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  1. Dick Head says:

    The rich always like telling the masses aka the poor what they should and shouldn't do smfh.

  2. De Saix says:

    In the dairy industry, cows are forcibly made pregnant by means of artificial insemination or inter species rape to be more precise. They have calf after calf but never get to nurse them or watch their babies grow up. The females are taken away to be milkers themselves and the males are slaughtered as veal. This is abusing a females natural cycle. It’s heart breaking for them to lose their babies and be exposed to the worst kinds of atrocities and abuse.

  3. DracoReptoidsExposed says:

    Republicans believe in god and think they can pollute the oceans and air and still live lol

  4. MattLF9 says:

    Joaquin Phoenix is a Heroin addict and thinks he's the moral one.

  5. Agra C says:

    The farmer wasn't clear did he rip the calf away from the mother does the mother get the calf?

  6. Adam Meebee says:

    Disgusting what those monsters doing to animals.

  7. Adam Meebee says:

    The growing industry of dairy farmers? 😀 😀 😀 😀 That was a good one

  8. s w says:

    Joaquin has never worked a real job.

  9. Handy Andy says:

    Lol. Farmer, we feed the world and what do you do Mr. Phoenix. That pretty much sums up all of the out of touch Hollywood elite.

  10. Robert Grillo says:

    Farmers continually claim that the rest of us should visit a farm to educate ourselves about animals. But my response to farmers is that they could stand to learn a lot more about animals from sanctuaries. Here’s why. For those of us in the sanctuary community who have witnessed firsthand and even intervened to help the unwanted victims farmers routinely dump or haul off to slaughter when no longer economically viable, it’s really the height of irony for them to condescend to us, claiming they are so wise and we are so ignorant about what animals are like and what kind of life they wish to live. In many cases, our rescue work has involved a deep level of care and treatment on the level of the individual that is simply unheard of in farming.

    In a safe and trusting environment free of expectations on them to produce something, farmed animals quickly reveal their individual personalities. The internet is full of stories, photos, and videos of people who have found deep companionship with their rescued farmed animals. A growing number of individual caretakers, rescuers, and sanctuaries raise chickens, turkeys, cows, and pigs and are learning a great deal from them as individuals. Those who have visited a sanctuary can attest to how fundamentally different the experience is from visiting a farm.

    On a sanctuary, animals are recognized as self-aware individuals who, like human beings, have unique personalities—a complex of experiences, interests, emotions, thoughts, memories, likes, dislikes, desires, fears, friends, loves, losses, joys, and pains. Property owners are replaced with guardians who provide a caring environment that empowers them with the confidence to more authentically express their true selves. And sanctuaries, while still imperfect, manmade environments, strive to provide their inhabitants with as natural a life as possible. People can walk away from sanctuaries with a “breakthrough” understanding. They recognize that these individuals are vastly more expressive, more sophisticated than their repressed counterparts on farms. They see much of themselves in these animals. They realize that the stereotypes they’ve come to believe all of their lives are based on an inherent and deeply entrenched cultural prejudice.

    Visiting animals on farms, in contrast, does not produce any “breakthrough” in our understanding of animals because the objective of farms is not to provide an environment in which animals are free to express themselves or an environment where animals can be studied and better understood. Farmers are not experts in animal behavior, and they are not even necessarily good observers of animals. In fact, many farmers deny that animals suffer under routine farming practices and a violent death.

    Under the very best circumstances, farms provide an understanding of how animals subsist under completely manmade, controlled conditions, as if their fate as commodities is a foregone conclusion. As a result, most visitors to farms walk away reaffirming what they’ve already been taught, that animals don’t object to being used as resources since it’s all they know. On farms, we often view meek or fearful animals from a distance or on the other side of an electrical fence, typically in herds or flocks with ear tags (numbers instead of names), and under conditions that repress their ability to express themselves as individuals. Even farmers who claim to love their animals like family members still regard them as utility animals, as dictated by the economics of that human-property relationship. In the words of former pig farmer and writer Bob Comis, “livestock farmers, no matter what kind — from the largest, most cynical, and inhumane factory farmers to the smallest, seemingly most ethical pasture-based farmers — traffic in death. It is death that is our aim, our purpose. Death is the end. Life is the means. Money the reward.”

