FS19 NEW MODS 1st Agritechnica Mods in Modhub farming simulator

hello welcome today we are looking at FS
19 new mods and what have we got in the mod hub for the end of the week let’s go
and check out the mod hub update. have their Briri Field Master 20 by
giant software which is part of the Agri Technica pack which is being released
from now till Christmas apparently then we have the Bergman TSW 6240W another
one by Giants software a manure spreader and then we have the pig shed by DMI 20mm normandy the pack consists of two pigsheds a small one with 40
meters long the 60 pigs and a smaller a different one the second one is 90
meters for 90 pigs 80 grand and then we have the gorenc grazer which this is a
weed ID is a weed yeah by polycount and be gamer double O 3 with grazing and
quickly efficiently scrape the weeds from your field of arable land then we
have the container office container office with sleeps option for tired
workers and the shelter by a farmer boys modding maverick 74 and that is a lot
for today so a first one 8 and we’re going to look at the gone ranked grazer
which is a leader now quite cheap this one 700 pounds to buy 35 panes on your
initial leasing costs and 4 meters working with with minus 4 on the slot
game you only need 40 horse powers which isn’t a lot I think we’ve got one
tractor which is 39 horsepower the rest of them are a lot more than that
we’re not gonna have any issues with it so there it is simple bit of kit just
put it down on the deck drive over the weeds weeds disappear so we got some
weeds set up just here so let’s see if it works
all right let’s hook that up so we’ve just got the unfolding action on it
basically you know that’s a little bit slow and then we drop it down and I see
a lot each and hopefully the weeds will
disappear and they do
if his reader so another new reader to the collection and we’ve got a little bit of animation
there well they’re dirt jumping around and his working speed of nine mile an
hour Venus note the seven mile an hour it might be yeah it is no molinaro’s just because it
was on a on a slope it wasn’t really having it hopefully we should get the nomura now a eight a container now I forgot this which is
why it’s not in the thumbnail so container house 10 grand – bye
– 12 on your slot and I get a bit annoyed with buildings like this where
you’re like okay that’s brilliant look at all that fantastic let’s go and have
a look inside so to get inside we go up the stairs on that side there’s nothing
on the back windows on the back of that bit there and then we go up go up the
stairs so we can sleep you are not tired it looks pretty cool in here I like that but that’s all you’re getting into
you’re only getting into this so what’s the point of having all that
what’s all that then and can’t we get into that can’t we use it for storage so
we have got somewhere underneath we can park but all of this you’ve got to get
into and for me I don’t like that what’s the point what is the point of having
all this space look so we’ve got basically 1/6 of it we can use the rest
of it is just there can’t be use but that is the container house if you want
one there it is 10 grand so next mod or ie something like that
field master 20 now this is part of the agra technic pack which is coming due to
be released over the next few weeks they’re gonna do it on a daily basis I
think I don’t really know much about it to be honest so here it is now this one
will cost you a hundred and seventy two thousand pounds and eight thousand seven
hundred and seventy two pounds on your only short leasing cost you do need 220
horsepower to run it and it will hold twenty thousand liters of slurry or
digestate it is minus ten on the slot count so it’s not excessive but we have
it is a few but the advantage with this one it is a
well we can put that on the back and we can put the slurry into the fields and
it is also a slurry tender where you can use it to refill their implements if you
want to which is pretty cool I’ll show you how that works in a minute
but you see all the detailing of it it’s a pretty sheer tart it really is done a
good job but it is giants they’re not gonna do mediocre I do like this old
school Philip valve gauge not valve which shows you if it’s I thought that
one was them no that was is the full one and then you’ve got this one is empty
but lots going on with it and this is the discharge pipe so you convinced so
have a look right at this side and yeah we got intake in that intake and I take
I suppose but it looks looks nice mod it comes in the green all the black only no
other color combinations and no other options for tires it is what it is so the first time I got this case Puma
rate since it had the update where you can change all the rims and
what-have-you and I do like this color black yellow red cool as alright so
let’s put the help window on and then we can show you what functions we’ve got so
basically on the arm basically that folds down like that
