10 comments on “Homemade bag catcher for stander machines”

  1. Ben Azevedo says:

    Now I am use tarp size of 8×10 and make 2 bags of 4×5. This size it is better for the turns…

  2. Shawn Creed says:

    how did you make this? ave what did you use to attatch to your bagger

  3. john barrington says:


  4. free america says:

    mow 2 strips through the center of the yard and turn around and face the chute towards those 2 strips and blow the rest of the yard into a pile in a nice 2 row strip. have your worker bring a rake and a bag or can and rake the strips in the back while you make them in the front. then I don't have to mess with the catchers and the stopping and starting. by the time I'm done he is about done and we blow the rest around with blower. with tons of leaves I mow over the entire yard to mulch the leaves up and then I do what I already stated above the same way right after. possibly use a tarp if there are large piles of leaves and you want to use this method. give it a try it's fun

  5. Alex says:

    Will this work for zero turn mowers?

  6. Jeff Beauregard says:

    do you charge extra money to cut grass with alot of leaves in the yard?

  7. ndleinahaystack says:

    This is brilliant bro!

  8. Ride ThePace says:

    When are you doing a kickstarter campaign to raise capital. You need to manufacture these and offer them for sale. I would pay you to make one for me, I bet a lot of people would.

  9. Body By Ellis says:

    Brilliant brother..!! It's that a black rug? What's the size?

  10. Ó Slattarra says:

    Legit. Make me one!

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