GIE+EXPO 2019. John Deere Reveals New Products

Hello my name is Ruben Peña and I am the Product Marketing Manager with John Deere, welcome to gie Expo 2019. We got three great new products I’d love to tell you about first, we have our z955 EFI commercial zero turn mower EFI means electronically fuel injected which means better fuel efficiency and better performance at 29 horsepower. You’ve also got a 72 inch mower deck that we are introducing on our z994R 24.7 horsepower diesel commercial mower. The third thing I like to tell you about is a brand new 3 bag material collection system available on z900 commercial zero turn mowers. You can find out more information about these products at

2 comments on “GIE+EXPO 2019. John Deere Reveals New Products”

  1. Matt Blackie says:

    How can I get ahold of you guys I have an idea for a commercial mower

  2. Larry M says:

    Your TV commercials are the worst in history. " It's not how you mow, it's how you mow fast." That is pure bull crap. People who are retired, aren't out there to mow like Mario Andretti. They want to ENJOY their mower. I could show you boys at John Deer how to make a commercial and you could sell one to somebody who doesn't even have a yard.

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