and then that comes up like that so the old idea is if you want to fill up your
other tanker you can do so we’re brick it doesn’t need to get that close to it
as well it is quite forgiving and there we go refill or sorry tanker and the
nice thing is you can just do it from this tractor where you don’t have to go
into the other tractor into the other trailer to unload it so there we go
we’ve loaded that one into there let’s just drop that one off and you can also
over load back into the the other tank as well so we hook up this one back up
and you see we start over loading straight away and we can overload it
straight back into the other one so like you said you can use it as a tender which is a pretty handy so let’s fold about away walk wrong
button it’s the l1 that’s it fold it down just
like that so we have a field all ready to go so we need to unfold and let the worker go yeah a nice throwing out the slurry
that’s probably the thickest lines of slurry are you’ve seen so far on the
game and normally quite small little lines ten mile an hour working speed wow
you can see that there’s a loads of slurry you don’t normally see that much
slurry on the grind but it all works that’s the main thing now I use this one
because you do need 20 220 horsepower and this one’s 225 horsepower so it does
struggle a little bit but it’s right on the top end of you know you should have
a little bit more horsepower it pulls it it does the job no issues so here’s the
next mod the Burgman TSW 64 0w now this is a manure spreader but it’s also a
lime spreader as well where you can do lime or do manure so this one comes in
green the only thing you can change are the you can it’s kept standard with
Trelleborg’s and if you want Mitchel in tires they will cost you an extra three
thousand five hundred and fifty pounds it’s ninety two thousand five hundred
pounds to buy an initial leasing costs of 4717 you do need a hundred and 60
horsepower and is minus 21 on the slop cane will hold 25,000 litres and he’s
got a working spread width of 24 meters so fair old size I’ve got the style for this one this is
175 horsepower and when it was fully loaded with manure it does get up to
speed takes a while but there’s a lot wait there so let’s take this up to this
field and the only thing you’ve got on this one is the unfold so we’re in fold
and the plate comes out the top there and yeah he is gonna struggle going up
that hill so you have got to beat watch those powers you know it says you need
220 horsepower we got 225 and we’re crawling along at 4
mile an hour but that’s a hell of a spread pattern coming out of the back of
there that’s got to be that one of the best ones I’ve seen so far you can’t
even see the ground Co all right so let’s go and check the Lima
version so here’s the line one and we’ve got the hoses they’re ready to go and we didn’t check the light in to me
so he’s got quite a few lights on the back there indicators looks like we’ve
got no beacons on this one no no beacons on it just bring it over into place same thing
again you got it unfold that bit there and let’s set that worker off and see
what speed he’s gonna go yeah it’s good of this hill I should have out probably
a bit more horsepowers really but it’s nice to have first up it’s kit so you
can spread line and you can also spread when you are top job nice bit of kit right so let’s go back
down to the trailer because we didn’t turn the lights on the slurry tank so on
this one the lighting wise I always forget the Lighting’s I’m know we got
indicators it’s exactly the same as the Burgman isn’t it but we have got a
beacon on the back there no lighting on the sides just those little side lights
at the back it was little winds on the side there they’re pretty cool and we
have got those lights there actually let’s see if we can get them on or they
reverse note and not reverse they are working like cool so that’s the first glue Technic pack I
didn’t have is a pack or it’s a what it is really anyhow moving on to the last
model of the day we didn’t really have too much coming out on the weekend now
quite a bit this week but not a lot for the weekend and what have we got we’ve
got some pig enclosures and I’m pleased to say these work they’re actually
generating pigs go into the menu and have a look and you see I’ve got two on
that one and two on that one now the strange thing is though this one
and that one it might be down to the food but that one has not generated any
manure this one has now we’ve got two different ones I thought I’d get them
back out you can see we’ve got manure on that one so that one must be that one
with 112 because that one’s got no manual anyway – pig enclosures one holds
60 pigs now this is the this is the smaller one here this is sixty pigs and
this is ninety pigs the sixty pigs will cost you 60 no it will cost you forty
five thousand pounds and for the 90 pigs it will cost you eighty thousand pounds
– nine on the slope cane for 90 pigs and – eight on the slop cane for the sixty
