Funny Clown Bob Learn Construction vehicles Bulldozer Excavator Truck

Hi Kids, Today Funny Clown Bob will present you atoy play with Construction vehicles. In this video for kids you will see a funny story how clown Bob build construction vehicles Bulldozer, Excavator and Truck Do not forget to subscribe under the video and like it Click on the picture to see other funny videos

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  2. Funny Clowns TV says:

    Hello kids. Today Clown Bob helping you to learn Construction Vehicles Bulldozer, Excavator, Truck. Funny Clown Bob will show you a funny play of making construction vehicles.
    Thank you very much for watching .Please ,do not forget to subscribe and leave a comment.

  3. Марина Григорян says:

    Great way to learn Construction Vehicles. Awesome job Dear Clown Bob. My elder son liked how you made the Excavator. Great idea with work vehicles in real life. Thumbs up from me.

  4. Funny Learning TV - Kids Educational Videos says:

    Learn Construction vehicles Bulldozer Excavator Truck. lown Bob. You are a real constructor. You have made such wonderful construction vehicles. Like

  5. kindergarten colors says:

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  6. Mikayel Grigoryan says:

    great learn construction vehicles video for kids with excavator, bulldozer, tractor, truck and funny clown Bob

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  9. AlyaMaya says:

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  11. Toys and Fun says:

    Clown Bob is so funny. And this video is very educative my son learned the english word Excavator from this video 😊❤️ The loader is also very cool 😊❤️ Smashed that like button big time for the time 😊❤️

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