Gimbal Zhiyun Crane V2 with mirrorless camera Canon EOS M50 review

Ahoj! This is Zdenka Darula. Having smooth and cinematic footage is everybody’s dream when it comes to video. I must admit that I don’t always like the
super slow motion for my B roll because I love fun and energy and that’s what I am all
about. But for that I do need gimbal. I have such gimbal there. Let’s talk about Canon EOS M50 and Zhiyun
Crane V2. Zhiyun is Chinese word, Zhi means smart, Yun
gimbal. I found out that lot of people are pronouncing
it wrong and from native speaker it should be Zhiyun. I hope I am pronouncing it close enough, obviously
I don’t speak Chinese. And for the new faces, I work as a photographer
since 2007. I am a former model and few other things. And I know you haven’t heard that intro for
a while. I make tutorials and fun vlogs so you might
want to hit that subscribe button. I have been using this gimbal for about 6
months. What is it? Zhiyun Tech crane V2 is original crane updated
to carry cameras up to 3.9 pounds which is 1.77 kg. Key feature is 360 degrees rotation along
all 3 axes. It comes with 26500 amp batteries which when
fully charged last impressive 12 – 18 hours. It comes in a really nice protective case
and you can use it with their phone app which offers extra features. Most of the vloggers just use gorilla pod. Let’ look at the footage you get with this. And now let’s compare it with the footage
you get with this gimbal. Very smooth. So how good is this gimbal? Let’s go right into full speed, let’s go for
a run. Now that you’ve seen how smooth it is, let’s
look at all modes Zhiyun crane V2 can do. Mode no.1 is pan following mode. You can pan the camera left or right following
the movement of gimbal. If you push joystick, you can manually move
camera up or down. Locking mode no. 2. This mode locks all three axes to keep camera
still and stable. You can manually move the camera with joystick
up or down or right or left. And mode no. 3 is following mode. The camera follows the movement of gimbal
by panning and tilting. If you push joystick left and right you will
manually control roll axes. And you can absolutely use the gimbal in bottom
up position as well. In you press mode button 3x, the camera will
turn 180 degrees. This gimbal can also be controlled via app
on the phone. Here you can check gimbal’s working status,
change modes, calibrate your gimbal and change settings. It is my favourite tool. If you are wondering how much this gimbal
cost I included the link in the video description below. For others, if you want to know tips on how
to get smooth footage without a gimbal, link to video is either here, here or also in video
description below so you can check it out right after this video. So that would be all when it comes to this
amazing tool, if you are waiting for eye update, I have the last update in today’s video. For others moving on, give it thumbs up if
you liked today’s video, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button. If you have any questions, comments, would
like to say hello or suggest a topic for me to make a video about, please do so in the
video comment section below. I read them all, I try to respond to all. Thank you very much. Well, let’s get rid off this. I think we’ve talked about it enough in today’s
video. So the good news is that I don’t have any
retina detachment or hole or anything like that yet. But it might happen still this month. I am being monitored for next 30 days as I
was told. I’ve been getting new glasses, much stronger
on my left eye so my right eye can rest. Now the issue is that whenever I am using
the viewfinder on this camera, it is putting way too much strain on my right eye so that
is pretty much where all the problems most likely came from. So I tried to use the screen on this one and
this one is Canon 5D mark III. Now, that I am so damn spoiled from this Canon
EOS M50 with this amazing focus on the screen, just tap and it goes very quickly, I am finding
that when I am looking at the screen on this one and focus, it is just slow. It’s very slow. It’s not gonna work like that during weddings. I’ve been trying to have my both eyes open
when I am looking through viewfinder but I am still feeling that I am still putting strain,
lot of strain on my right eye so I don’t really want to do it. My plan is. Hopefully within this year, hopefully by the
end of the year to actually sell this one and maybe change it to Canon R or something
like that. Whichever full frame camera has that amazing
focus and screen like M50. Now here I have to admit something. Not admit but really say something for everybody
to realize. Especially when you guys are always writing
me comments, what do you think about this camera? Or which camera should I buy? I work as a photographer. I don’t work in a store. So myself, I really don’t know all the cameras. I don’t have access to them, I cannot try
them out. I talk about stuff I have. I review the equipment I have myself or I
get access to it. I study about it, I do lot of research and
writing before I actually tape the video. Well, enough of talking. Many greetings to all of you. I’m gonna head out, try to shoot outside little
bit more and I will see you in the next video. Cau… Ahoj…. .

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