest income for that one
where are we gone so harvest income without the mac state
is four thousand eight hundred and sixty one so you would have made so if you
sell your chickens you’re going to make an extra four hundred and forty pains
which is nothing where am I going I need the Dooley right so let’s do the
next one and this should be a lot more should be
nearly double and hopefully they will just disappear
yes so that’s the overall harvest income
seventeen thousand nine hundred and fifty nay the second the first load was
four thousand eight hundred and sixty one and the second one was we made
13,000 and eighty nine pangs from the full one so that tells me what is the
point of selling chickens there’s no point you don’t want to bother it’s a
waste of time especially until we’ve got some
transport because if we can’t transport we can’t sell it we got to pay that
fifteen pain fee every time so it’s just not worth the hassle anyway I hope
you’ve enjoyed this video and if you did always appreciate you smash that like
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you’d be surprised what there so that’s it for evans 19 chicken mods and least
we know that using any of the other mods doesn’t make any difference whatsoever
you can use use a cheapest one the cheapest one is gonna always be the best
one because they do exactly the same well thanks for watching and i will see
you next time

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