8 comments on “Godspeed You! Black Emperor – She Dreamt She Was a Bulldozer… (with crying anime girls)”

  1. Oziel Esparza says:

    Absolute, bittersweet genius. what better way to go out

  2. Funny Valentine says:

    That disrespect…

  3. [B]oolian says:

    im actually shaking and crying rn

  4. grizzlybear_1024 says:

    what went through your head while making this?

  5. Post Vinyl says:

    this, is beautiful

  6. Ludwig says:

    Thank you for this masterpiece

  7. cute anime girl says:

    This is undoubtedly what Efrim Menuck wanted

  8. Olallie says:

    aa beautiful video iit remind s me of how i long for an anime girl sshaped like a bulldozer to crush my ribcage llike the llittle weasel i am . thank you so much .

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