Future Planning! Truck? Trailer? Shed? House? Compact Tractor Snow Plowing

Christy I think we should call this our winter closeout video you really think winter is over I hope so I don’t know it snowed just a day or two ago, and it’s late March. Yeah That’s what our videos about partially the snow you’re gonna see a lot of video here from our Hopefully last snow plowing of the year That’s why we’re calling that their winter closeout. Yeah, you’re gonna put the snow blade up, and then it’s gonna snow again I hope not don’t say it’s gonna snow again. It’s late March this snow was really wet It was like 35 degrees Fahrenheit most of the time while the snow was coming down finally got a little colder And it snowed hard enough that even at that temperature. We still ended up with four or five inches I Usually start out with neighbor Jimmy’s driveway used to be neighbor Bob’s It’s kind of easiest one to get to This was a sloppy mess it would have been hard to deal with with a snow blower One of those classic central indiana situations where I had to get out and plow it off quickly before it melted Okay, so it’s late march and it snowed a lot today Yesterday, it was almost 50 and beautiful and sunny it’s pretty, but I’m ready for spring Not snow go away You saw winter closeout in the title probably thought something was on sale That’s not the case unless you want to buy winter. I’ll sell that to you pretty cheap at this point. We’re ready for spring so That’s what we mean by winter closeout What do you think of my fancy safety yellow hat there, or is it safety green It’s really not taken very long at all the plow these since it’s so wet it’s just clumping together, so it’s really not much issue Before we had Johnny I used to try to use my walk-behind snowblower to do a lot of these driveways I probably didn’t do as many as I’m doing now with Johnny, but I’ve always enjoyed clearing driveways I probably wouldn’t been quite as aggressive if I had just had a shovel though Christy and I are really struggling with what to do for the next steps in our business We had a lot of situations last year and already one estimate this year That just really need a slightly larger tractor than what we’ve got At the same time most of our projects are a perfect fit for Johnny. In fact a lot of our projects we wouldn’t even be able to use a larger tractor, so we’ve spent a lot of time this winter discussing the possibility of Purchasing a second larger tractor at first you might think that Assuming I could get finance committee approval that that would be an easy thing to do But when we think deeper we begin to realize all the complexities that are involved in that decision for instance Where are we gonna store a larger tractor? we can’t fit any more in our current shed and The city of Carmel won’t allow us to build anything any bigger or any addition onto our current shed This is compounded by the fact that we would need additional larger attachments as well We’ve discussed the idea of building a shed upon our four and a half acre farm that you’ve seen in other videos There’s some challenges with that first It’s over ten miles away And it’s away from where most of our customer base is so this would add a lot of time and challenge to our already busy evenings We’d have to drive all the way up there load everything and then drive to the actual job We’re also a little nervous about security in that situation With no one there to watch it even a locked building is a pretty easy target Beyond storage there are other challenges as well for instance transportation our Honda Ridgeline handles Johnny with no problems Casey on the other hand is a load and we expect that any larger tractor might be a little too much for it Optimally we’d look at a larger trailer that we could actually haul two pieces at the same time All this would require a new truck Wow and I thought a tractor was expensive! ..and then think back to that storage issue where we put that longer bigger trailer? I guess that means we have to mov e! and the problem is Land around here is really expensive really Expensive for instance we looked at a five acre plot Just this last week that they want six hundred thousand for the house on it’s nice It’s just not six hundred thousand dollars nice the lot and property is beautiful It’s got a pond on it. It’s got a couple acres of kind of just rolling Pasture land you might say Yeah, which would get by for a little while for us, it’s not as nice as our little shed here, but But it would get by but six hundred thousand dollars It is for us So we just don’t really think that’s a near-term option for us to be able to do so we could use some help some advice What would you do if he were in our situation and? No answer is acceptable if it doesn’t include the ability to get another tractor Come on. Somebody help me out Well I hope you’ve enjoyed watching the snowplow video while we’ve been doing this moving And I hope you don’t have to use it again. I hope not cuz we have to get it all down again. Don’t we yeah? Meanwhile hey take a look at our web-site TractorTimeWithTim.com and Subscribe leave a comment and we’ll see you next time on Tractor Time with Tim

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  1. Jamie Curtis says:

    watching videos staying in the house today another storm coming. the tv was saying 6 to 10 inches by Sunday afternoon, hoping Christy's prayer of winter go away comes soon.
    found out John Deere is gonna have new snow pushes made for the 1 series. talked to the salesman about em. he said they are so new there not in the printed book yet. he looked up a price for the 60 inch around $740 online it looks like they got a 48 inch one aswell.

