Honest Trailers – Dragonball Evolution (Feat. TeamFourStar)

Happy holidays! This year, we got you the trailer you requested
the most … for some reason. After 42 volumes of comics, 18 movies, and
15 seasons of television… one live action adaptation will ignore everything
people loved about the Dragon Ball franchise in America’s biggest insult to Japanese
culture since Hiroshima. Dragonball: Evolution. Prepare for Fox’s half-assed attempt to
cash in on their expiring rights to Dragon Ball. It’s an adaptation that steals from everything
except the source material, featuring elements of The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Twilight? and The Last Airbender? “Shadow Crane strike is the most basic of
all the air-bending techniques.” Oh, come on! When the Sith Lord Piccolo escapes his ancient
prison, somehow… Goku, a student at video game high school,
must find the dragon balls before something about an eclipse or else something about Oozaru
the evil monkey werewolf. It…doesn’t make any sense. Can I get a little help here? We’ll take it from here Honest Trailer Voice
Man Voice! Thanks guys, I’m totally lost. Alright, listen up! Dragon Ball is the epic
saga of a martial artist who… Wait, that’s Goku? This is an outrage! I never went to school! Also, I don’t *think* you’re white. I’m a Saiya-genie! Anyway, it’s about Noku here’s quest to
collect all 7 wish granting dragon balls before– Whoa, when did I get a hot Asian sidekick? Maybe this movie isn’t so bad. “I am Muten Roshi, the Invincible! Hahahaha!” “My grandfather is dead.” Nope. It sucks. And along the way Goku is joined by his best
friend Krillin, who should be showing up in the movie any second now… any second… You’re not in the movie. I gotta be honest guys, this still seems pretty
stupid. But, like, the show is way better! I fly around on a magic cloud, fight a shapeshifting
man pig… And help a 300 year old man get laid! Have we sold you yet? Not really. But thanks for trying. You bet! Bye bye Honest Trailer Man Voice
Man! Hey! My roof! Sorryyy! Ugh… Power up for a movie that doesn’t just sound
bad, it looks bad, as the epic ki attacks from the cartoons are
replaced with CGI hand farts. Squirm as the awkward level goes over 9000,
in a movie full of Long pauses, “You’re different.” “I like different.” Terrible dialogue, “Grandpa! I’m so happy to see you!” and Justin Chatwin’s forehead vein. So, gather up all of the balls Heh heh for the one wish that everyone can agree on:
make this movie never exist! Starring… How dare they make a movie about Kakarot and
not include me? Oh God not another one… I’m Vegeta, prince of the Saiya– oh my god is that the Beta-Male? He’s like a Tiger with Down’s Syndrome. Never mind. Bullet dodged. Definitely. Would you like to do the honors? Of course I will! Starring… Geico TeeTees The Mask The Ki Maker Crouching Tiger, Dead Career Nobody’s Favorite Ghostbuster Mighty Joe Young And Not-Lara-Croft Oh, God, What a steaming pile. Dragonball: Evolution So wait, Kakarot wishes a guy he just met
back to life at the end of the movie, but he lets the man who raised him from birth
stay dead? … I can dig it. Special thanks to Team Four Star. And if you want to get us something for Christmas,
be sure to click that subscribe button. Really? We’re doing this again? Fine.

100 comments on “Honest Trailers – Dragonball Evolution (Feat. TeamFourStar)”

  1. Norman Aviles says:

    Hand farts were hilarious

  2. Nikitha says:

    I lost it at "Tee tees" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. minecraft or says:

    why does 16 year old noku look 16? he should look almost the same as he did when he was 13…

  4. Sudi Abdallah says:

    Please do dragon ball super broli

  5. Sage Mode Pikachu says:

    The muten roshi part is the nly thing that made sense

  6. Arifa Akhtar says:

    Fun twist:
    The writer was jerking off by watching bulma but suddenly he saw olong frirting around her
    This made his head cracked.
    So he made a movie that ruined the franchise

  7. Sebat Hadah says:

    America's biggest insult to japanese culture since Hiroshima….sick burn yo…

  8. Brian Bakker says:

    Shouldve just showed the trailer and said nothing. It's already the biggest joke

  9. Kareema Lawal says:


  10. dj nathan says:

    The reason why krillin isn't this movie is because shenron can only bring back one person to life

  11. Chillkrokette says:

    This was even worse than the Avatar movie and that's saying something…

  12. Rayleigh says:

    This is why you don't do life adaptations, they weren't meant to be

  13. Andy yumlembam says:

    The only Goku Naruto can beat

  14. Dr Smugface says:

    i watched this movie and i watched the Christmas Special from Star Wars … i still dont know which is worse ….. i mean were talking here shitleves that should not be possible if i had to watch now the Avatar last airbender movie …

  15. steamerthesteamtrain says:

    The Super Mario Bros. movie was better.

  16. