Gearing Up For Winter

the beard is not helping not helping
guys I was expecting it to do something but is not working good morning
it’s a great day to be alive if you guys are watching this right now that means
that you’re alive be thankful for that life is a gift don’t ever take it for
granted so my carbs are still going he’s not
here yet he’s been off on a little trip for a while he will be back don’t worry
we will get the leg arms back in the farm I might have pushed it a little far
with the leg arms jokes and guys don’t worry I’m gonna pull it back a little
bit but it was all a joke the whole firing leg I’m saying guys is a joke for
those that might have taken it seriously they thought we were being serious about
firing leg arms the whole inside joke is he is so valuable to our farm that he
would be the last person to fire I would be probably the first so that’s why I’m
always the one pretending to fire leg arms because really I’m probably the one
that should be like go first fit anybody on this farm he keeps this farm going so
we really want like I was back he’s coming back don’t worry guys he’s had a
great trip he’s had a lot of fun he’s been able to go to some cool places meet
some cool people and I’m excited for him but I got a lot of work to do today
since leg irons has been gone I’ve been trying to fill his place to the best of
my ability and though I am not nearly capable of doing that I do have a decent
decent little bit of growth coming in on here see that so I’ll keep that until he
comes back but I got a big day ahead of me I have just a lot of different
projects that just are kind of getting pushed aside that just need done and I
decided today is the day I’m going to tackle all those different things so be
expected for a lot of random stuff to happen during this video but I’m gonna
try to get it all done today and I think I can by the way there’s those tarps
from the green piles yeah we didn’t do a very good job fold them up I think it
came about a third of the size of those two combined so alright let’s go to work
first up I got to get new tires on my suburban these things are about worn
down and nothing and well it was a lot of driving to happen in this fall
because I’m having a baby I’m hurting making lots of trips and I don’t want
bald tires as I’m rushing to go to the hospital to have a baby so I got to get
tires they’re already ordered they’re in town at marks tire or local tire
dealership I’m gonna go get those put those on there I’m also gonna stop by
the airport pick up some hundred loaded gas for all of our small engines I’m
gonna go around the farm change out the fuel and all of our small engines make
sure they’re ready to go for winter so that’s the step for everyone right now I
say let’s get to it let’s go get the fun started let’s go to town get those tires
I gotta get tire pressure sensors that are gonna go
in these as well get those change to get the fuel change and move on to the next
thing which is a long list ahead of me decided to get that 100 load yeah we
really don’t have very good gas cans on our farm they’re getting kind of old
we need more I’m gonna get one for 100 low lead so we stopped at a hardware
Hank you’re in grab some of that and then we’ll get the gas but fortunately
hardware Hank is right here and the tire shop is right there so I just gotta
basically back up to the other side to load the tires up that’s convenient me
in a small town got the tires got the gas can let’s go to the airport get some
have gas mighty lake of school Shelby Montana back in 64 there were two floods
that happened in this valley of Shelby Montana
it rained I don’t remember exactly how many inches of rain probably very
similar to what the guys back east get in the crazy rainy country but this land
wasn’t really used to that kind of rainfall and it flowed down so strong
into the valley if Shelby a flooded Shelby twice two years in a row so they
got together and they built this big reservoir here and dammed up a lot of
the drainage that flows into town and built what’s called lake school I went
swimming in there once and the police told us to get out and don’t swim in it
so we don’t swim it anymore but there is fish in there it’s kind of
fun nice little spot to go if you want a little picnic outside of Shelby the
funny thing is a lot of this water actually comes from our farmland just up
the road a little way up the hill flows downhill in here so a lot of the runoff
that we have ends up here I just got to the local airport this is
sbx Shelby it’s a nice little airport it’s had some work done to it I do most
my flying out of this Airport but I haven’t flown in a couple years I’m not
current at the moment I don’t know I might get my biannual done and do a
little more flying again but flying is fun if you guys haven’t done it it’s a
blast I recommend going and doing some flying in a small aircraft but this is
where I get my fuel so let’s go get some gas get back to the farm right let’s write 100 low lead that way
people will know what kind of gas isn’t that thing I’m planning to hopefully
keep this container for entirely high-octane gasoline that’s good quality
stuff let’s go around start putting gas in things I’m gonna drain floats and
allow these carburetors I already have old gas in them maybe someone might fire
up and just turn the fuel off let them run till I run out of gas and then top
off the tanks with this stuff hopefully they’re a little already if they’re full
of the old gas I might have to drain it out but we’ll see how that goes I see
the Suburbans gone wife needed it I’ll do the tires after we all other stuff
first let’s just put that towards the end of the list of things to do someone
robbed the engine off that thing all right well that’s one less engine to
worry about I’ll figure out that later dad probably used it to pump the
fishpond out that’s fine we’ll go to the next one which is right around the
corner earlier this year I did a live stream you got this old Minneapolis Lane
running it does run really good it needs a lot of work done to it obvious like a