  2. Anthony Yakimetz says:

    Trade in the ride line get a 250 with the rush line trade in witch would leave u with minimum payments then u could upgrade to a like 5 ton equipment trailer and for storage a shelterlogic or a tarp or if u r looking to spend $ rent a yard or a spot in a nabiors driveway in my case owning a construction company that grows yearly when we started with a 350 dump truck a landscape trailer and a pc 30 excavator we r now at so much more and u will find as u grow change is critical so for me living in Carmel NY I bought a pice if land and built a shop on it and then over 3 years in my free time we built a house the only thing is u have to keep ur nabiors satisfied bc then ur screwed the town will be called and there will somehow someway be a law u r violating

  3. Hayseed Homestead says:

    Build a house at the farm and live there. Plenty of room to expand and its only 10 miles.

  4. Oldiebutgoody says:

    I would rent some nearby storage/warehouse/building

  5. Donald Pedigo says:

    ……how about ….. "Tractor Time with Tim .. AND .. with Christy" ….???……She is a wonderful Co-Host….and she has certainly earned equal billing……!!!!……I enjoy your programs very much…..Best to You.

  6. Zachary Oelke says:

    Hey Tim I understand you are looking for a bigger tractor to possibly handle bigger jobs! If you could do it all over, would you have started with with a slightly bigger tractor like a 2 series or even 3 series ? I am mainly asking for all of us that watch your channel and have been considering purchasing a tractor to handle similar projects to what you are doing constantly. Maybe we could avoid an upgrade crisis later if you could give us your expert advice on the best Tractor in your opinion to start with. Im thinking a 3 series would be too large for most of the jobs you do but a 2 series would have been a slight upgrade that could be a perfect size. Good luck with your Upgrade Crisis! Im thinking If You upgrade too big its more of a hassle all around and becomes not very practical while just complicating everything. Keep it simple, I think that is what keeps us all watching! We can actually see ourselves being able to afford and do jobs like you are without having a big truck, Trailer, Skid Steer and all the commercial size stuff the Contractors are using with all their overhead to go along with it. Thanks For any advise!

  7. Jim Mullen says:

    Tim, love your family style videos!
    Get a cab tractor and leave it outside!

  8. Robert Bunch says:

    I just ordered all of my Heavy Hitch stuff, including the UHMW wear bar for the 54" blade. But, I didn't see the "wings" available. Are those something you made up from conveyor belt material or something? Would be easy enough to do. I do like the idea of them as you explained that they extend the width but give a safer edge to not damage things.

  9. Tom OakTree says:

    Hi Tim,

    As previously mentioned, evaluate your projects. If only a small percentage require a larger tractor, then a rental is the way to go. In watching your videos, I've seen instances where a bigger machine would be nice, but, when the cost of a larger machine, then adding a bigger trailer and tow vehicle, and finally a bigger shed, makes the $$$ add up really quickly. But, one positive of a larger machine is a higher road speed, which simplifies transport assuming the project is reasonable close by.

  10. Zach Dick says:

    Since johnny comes in handy for the smaller jobs i would keep the implements that you use for the smaller jobs and if you end up getting a bigger machine then get the implements you use for bigger jobs. For example you wouldn't need a small tiller for johnny as most tilling jobs are bigger. you could get a new bigger tiller to go with that new bigger tractor.

  11. Tim Scott says:

    Buy another tractor same size and share the equipment

  12. Tyler Woolcock says:

    Get a bigger tractor

  13. Richard M says:

    Maybe look at a snowblower for Johnny

  14. Richard M says:

    Aww you two make cute couple

  15. Outdoors with Pipp says:

    Choose whichever path god provides you Tim!

  16. Malakie Usn says:

    LOL here in Wisconsin, we got nailed with 24" over a week mid April… You don't put anything away up here until mid May.

    Should have looked for land here.. Just had 40 acres w/spring fed pond, sell for $29,990.. Was hoping we could grab it but someone beat us to it. Could get similar with home for $100,000 or so.. I assume moving is not in the cards for you.. but point is, it all depends on what you want and where you live these days..

