Hardees steak loader – Review

AsSalam-o-Alaikum today I’m going to review
steak loader of Hardee’s the ingredients they have used are juicy grilled meat topped
talk with America and swiss cheese black pepper grilled onions and mayo they have used all these things first of all we will check their presentation here is their presentation
eat like you mean it ok let’s unpack this here is their stake loader and tissue , french fires and ketchup tomato ketchup
lets try their fries first. fries are tasty
Drink is also in the the deal first we will open their ketchup here is their stake loader
Meat grilled is used in this taste is just ok i can’t say it is delicious it is totally different from the picture which they showed
i will rate this 7/10
This deal is of Rs 700/ All these things includes in this deal. subscribe to my channel, watch my videos link is given in description watch my video and subscribe my channel Allah Hafiz

9 comments on “Hardees steak loader – Review”

  1. Noor-ul-Huda Huda says:


  2. Omer Malik says:

    English nahin boli jati to kiu bolte ho. Araam se urdu mein bolo. Eaet like yau meen it.

  3. Noor-ul-Huda Huda says:

    Iski recipe bhi share karain😋😋

  4. Yasir Khan says:

    You never taste anything with chili garlic sauce on top. How can you appreciate the original taste?

  5. i_MOHAMMED_i says:

    ديس لايك المفروض 10/10 👎🏻😒

  6. Atif Farooqui says:

    Bismillah to parh lia karo

  7. Taqi Hussain says:

    Where do u live?

  8. Taqi Hussain says:

    Do u have children?

  9. Ultimate Troll says:

    They put mario in the burger 😱😱😱

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