Heavy Equipment Operator Reacts to Ventrac Wide Area Mower

I’m gonna have you take your sunglasses off. All right now you can do your audio test. Testing one two, testing. Perfect So what’s your name and what’s your
position? Names Randy Smith, I’m a heavy equipment operator here at Henry County. So can you describe this wide area
deck? Tell me about it. It’s wide. It’s wide. in a nutshell it’s wide and it’ll cut every bit of it. As an operator you feel like it’s not taking forever you feel like all right that’s two passes oh I’m already you know 16 feet into it.
That’s nice. The time it just just goes you don’t
even realize how much you’re getting mowed Until the end of the day when you really
just like man I got this far and we normally only get that far so the
time is definitely it definitely, it cuts back. As far as the slope goes the mowing on
the slopes with the wide low center of gravity really makes you feel
safe. It’s absolutely wonderful. The maintenance is the main thing that I
love about it. Ten minutes and you’re done. It’s very easy with the tilt deck hold
it to be able to service it wash it at the end of the day. There’s really nothing I don’t like
about it. It cuts my time in half. My favorite attachment out of all of them and that’s all there is to it. Yea that’s the first interview I’ve ever done in my life so please tell me if I’m doing right or wrong.

9 comments on “Heavy Equipment Operator Reacts to Ventrac Wide Area Mower”

  1. Garden Equipment Review says:

    Thanks for a great video, I think this is the widest out front deck I have ever seen on a machine of this type, almost 8 feet! I like the articulated steering and dual wheels on the power unit, very versatile indeed.

  2. slipshot40 says:

    You did a good job!

  3. Vanta Light says:

    Yeah you can tell Randy he did a fine job for a first time video interview.

  4. gsettlemyre says:

    Randy, you can stand in anytime for that”other guy”, you did a great job for your first exposure on camera, and just think up tp 90 thousand viewers may see this video! Now you can can be nervous….😬😬

  5. Dale Nienow says:

    Great video Ventrac, Randy did a very great job with the interview most people, are nervous when they do that!

  6. Tim says:

    Excellent job, Randy

  7. Wen Vancouwen says:

    I mow acres of old pasture with a 54" mid-mount with no problems. But I'd really like to know how this front-pushed, little-wheeled mower would do on my rough and rutted ground. Anybody here have experience with this? Because if Ventrac's Wide Area Mower could handle my mowing, I'd sure be interested.

  8. Bobcatboy 5678 says:

    You need to build a bigger Vintrack

  9. Missing Link says:

    Awesome job Randy…. You did fantastic

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