lot of things around here it’s one of those we’re gonna restore it one of
these days I think when my boys get older but the problems the gas tanks
leak and it’s got a crack in the bottom where it’s rusted through using a fuel
tank so I’m not draining the fuel out of the system as much as I can because I
think we stuff some old gas in there just get it out and then move on to the
next thing all right good throw the next thing new
mower I bought this here just let the fuel run out of the system I took the
valve off just gonna run till it runs out of gas top takeoff yeah that took a
while man that thing ran for awhile without not the gas valve off it ran for
like three minutes on what was just in the carburetor
let’s put Gasman okay that one’s ready to go for the winner i just went inside
one of our storage shed that we have a lot of the lawnmowers and stuff go and
one of those kittens i was in the combine he’s in here we allow our cats
come in here we got a little heat lamp for him in the winter
cat food water it’s little spots place where you don’t care if it smells bad in
here cuz cats stink but they are good for catching mice we like cats but he is
bad here somewhere yeah does not look like a friendly cat if we
caught it right now and really put some time in I can’t we might be able to tame
it but once they grow up a little while that’s kind of lost cause this is my
mom’s tractor on the farm she puts a lot hours on this bad boy lot of acres mode
there’s no fuel cutoff on this thing can’t turn the fuel off to the
carburetor last someone took it out just put a filter in but I don’t see any way
to do that so I’m gonna just unhook the fuel line and drain it into this gas can
and then pour it out into something else and then just run it till it runs out of
gas gonna hook it and drain it I guess see much gases in our roof tiler this
thing it’s used a few times a year that’s got a lot of games so I’m gonna
do the same thing I’m gonna take the line off this I’m gonna drain this
directly in that tank too I’ll support all this in the four-wheeler because it
gets used a lot it’s gonna burn up fuel up quick and put some good feeling these
things that stabilizable to live one more loan more another in to finish that
out onto the next project yeah that’s a plan there’s got in talking to him we’re
gonna move some machinery around bring her big bud back to the yard so we still
got a lot to do yeah we gas is drained out start this girl see if we can finish
running out whatever’s left in the car good what I wanted right there I’m
hooked the fuel line back up close enough look the battery and things ready
to go for the winner got it done the next project which machinery you have
mower has been ran in a while I really would like to get this thing parked a
little somewhere else than here I need take the battery out of it too plus I’d
like to get the fuel out of the carburetor on it let’s see we can start
this thing I don’t know it’s been a it’s been a while since is ran who knows the
battery is good the only way to know is turn the key and find out I think
exhaust is broke I put that muffler on there a while back when a like a while
back like years ago I didn’t get the whole concept
everything flexes and if you weld stuff together it’s gonna crack break off a
lot to happen but she’s running this land six can’t kill it let’s peel off let around a gas like the
rest and stuff I do fly ran out of gas drain the carburetor and add a little
bit of fuel to the fuel tank so it has some help ability getting the battery
alright now I’m gonna carry this back to the shop this is good to go for the
winter think I only got like one or two engines left to do well I’m out I better
just take the battery on the water truck – I just don’t see us hold any watering
time soon so I love it disconnected because if I don’t now I probably will
find it dead in the spring out of the way
there is the one engine in the shop still that’s the generator that we never
ended up using but it’s got gas and he’s taken out and it needs to come out of
the shop because it’s in the way of a brute I want the brute out to winterize
it the put stuff in there let’s take this kid scaramouche some stuff around
and mean that uh good engine gas I’ll get a good put in
this other building just keep going at this some may have question why did we
put the Harley bars on the front of that thing well obviously so we can hook it
on the back of four wheeler its thought-out
you think ahead gasses drain batteries out let’s take
this Jenner and put it away kind of wish we could have used it but oh well we’ll
get a chance all right lunch break drive that out
after lunch break also that generator didn’t fit in that
door we tried it was too wide with that fuel tank on the side there’s four bolts
plus the fuel line take that tank off it sat outside all these years of the time
being we’ll just put it outside for now and then when we get that building
cleaned out and get the peas out of there get the column lines in there
whenever the pea market finally recovers from it’s terrible slump that it’s in
right now we’ll put it back inside probably in there but if we get in a
building built in the next year or two I’m sure it’ll end up in there instead
it’s good to have on the farm at least lunch is over it’s time to get this
thing out of here I got to drop all the water in it get that out as well as all
the filters everything else winterize this thing so we can park it outside
with the other stuff because we don’t want it here all winter long
it’s got to be outside I’ll let it run a little while batteries
a little weak I gotta just check the batteries we never put a disconnect on
the batteries I kind of silly I don’t know how we did it needs one it sits for
a while battery drains down so I’ll have that battery disconnected but we got
dump the water in the ground this is just water there might be a little bit
of chemical residue in there we fill this thing and drain it a couple times
during those harvest season because the fire we fought well pretty much as water
