Gel Press Printing with the 8″ circle part ONE with Kate Crane

Hello. I’m Kate Crane. And I’m back with
another video for the Gel Press #fromprintstoprojectwithGelPress series. Today I am playing
with my eight inch circle plate. I love circles. You can’t go wrong with circles.
Circles work really well with other circles. Those are very easy to play with.
First of all I’m going to have a play with some stencils to create some really
simple, quite grungy backgrounds. Then I’m going to have a play with a mask, but
also combine that with texture plates. And you can get some great grungy pickup
prints as well. And finally some hand-cut wonky circles to create something like
this. That’s a really fun technique. I decided to do some art journaling with
one of the circles. And the thing about art journaling for me is I never know
quite what I’m going to do. I just set off going with it and see where it takes me.
So there was no kind of plan behind this. You will see me literally playing with
one of the prints and seeing what works. And here’s my finished page. My art journal page in my Dylusions square journal. It fits perfectly just inside that journal.
Thank you so much for joining me. I hope you have fun playing along. I’ve placed my mask in the center the
plate will hold that firmly in place now where I’ve got space around the edge. I’m
going to go in with my texture plate just so we take that pattern right up to
the edges. Now one tip I picked up from Sally Lynn of Gel Press is to leave your mask
in place. Then you can remove the mask, put your print back down, and you get both
designs: the mask and the texture plate. Just before I move on to another print
I’ve got quite a bit left behind on the plate so I’ll just do a pickup print. So
now I’ve got quite a nice distress circle print and I’ve also clean my
plate ready for the next print. This time I’m starting with and purples and pinks
and I’m going to use a stencil to create quite a distressed effect. It’s also a good
way of adding a contrasting color on the top use a dry cloth. I’m going to have a go with some hand
cut stencils. So I started by just drawing around my gel plate so I get a
rough idea of the size. This is just cut from a regular card. I’m a big fan of
hand cut stencils. They’re always slightly wonky and it’s that look that I
really like. I’m going to take a center circle. I’m going to start with a good
strong red. I’m leaving the mask in place while I take that first print. Now going
to just remove another circle around and of my second color now. These next layers
need to be really thin because we’re going to build up on top of this one and
will soon lose that if we’re going with too many thick layers. It’s another final step on the bullseye
print. Just going to hand-cut petal shapes around the edge. Thanks for watching! Join me soon for part two.

6 comments on “Gel Press Printing with the 8″ circle part ONE with Kate Crane”

  1. Catherine Peddel says:

    Loved the way the circles were created. Very clever.

  2. Christina _renee says:

    I really LOVE your work!! TYFS

  3. Sue Falls says:

    Beautiful πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

  4. All Thumbs says:

    Another fabulous creation by Kate Crane! Love those colors too.

  5. Marie Barnard says:

    Thanks for sharing Kate, love your

  6. Eve King says:

    Can’t hear anything

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