pigs and when I first saw it I thought that is going to be a nightmare getting
in here but you don’t need to get in here everything is done at the door this
is just for you to have a look at so you don’t need to bring anything in here
whatsoever now I don’t know about that bit on the
floor there that might be just a bit of show now cleanliness I didn’t check
cleanliness yet the cleanliness need cleaning it must be that little bit on
the floor there then so you do need to get any in here because that wasn’t
there earlier so that’s where your cleanliness you’ve got to sort that I is
there because I did think it was this one here no this is here is
your animal dialog box for buying your animals and whatever but you also tip
into here as well now I haven’t checked all the different commodities for the
pigs all I’ve done is bringing pig food in and it took the pig food no problem
because if you use in pigs both pig food don’t use all your commodities don’t
give them soy beans and some flowers and everything while you get really good
money for us complete waste of time you sell a pig and you get a ground so it’s
not worth doing you need the pig food so low for those
who don’t know there is actually a pig food so low where you can get very cheap
pig food and you can make pigs very profitable otherwise they’re just very
demand and they take a lot of your crops and you can go out and plant a load of
seven flowers or a load of whatever and they will just eat the lot and they
won’t give you much profit for it either no when I did tip full the straw you
have got to get right up to the door you go up to the door and then it tips for
the straw so if you haven’t struggle with that actually put the trailer in
the door and you just got to be careful with the size of the traders using
that’s why these these straight man’s they’re pretty good because you can tip
on the back grained or on the sides or on the left or on the right and do what
you want with it so it doesn’t get in the way now it’s just a bit strange that
this one has got no menu all that so I’m not working but I did fast forward time
what it’s well over probably about 18 hours so we’ve got many more in that one
and we should have many more in that one but there isn’t any so we got our slurry
point just here as well now it doesn’t look like there’s a any trigger on the
grain what you can see now I haven’t checked to see if we can get snowy out
of that I’ll – let me go and get a slurry tank I’ve got one over there yeah
and the trigger is coming up on the menu to fill where we got what 17 three seven
fill it up and yep so we can’t take slurry out there that’s working no
problem and obvious the Mules there to the muir is there you
can see it staying with that when you start filling that 144 in that one see
there’s exactly the same amount of slurry so where’s the bloody menu or
then so if you’re gonna use it use the larger one I think you’re going to use
the larger one anyway you you are up ninety pigs rather than sixty pigs
because the manure doesn’t seem to be working no we’re all nice looking building it’s
a brick structure very low and jump on the roof that’s why it was a bit
concerning in are we ain’t getting tractors in there but you don’t need to
all the triggers are on the outside the only thing you have to do is a bit of
cleaning up let’s go and check this one to see if we’ve got any cleanliness
because if we go into the menu and that one’s cleanliness yeah that one ah that
one hasn’t got a straw that is why then so it does work I just forgot to put
straw in it which that was all I was going to show you so we come up to the trigger line and
you see it doesn’t come out until you sort of stick it in that door and then
it comes out now I will add manual so it does it all works no issues simple as
that so that’s your lot for FS 19 mods now we
didn’t really have that many mods for their Friday but a few mods is better
than no mods I was hoping we might get another map as we got quite a few maps
coming on the way you know where we’ve got Greenwich Valley that’s the one I’m
waiting for her at the moment that looks pretty pretty nice map so right out well
we’ll leave it there for today I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode and if you
did then always appreciate you smash those like buttons for me now if you
want any to look at any more FS 19 mods go and check out my channel because I’ve
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now but there is a helluva a lot and we’ve got modern testing mod reviews
we’ve got map tours what loads it up in step going check it out and you never
know you might want to subscribe thanks for watching and I will see you next

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    There a couple cool mods coming out that class tt tractor and the John deer forage harvester will be cool and every Friday they will be releasing stuff the next 3 Friday’s of December

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