FS19 NEW MODS Case ih Autonomous in Modhub farm sim 19 #fs19modreview

welcome to FS19 new mods now this is
the in this video we’re going to go through the new mods
today in the modhub so let’s get in to these fs19 mods let’s go to the
modhub and see what what you’ve got in there today and here’s today’s fs19 mods we have the case IH autonomous by simulagri modding and
that was real in the world to the world in 2016 the autonomous Magnum now that’s
going to be a bit of fun so we finally have a robot tractors in a farming
simulator 19 crazy and then we have the cave barn owl 2 by Fitch and the scale
has Murray an old polish style 10 caves so there’s only a little one look at
that one and then we have the house in old style a small house in old pilot
polish style bike on Z 3 and 7 and daniel x 3 2 1 then we have the pig sty
and chicken coop a small piggery in honey ice in Polish unique style by
Daniel X 3 2 1 and we’ve got a pig sty and a chicken coop and then there’s an
update for the deutz-fahr so we’ve got caller configurations added
color option added mirrors are adjustable again mod and store icons
have changed and then the new holland t8 we have warning signs added armrests
animation added mod and store icons have changed wide fenders added front rims
have changed and then also update for the vowel turret as series which is
engine block change new colors added animated drive shaft parts fixed mod and
store icons change and then the man tedious IT runner that is basically
added support for mods for follow me PC only and that is exactly the same for
the Gipper as well same on that I’m not sure lot 4 F is 19 new
mods today so we have the case IH autonomous now when this can I I thought
oh that’s a bit different I suppose and so basically it’s a tractor what hasn’t
got a cap however we can still jump in and drive it and do whatever so
originally I thought it might have been a sort of follow you vehicle well I was
hoping and praying but how wrong I was but clacking Billick it and it is
cheaper than the Magnum as it is based on the Magnum where this will cost you
299 that I pays and pains to buy and 15249 pains on your initial leasing
costs for it it is quite a lot on the slot tank where it is a whopping minus
40 but it is what it is and it’s 450 horsepower it did say in the shop is 37
mile an hour top speed as well and it’s like oh that’s that’s pretty cool them
and it’s not low but is there it is 32 mile an hour so we just drop that off
there and we have a look on the back of it it looks pretty pretty awesome done a
great job of it proper nice bit of kit
however this trailer hitch Dania was a little bit low I picked up one of the
other trailers earlier and it was like it tilt knowing about a 30-degree angle
but to that it is new so we don’t know these things till against a their when
we test them so we does bought the twin free wheel configuration on it and you
have got the firmness we see the fan spinning away it is running
yeah it is around no I can’t think example but you can see it’s got the c3
hood on that bit where you can see up and over the top there I don’t think you
should be seeing that bit that better nice looking mod really is now as hasn’t
got a print attached or on I suppose you don’t need it anyway because we’ve got
the wheel weights built into this one and it does the job I like this one
running away and it’s really stable actually no issues with it whatsoever
quite a decent turning radius on it you’re not leave the house what they
need twin wheels when I know they’re not the extra big twin wheels but and what
are the things I find is you get in the way of it if you just clip it you don’t
care you just keep going here just blast right away
he won’t stop there now better yeah I just caught the back end earlier and it
was like he didn’t stop just kept going it was like
I’m not stopping them nobody so the first autonomous which it would be nice
if we could drive this with a little keypad keep out of the laptop or tablet
or something like that but that might lead to cab not on console a date but
it’s that nice bit of kit like the case of them on the top there and then
lighting we just got that stage enlightened and then you got the lights
built in there which they’re pretty cool I like that and then indicators just as
it is where’s the ones on the front then there isn’t indicators on the present is
there no that is the case I ate all ton of us the next we’ve got to look at are
the chicken coop and this will cost you a 20 grand and is minus 16 on the slot
paint so you have food trough is there and then we get our eggs ight here and
there is getting around the back here we got animation on these doors and then we
have got the where is it gone yeah that’s the dialogue for buying the
animals just there and then this one we’ve got bit more animation on these
doors just like that and it brings you into this area a little bit of storage
with a loft space going at the top there so that’s the chickens and it does it
holds a hundred chickens and there’s a little bit of a lean-to on this end here
and it is in the old East oily polish where it basically is yeah it looks worn
it doesn’t look new nice job done a good job or the roof
looks good all its proper job and we have got lighting just there
there it is then moving on to the next one we’ve got the chickens and the same
thing again animal dialogue just there and then the straw point is trigger is
just there for it no rain for the water and then the food trough is there come
around this side to the slurry and the manure point that was the yeah it’s the
other one is that yeah that that’s the manure point there with the slurry point
for that one and they all I think it was 50/50 what was it 30 pigs wasn’t a hell
of a lot anyway and then we have the cows barn old
which same again same sort of style it’s pretty cool
this one’s a bit of a wooden stroke structure though you can’t get into that
bit that doesn’t open up or anything like that and then there we’ve got our
straw trigger drop-off point and over here is our food and then we got a
little barbed wire area just in here is for your animal dialogue but we seem to
have a bit of an issue with this because if you’re gonna drive a trailer are you
gonna drive a trailer into there when you got all these barbed wire going all
the way around and you know okay so that one alright that’s fair enough you go in
you do your analog die animal dialogue there just bought one no problem and
then the water is here well our kids house is eight because I can’t fill it
up with water because you can’t get the water in here if you’re in seasons you
can just put a pump down and just put the pump down and it sort itself out but
because of this barbed wire we can’t get the bloody water in here so it must be
something with his trigger perhaps this was come out the wrong way and it’s
meant to be over that site because we can’t get through the barbed wire
because I thought well perhaps there’s no collision on the barbed wire but
there is can’t check that one the other ones seem
to be working all right we’ve got the animal that’s going and I will look and
no problems with them they’re all generating money while generating
animals but the cows aren’t productive as they’ve got no water so let me know
if it’s it’s not just on my game and Simpson something to do with the seasons
conflict however I’ve got citizens off at the moment and the manure point I
think that is that little pile just starting there isn’t it seems to be and
that’s the slurry point just there it always nice to have a few more buildings
if we can never have too many met Bill Dean’s that is the milk point for them
their milk delivery put your trailer there and you can fill up from there
easy as that right last efforts 19 mod we have is the
house in the old style and this will cost you 80 days and pains to buy and is
minus one on the slot cane I think this was and it is a house in an old style I think we can go in country I have
another look at this one yep it’s the animation on those doors and we
have got our garage area Dana so is it a I don’t think we can go
in not when his mind is one slot nope it’s just a tired yeah thought so well
that is the older house in the old style and done a cracking job it’s really good nice looking mod another different house
I always tend to use the small eyes really or the deck chairs anything like
that whydo that’s it for efforts 19 new mods
fall today hope you enjoyed this episode and if you did appreciate smash that
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