    On sanctuaries, individual animals often have storied lives marked by abuse or neglect. They are the survivors whose suffering would have been ignored and whose lives would have been in vain, had it not been for sanctuaries and rescuers. Sanctuaries challenge visitors with a new paradigm for understanding animals. They present their adopted and rescued residents as they are and ask us to observe and interact with them as unique individuals, rather than by the norms, assumptions, and prejudices imposed upon their species by thousands of years of exploitation. For sanctuaries, animals are in fact an end in themselves, rather than a means to an end.

  11. Kerry Wallum says:

    Take some more acid Joaquin! Taste the pretty colors! Your a waste

  12. Eu Sei says:

    Brilliant answer from a real person: "We help feed the world. It's important that people have food to eat. And what do you do, Mr. Phoenix? Oh, yeah, you entertain people. OK." Mr. Phoenix's could never come up with anything even close to that, because, like his Hollywood pals, the do not live in the real world.

  13. Rick Brightwell says:

    LOL, "hey ding-dong". Cracked me up. Great words from a down-to-Earth guy to a waste of oxygen.

  14. Brad Covington says:

    Love this guy!

  15. N Leung says:

    I love this! The fact that it’s being reported and shown on local news, it shows that the message is getting across 🙏 ✊

  16. Richard Olsen says:

    So true.
    Actors are paid to impersonate…not even real people… fake impersonators!!!!

  17. AAA Beverages says:

    Don't know anything.
    Turn off. Tune out.
    3xit visa

  18. Pug says:

    So they're proving their point that they don't abuse cows by… showing that they abuse cows? Okay, makes sense..

  19. Payton says:

    shows calf drinking from bottle and not from mother

  20. Kat says:

    I'm into vegge but can't live w/o cow and milk. I got low collagen. The cure is cow collagen but the insurance won't pay and it's expensive.He's too opinionated and overly sure of himself.

  21. Rick H says:

    The globalists are coming for your milk just like their coming for your meat.

  22. Courtney Shoemaker says:

    Most people live in a candy coated world. Where everyone is a winner and gets a participation award! Support your local family farm's and feel good about feeling good!

  23. cowman1970 says:


  24. cowman1970 says:

    Taking a calf away from it's mother: apparently that's another hot button issue for our celebrities. Well, I have a few thoughts on this. Have you ever considered the difference between beef cows and dairy cows? I will offer you this analogy. Beef cows, that stay with their calves: are stay-at home-mothers, built to care for their calves out in the pastures. Dairy cows, that send their calves to the nursery aka "day care": are working mothers who start working the day of delivery. These dairy calves have lots of socialization with their fellow calves, daily care, measured and monitored nutrition and health care. I don't know about you, but I would never get in the middle of a fight between which mother was best….the working mom or the stay at home mom, each has their own value. I'm just glad dairy farmers do such an amazing job taking care of their dairy calf babies…… shared from the bright mind of Shannon Seifert

  25. Gab O’meal says:

    Cows breast milk is for baby cows. So unless you want to look like this farmer then I suggest you wean yourself off the udders!

  26. Adventure Awaits says:

    I don't understand. Are these farmers and WISN News trying to prove that Joaquin Phoenix is right?

  27. Ivan Georgiev says:

    They showed a calf separated alone fed by a human to prove they don't separate calves from their mother. Right… Right…

  28. Tishy Mac says:

    Joaquin didn't say anything that wasn't true. I haven't starved, not had dairy for 8 years, I'm not a calf and my mother weaned me around the age of 1.