  17. Rod Lister says:

    I like the idea of seeing two tractors working at once. But owning the two might not be practical. Sounds like you need a bigger shed. Don’t let the councils push you around. I had to fight them in court to be able to build a home on 50 acres over here. From a viewers point of view I would like to see more tractors in your garage..Good luck and be nice to the Finance committee.

  18. Alan w says:


  19. Alan w says:


  20. marcth37 says:

    Hi Kristy and Tim i m from the province of Quebec in Canada near Montreal and one year i was working on snow removal;that year on the 7th and 8 of April we received 40 cm(18 inches yes 18 inches of that wet snow!!!) Ihad about 100 clients to do!And all that with a Kubota L4200 and a 72 inch snowblower…22 hours of fun in 2 days!!!

  21. Enzo Rech says:

    Super vidéo

  22. Diesel Power says:

    Wait did you say 5 acres for $600k?? Damn around DC you can find a 4000 square foot lot for 600k

  23. James Foskey says:

    If you can't build out, build down.

  24. Tom Carter says:

    My comment is you need a 2038r, good size for your needs, and has the Hp you need as well.

  25. Andy Beauleau says:

    I live in Carmel to


    Hello there my name is Jorma I’m from Canada Montreal Quebec and I do snow removal in the winter I use a snow blower I had a noma snow blower but it died so I bought a new snow blower it’s a toro power Max 724 oe

  27. Tony Allen says:

    Why don't you move to the property that you already own? it cost less to build something if you already have it so use it, but then again you could get a mobile home put on it an build your dream home later or not

  28. John M. Evangelis says:

    That's what we all need with that wet freaking, the snowblower could not do the trick it kept coming out of the shute like we were making italian Ice cones unbelievable to say the least. I might have to invest in a Johnny if this type of snow keeps up…

  29. Parker says:

    Buy the same tractor

  30. Cade Peterson says:

    You should build a house on you farm

  31. TUZLA VOLTZ says:

    What tractor is that?

  32. Connor Hawkins says:

    Hey tim get a plow truck with boss plow straight blade

  33. Joshua Schindelman says:

    Need a traitor

  34. greatoutdoors Lawncare says:

    600000 for 5 acres dam

  35. Ethan Ross says:

    Buy a older tractor. One that can take sitting outside.

  36. Max Bentley says:

    Get a ventrac tractor

  37. James Burton says:

    I would recommend a John Deere 2032r great compact utility tractor

  38. Dennis Fahlstrom says:

    Tim, you might consider moving to the Ozark’s. Here you could buy yourself 300 acres with a nice home for 600,000.Or 40 acres with a nice home for 300,000. Low utilities and almost no building permits needed for anything other than a well. The soil is much more rocky than what you enjoy there in Indiana.

  39. backwoods boys Vermont says:

    What if your second tracktor was the same size as the one you have then you would be able to do the bigger jobs and you can use a car port through up ahead then it's not clasifed as a addition

  40. Ninja_17 vlogs n gamez says:

    I would try and win the lottery lol

  41. Lewis Mitchell says:

    Call Johny

  42. airplane312 says:

    Here's a idea you have a truck right why don't you put a plow on it. The only thing is storage if you have some room in storage shed or garage then it best fit for you. Plus side you are using what you have already.

  43. The Deprey's says:

    i love watching your videos.. you are made for the woods .. get out of the city and all the dumb rules lol.. get your big tractor lol

  44. woody clemmensen says:

    Just buy a skidloader

  45. Woof Dog says:

    Do like me and put a plow on your Wrangler

  46. Jacob Brown says:

    You should buy a snow plow for a truck then attach it there you go if i was you i would put a salt spreader on the back of your truck that you put the plow on. 🙂 (then out a john deer sticker on it) there is your tractor!

  47. No worries Mate says:

    Get a custom inclosed trailer to store the new tractor 🤔

  48. Jon S says:

    I enjoy plowing snow and watching snow plowing video's, I used to own a blue smurf tractor "New Holland Boomer" plowed a lot of drives. Then bought a truck and plow, not as easy to get into those tight drives and couldn't do as nice a job without some manual labor. I imagine I'm a little late on the dilemma comment, but I'd just keep what you got and rent when you have a bigger job.

