Gimbal para Camaras: Zhiyun-Tech Crane V2 estabilizador (Review en español)

Hello! My name is Juan David Colmenarez Today I will show you the Gimbal Hello! My name is Juan David Colmenarez Hello! My name is Juan David Colmenarez Well, today I will show you the Gimbal This is Gimbal as known as Zhiyun Crane This is the Gimbal’s case Those are the batteries This is the Gimbal’s battery grip This is the Gimbal’s charger And this is the charger cable With those bolts you will hold the camera And with this piece you will hold the lens Here the Gimbal I showed you everything, let’s we take the pieces We put them… here We take the Gimbal And we handle carefully Now we are going to balance it and we mount it on a tripod so that it is well balanced Well, we already have the Zhiyun Crane mounted on the tripod Well… Here we have the 3 axis 1, 2 y 3 Each axis has a brake
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You can move it forward and backward This is the most difficult because it drops Well, now we balance this one You can move this one too forward and backward This one will never drop Well, this is my favourite step: turning on the Zhiyun Crane We press this little button Look the led: it turns into blue and then to red Then you can move it up Down and to both sides We can turn it around completely We can move it to this side and this other side Well… Now you already know how to use those controls, as I showed you Now we are going to control it by the phone I will show you how to do it You can move it to both sides or turn it around completely It’s the same I showed you here Exactly the same, but by the phone Well, now we are going to record with the Gimbal I’m going to run all over the park And a friend will follow me with the Gimbal

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