Gearing Up to Go Live!

Hey everybody! This is going to be a very
vloggy vlog today. Basically I’m just going to take you along with me and let you
see what I’ve been doing, and also I just want some company because I’m going to head out
to the store and see if I can get some new piece of gear that might help
me with something that I’m planning to do soon. Phone away no texting while
driving. Alright. I’ve arrived. What I’m looking
for is the Elgato Cam Link which is something that should allow me, in theory,
to attach this camera that I’m filming on, the Canon M50, to my computer so
that I can do live streams with it. I would like to do… in addition to the two
videos that I do per week right now, I’d like to add some live streams where I
can talk to you and we can chat and I can share just, you know, more things with
you. So that is my project for today and I’m going to head into the store. I know I
can order it from Amazon. I already looked it up, but I did notice that
Canada Computers, a store that I really love, has one in stock – has two in stock
actually – so I’m going to bring this camera inside with me and see if they’ll
tell me if it’s going to be a good piece of equipment to get. Alright. Let’s go. Okay I got it! I have the Cam Link 4k,
which is so cool. I also have a (it’s here somewhere – Oh! I dropped it) cable that
will allow me to connect it to my camera and then to my computer but there’s a
few things to consider when starting live-streaming, things that are a little
bit more complicated than just pushing record on my camera and getting
going, which is what I’ve done in the past. So before, in the past, I have live-streamed from a top of a mountain which is not the best place to livestream
from because even though I was able to show you some of the incredible
incredible views from the top of the mountain in Montana
and also in the Rockies, there’s not enough of a
Wi-Fi connection. So a Wi-Fi connection for sure is something that I have to
consider, which means that I have to live- stream from home because that is where I
have access to a good connection. My office is… I like it I like the way it
looks but as I’m facing the computer it looks very nice. Behind me, on the other
hand, is the living room and the kitchen where everything sort of gets very, very
messy and also the sound from behind me is going to be
a little bit noisy because as I’ve mentioned, I have four boys and my husband
John, whom you’ve seen, is really funny so I wouldn’t put it past him to
to photobomb a few times. Just so you know. But I’m thinking that I’m going to
have to change the orientation of my desk and computer so that I can make
sure that you have a pretty background to look at and to that end, it’s kind of
fun. I’m going to go a thrift store and see if I can find any kind of decor that
is camera related. It’s possible. It might be a long shot because, you know, it’s a
thrift store. You don’t know what you’re going to find. You might find something awesome
but you also might find nothing at all. So I’m going to head over to the thrift
store now. I’m at the thrift store. Okay I’m back.
So at the thrift store there was not too much to get. I did see a really cool
twin-lens reflex camera. It had two lenses like this and it was old-fashioned. I
loved it but it was definitely out of the price range that I was looking for
today. So what I did was I purchased a few different photo frames. So this is
just a stock photo that will come out of that and what I’m going to do is I’m
going to print some of my photos, but I’m also thinking maybe with this one, that
I’ll take the glass out. I have a chalk spray paint… chalkboard spray paint. I
will spray this back board here and then I can write messages on it like, you know,
‘Today is a great day’ or you know, some other inspirational things on there with
chalk so this will probably end up being a chalkboard. And I saw something
that was just kind of cool. I mean, very Canadian and made me think of my husband
who loves coffee and I just couldn’t resist because you know, you find these things at the
thrift store and what am I gonna do? Look at this coffee mug! Hahaha! That is
really really big. No falling asleep on the job with this baby! So yeah!
That’s the stuff I got at the thrift store. Let’s go look at the Elgatoa Cam Link. Okay. Alright I’m back home and I’m just
going to open up the stuff that I got. It’s uh… I’m just giving it some more
thought and I think I’m also going to need a pair of headphones. So I’m not
sure if I’ll get headphones with a speaker, if I’ll have a mic, if I’ll just use the mic that I
usually use… I’m not sure yet, but the reason I’m thinking about headphones is
because if I have sound coming out of the computer, I don’t want it to end up
as feedback or just confusion of noise mixing in with the speaking that
I’m doing. So yes, okay. Cam Link 4k. “Simplify your workflow,” it says, and it
says, “Level up your content.” Alright. So ah okay so… says “Level up your
content. Simplify your workflow. Plug and produce.” That’s what I love. Plug and
play is all I want to have to deal with here. “Stream and record within your
favourite tools. Live creation in 4k or Full HD and easily connect any camera in
HDMI.” So what I plan to do with this is to connect my Canon M50 to my
computer and do some live streaming so I can share with you, I don’t know, like
editing and just talk with you about different things. I would love to hear
from you what you would like me to talk about on live streams because that would
really help me to prepare some content that would be really beneficial to you
and fun for us both. So let’s open this up and see what we have inside. Okay this
looks pretty simple. The Cam Link itself is right there and it comes with a cable
that… let’s see… USB. HDMI goes in that end and USB is on the other side. The USB
goes into the computer. The HDMI… the cable that I bought here is a micro HDMI
which goes into my Canon camera and a larger HDMI end, so this is the cord
that I need to be able to make this work with my camera. So the HDMI end goes into
this cable supplied and oh, wait a second. There’s an HDMI end on here. Okay I’m
going to have to read this. Reading is a good thing. So no, I think I’m just going to
use this cable and put it into here so, the camera to the HDMI – HDMI into the
Cam Link and straight into the camera itself. So that’s all that really is in the
box, except for a nifty sticker and a little instruction booklet which I will
read. Wow! Look at that! How’s that for print? That is tiny, tiny
print. Tiny and it’s got everything all on one
page. There’s a whole bunch of different languages so I don’t even know if there’s
instructions because… oh yeah, there’s instructions. It’s so small.
Okay so that’s it. Pretty simple box. Cam Link 4k. I’m going to download the Elgato
software. Nope that’s for gaming. Don’t even need that. So simple. There we go.
Alright I’m going to be using the OBS, which is open broadcast software, which
is open source, so it’s free and I will be scheduling a live stream soon, so look
out for that and don’t forget to comment guys and let me know if what you would like
me to talk about on livestream. Also if you don’t have notifications set for my
channel, you might miss upcoming live streams. If you want to, just click the
bell then that would be a way that you can be notified when there’s one
coming up. This is really cool. I’m glad that you could come shopping with me and I
will admit I enjoy my shopping and especially when it’s for gear. I hope
that you guys are all having a really great day and I will talk to you very
very soon. Okay, thanks for coming along guys! Bye!

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