coming out there we go last little bit coming down
I’ll leave it open I’m gonna drive around little bit like kind of this keep
grading I got a full plug in the pump take filters off lift the boobs up take
caps off just run I can actually pressurize the system in
this prayer – which does help roll some of that out
we’re not get any more fires to fight so he’s done to the four 2019 just finished
dumping all the water out of every hose every line every filter every single
thing I could think of that could have water sitting in it they were good and
we will park this and then move on to the next thing because we’ve got a few
things left in the list to do now what I’m done
cabe disconnected good there’s one less thing to run out of batteries during the
winter there we go then just latch these bottoms down here
good moving on I gotta move this girl she’s bent over here for a while hook up
to the plow the sweep Wow we’re in a park in with long as the other equipment okay let’s uh let’s go park all this
stuff as well as a bunch of other stuff over this way got them all moved it’s nice to have
them outside the thing is we’re gonna be planting that field those are sitting in
next year so we’d kind of like to have them all move before the snow comes I
didn’t really want to do it but you know do it now are you doing the spring and
in the spring it’s gonna be muddy and snowy and so it’s good to get it done
now dad’s right beards are itchy how you guys do it man
hopefully it softens up over time because something last night seems
heavier I do love this tractor it’s just a
really good tracker there are things though every machine
has its issues steering on this right now is getting fine even in certain
spots like the universal joint or something is grabbed and it seems like
there’s always something but I love those tractors just a good tractor I
can’t wait for the series 3 to be finished that one and this one are
hopefully to next year’s planting but that’s gonna be our backup tractor pull
you out of the mud tractor plow in front of the seeding tractor Harrow if you
need to track or maybe run the disc if you have to tractor or just look really
awesome gangster tractor it’s gonna be a good year next year I think things are
looking good if you guys don’t follow us already we
are on Instagram and I do a lot of stories and daily posts on Instagram a
lot more than I do here on YouTube so come check us out on Instagram Facebook
as well but you really want to see it Instagram is a place to be looking for
leg arms I think we blow Kate I set him and it has check and I believe he’s
getting back so maybe that’s all it was is I forgot to write a check that can’t
happen but anyway it’ll be good to have him
back because the farm kind of slowed down except for that hall and we were
waiting for him to get back look at how things are going I wasn’t really
planning on doing the whole move equipment thing over there today I was
actually gonna work on my green back but since that came into play I think the
next step I need to do is my family vehicle needs some new wheels on it
they’re down to like 10% of that they’re past the wear marks it needs done so I’m
gonna go change tires rotate fix a couple air sensors and get
this thing safe to drive again so pull each tire off take it over the
pressure washer wash the inside of the rim out letting all the dirt out because
I want the tire to be as balanced as I can before I put it through the balancer
I don’t want any mud there otherwise that’s gonna throw off my balancing down
the road take the old wheel off with the tire changer which is kind of a bugger
with these 20 inch rims put the new one on pull it through the tire balance
there balance it add weights as needed and then put back on the car pretty
simple job but I’ve already caused a blood blister on this finger scuff my
hand up bled all over that last rim and that last tire took like a long time the
beer does not help and not helping guys I was expecting it to do something but
is not working well I guess far as I understand tire number 2 is balanced new
tires on all right you were to go well unfortunately a busted to the
tire-pressure senders out of the floor I already had two BOTS to replace two that
were having issues on here but I’ve broke one before I got tired I need
replaced so I’ll put this put this tire change session on hold till tomorrow
around the town get another one of those tire pressure centers so that way we
will have correct tire pressure Center in our vehicle when we run it but that’s
ok I’ll get it done it’s getting late tonight I’ve been at
the shop all day literally all day so it’s time to go home and get a shower or
maybe say good night to the kids but again guys thanks for watching a little
different today looking for leg arms coming back it’s me nice we got some
plans ahead of us so he’s gonna be a part of so it’s good good stuff but uh
hope you guys enjoy Channel and I enjoy reading you guys comments and messages
and thank you for all the support take care guys god bless

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    Give up case and get claas

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    Orbiting routine ….family scheduling….farm pulses and cycles….warm to cooler…..plans and repair time…..your farm and family help raise food…..we think it happens because it's needed…but you want to do it , relish your site , enjoy the bearings and see your course….family anchors hold , and strong foundations weather well……congrats for a new child…!

  95. David Cardin says:

    2 things, 1 what is your Instagram page, 2 i've had a beard for you in keeping it very clean and getting it longer you will get pass the itchiness part. At first shampoo and little conditioner will help make it softer until it is over

  96. iBelieve Gaming says:


  97. iBelieve Gaming says:


  98. iBelieve Gaming says:


  99. pjwarez says:

    "I'm having a baby" But you don't even look pregnant!

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