  49. Ashton Nguyen says:

    Buy one

  50. Stephen Manchester says:

    buy an old shitty tractor that nobody can/will steal

  51. Zach Zimmerman says:

    Go for kubota

  52. SouthernWulf says:

    Personally I think you should build what ever you want on your land, you bought it, city shouldn't have any say.

    Also you can buy a bigger tractor, just use a tarp over the tractor and attachments.

  53. Clear Cut Lawn Care and Snow removal says:

    I like the xylophone

  54. lee munnerlyn says:

    get a struck crawler tractor

  55. Farming Time says:

    I would just sell the one you have a buy a bigger and better one well that's what I would do because we live on a 6000 acre farm so we have heaps of tractors

  56. Travis Muhler says:

    Large enclosed trailer stored at your house.

  57. Matt Sprayberry says:

    This is why I live in the country so I don't have to deal with the cityys bitching and live in North Alabama so I don't have to deal with all that snow

  58. Chandler Milstead says:

    Here in Alabama we're begging for snow because no school and we don't see it often

  59. Quinn Ridin says:

    Where I live less than a quarter acre costs about 800,000

  60. Mopar - Minecraft says:

    Anyone else agree the honda ridgeline really isnt a truck compared to most of the other trucks?

  61. jimharvard says:

    now that 2018 is almost over, i suspect that you made a decision over the summer as to what your best course of action might be. but in the oft chance that you didn't, i might suggest some considerations that i used to give to small business clients in my law practice (i'm retired now). naturally, the first place to start is "what are you trying to accomplish? what's the big picture?" do you want to take bigger jobs for more income? do you want to expand your business with the intention of doing that full-time and quit your "day job?" how much additional income are you trying to generate? and often the most difficult question – do you "really" "need" to spend more money or "buy more stuff" – why not just stay where you are? as a final consideration, better equipment means more income potential but it also means a lot of additional "debt" and other variables (which you have stated on your video). how much additional "stress" do you want in life? is the additional debt and storage problems really worth the additional income? AND OF COURSE – the "bigger" and "more expensive" jobs you take on, the greater your chance of getting sued by an unhappy customer. have you thought about that risk? generally speaking, i found in my law practice when advising small businessmen that they have to make a decision to go "all in" if they want to expand. usually you can't just do "a little more" in a small business. you either have to jump in with both feet and take on more debt and stress to expand the bottom line or you will fail as just doing "a little more" won't pay the additional costs of the expansion. after 25 years of a hectic civil law practice with more 60 hour weeks than i care to remember, i am enjoying my retirement. i now "flip houses" for something to do but with NO time schedule. i average about one house a year – which is fine. remember, you can always make more money – but you CANNOT make more time. and "more income" in a small business ALWAYS means "more stress." good luck with whatever you decide to do.

  62. Caden Stull says:

    Buy a Nother tractor Just like the one that you used in this video

  63. Steven Silva says:

    Just get a kubota bx2680 with plow an blower.

  64. Drew6709 says:

    There are 1.5 acre lots for $189,500 in Oregon in my neighborhood. But the property is a rock shelf. At this time of production, the property you spoke of is priced due to certain criteria like: age & improvements/repairs of house, pond(s), view, location, tax value, other outbuildings, etc…

  65. jjr897 says:

    I have the 2025r and it's ok sometimes it's a little small for me but I rent when I need a larger Machine. I do landscaping and patios so I do a lot of excavating work. But what Jd u looking for? With mine I'm in deep about 30,000$ but I have the 270a Backhoe and 60in drive over mower not a auto connect. And the h130 loader. For the money it chould be built better. But vary easy to change attachments. Whould have gone one size bigger but did not want to deal with the exhaust filter. So u have to think about those things to.

  66. Recon typhon _ says:

    This will cost a lot but what if u put a hydraulic platform In ur shed my friend has that a he has a lot of cars so he purchased something like that and ur tractor would go under ground

  67. don galaske says:

    Hay storage rent yard next door work out trade put removable barn over there

  68. Roman Palleschi palleschi says:

    You are a awesome snow plower your good at it keep up the good awesome job

  69. Charles Jones says:

    ventrac just saying everything you need

  70. allan campbell says:

    Enjoy what you have

  71. Michelle Jaenisch says:

    Get a bigger blade

  72. altti Kurvi says:

    How much money do you take from one drive?