  29. Djentleman XIII says:

    Think about it, why aren't you encouraged to drink giraffe milk? How about sheep milk? How come you have a specific demand for cow's milk?

    I'm flabbergasted with how attached people are to cow's milk now that we have a plethora of alternatives that have none of the setbacks a dairy product has.

  30. Tone P says:

    Dumbest farmer ever. Goes on TV to show Joaquin Pheonix is wrong.
    Shows calf separated from mother, and being hand fed formula…

  31. Tom V-Form Official says:

    So the farmer tries to prove Mr. Phoenix wrong by showing a calf separated from his/her mother while feeding him/her with a substitute in a bottle and presenting how the mother gets hooked on to a milking machine?
    Thanks for supporting everything Joaquin Phoenix said in his speech.
    Check out the documentary Dominion on YouTube. Animal agriculture is cruel and shouldn’t be a part of modern society.

  32. John Foster says:

    Dont Forget Protecting Harvey Weinstein and being a great REGURGITATOR of Other People Words ! ! ! Minnesota in the House !!!

  33. John Foster says:

    OMG ! Almost forgot ! ! ! Do a ( Celebrities Got Milk ?) search . Weird how all of Hollywood supported Milk then ! ! GOT AGENDA ! ! ENTIRE AD CAMPAIGN OF HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITIES SUPPORTING MILK ! ! ! !

  34. S Judas says:

    This proves everything that Joaquin Phoenix stated in his speech. They show a calf separated from its mom while feeding the little one from a bottle rather than let it feed from its own mother.

  35. Cindy B says:

    Why is the calf been feed by a bottle rather than been on its mothers utters? I though this was to show that on this “ding dong” farm mothers and calf are never separate or mistreated and why not let’s take it a step further, how are your cows getting pregnant? How much time are they been milked? What happens to the calf? Are your cows been sent to slaughter? Plant base milk is the way to go!

  36. robertnz says:

    Oh, spare me. Once 100% Pure New Zealand is completely [email protected] up with most rivers not suitable for swimming any more, all because of our arrogant dairy and meat industry .
    Pollution at its worst. And don't even get me started on GHG emissions.
    At least 1/4 of population is lactose intollerant anyway. NZ has the world's worst incidence of osteoporosis and bone fractures in the world . Yeah, we're full of calcium. And something bit smellier too.

  37. Veruna says:

    Oh yes. Feeding the world even though 75% of the population is lactose intolerant. Yeh sure sure. Whatever you want to say to make yourself feel better about your crumbling industry.

  38. Jav rilo says:

    These people commenting negatively about this farmer are complete about of reality and touch its common sense what he is saying people have gotten retarded its amazing

  39. metal _4life says:

    Yes mr farmer, you feed the world. You feed the world false information.

  40. AnantaSesaDas says:

    Farmer is pretty dumb. Doesn't he know the big farms that compete with him are the real problem? Of course a family farm will be more humane as they are more directly involved than a profit hungry conglomerate. He had a chance to promote his small farm milk but just dismissed the claim of abuse that referred to big dairy farms.

  41. Pleiadian says:

    Dairy Industry is a Mafia that sells lies to people and Dairy Farmers needs to go and grow Potatoes and Rice. I have been completely plant based for 13 years, never drank a drop of dairy milk and never needed a doctor to prescribe me any pill not even for a cold. We are witnessing the last few years of breath of the dying dairy industry.

  42. BCuda2010 says:

    Most people have some sort of food intolerance to milk, weather it’s subtle or not. The dairy industry is ruining the planet, as well as providing an unhealthy product. They forcibly impregnate cows to keep the milk flowing…. but somehow they are proving g a great service by feeding the world something the world doesn’t need… what a JOKE 😂😂😂. Thanks for proving Joaquins point.

  43. Rick says:

    These dairy farmers are beyond uneducated. XD. They get offended by someone telling the truth.

  44. Osman Aden says:

    This farmer just proved what Joaquin Phoenix said was true

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