Highland Park Lots, When the Bulldozers are Back, You Know the Economy is Back

When the bulldozers are back, you know the economy is back. There is such a great demand for lots, in Highland Park, that the larger the lot, the more the land is worth per square foot. This was a one acre lot, so it sold for the first day it was on the market for eight million dollars. Lots further down the street that were a half acre sold this month for 2.4 million dollars. And a quarter acre, sold this month, for one million dollars. So an acre lot, will sell for twice as much per square foot, as will a
quarter acre and significantly more per square foot, than a half acre. And the reason for this, is there are so few one acre lots in Highland Park. In fact, there are only 75 lots over three quarters of an acre in Highland Park. So you can see this intense demand for land in Highland Park.

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