  73. Francis says:

    skid steer

  74. krazy panda33 says:

    I'm from Indiana

  75. Simon supersi says:

    Can you not just get same size tractor with bigger engine?

  76. Nick Skeggs says:

    Get a skidskear

  77. Geode Projects says:

    I just subbed. I really enjoyed this video.

  78. jojojeep1 says:

    Honestly I would just be thankful for what you have your making it work keep working it brother I know you didn’t want to hear that I’m sorry

  79. Dhillon Patel says:

    Get a plow for your truck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Graham Sobieski says:

    You need a kubota compact tractor with a cab

  81. Noah Hassler says:


  82. TSN99 says:

    Maybe look into a bobcat or skid steer type machine

  83. Mason Whiitle says:

    Or you could buy my dad’s tractor my tractor because my tractor is pretty old I am my dad’s truck is four-wheel-drive

  84. Patrick Wheatley says:

    Time do you plow in low or high

  85. J&K Newb says:

    If anything you can add width to the plow I've seen JD parts for it.

  86. Eero Mäkinen says:

    I really dont know your situation well, but get a relatively cheap garage in a industrial "neighborhood" and do jobs near the garage and drive your tractor to the jobsites. So get a streetlegal tractor

  87. Cesar Sánchez says:

    I attach a snowblower.

  88. JAlly Farms says:

    Sell the house you are in now move to the farm you are at, use the money for this sale of house to buy another tractor. and use the rest left over to pay on your mortgage on your farm. Its only 10 miles (I have to drive 30 miles one way just to goto Home depot every week.) Dont use all of it but use it in amounts of whet your farm mortgage is. that way you will still have say a year or more of mortgage payments in times of need. as far as a new truck. a duely can handle about 20,000lbs load or can easily handle 2 johnnys

  89. Kristjan Sassi says:

    I want to buy your tractor for €

  90. Trent Wheeler says:

    Hello Tim and Christy!! I live just north of Carmel Indiana. I highly recommend checking out places like Atlanta, Cicero, Arcadia, Tipton, etc that are near you for MUCH cheaper homes and land. I could never live in Carmel. I grew up in Michigan with a 1/4 acre driveway and 17 acres. love the country.

    for your business it would be Runyon rental in Carmel all the way! they can deliver the equipment! $250 a day let's say is cheaper than storage + repairs + new trailer + headaches!

  91. Kaleb Ellis says:

    Keep Johnny

  92. fralin1966 says:

    Having same dilemma this is my first compact I asked your opinion in another video am I making a mistake getting the 2025 r or would you go 1025 r is it better than the Massey 1725 I originally wanted

  93. Ronald Foley says:

    Build a house on ur farm land

  94. Sammysamsam says:

    600k for 5 acres and a house? That would be at least 1.5mil around here in canada. (Toronto)

  95. Allen Hampshire says:

    Hi Tim and Christy, I had forgotten about this video. I watched it a while back. The only way to plow …..is with a John Deere…..and yes, I also plow the neighborhood with my x738 that is just 2 years old, the best John Deere I have ever owned!! The other one would have been my 420 lawn tractor from the 80s. Tim, I would really like to find a nice used small utility John Deere backhoe to do work around the house and at my sons. Tim , I really enjoy listening to you! You and Christy are Americana at its best!! God Bless you guys, keith

  96. Mr. MindReader says:

    You should try mahindra.. Just saying

  97. Thomas Kallay says:

    Enjoying all of your videos. I don’t have a tractor yet but learning and data collecting is step one for me. Keep up the great work.

  98. Joel Nickerson says:

    I've heard that good things come in small packages. What that has to do with your predicament, I don't know. Haha. I think if you can do whatever you need to do with what you have, then why spend all that money to go bigger. If you need something bigger to do the work you need to do, then I'm sure there will be a way provided. God does bless us with what we need.

  99. Brian Phillips says:

    We completely understand your issues…we ARE living it too. I'm going to look at a 15,000 lbs tractor instead of the 1025r….All the problems you brought up, except we already bought the $600k+ property…so now we need the tractor – I feel like I'm playing chess with $1,000 bills…only I haven't won the lottery yet

  100. R Ski says:

    Where does one find 5 acres for only 600,000 ? Here in S. Florida that would not even buy an empty 1/4 acre lot.

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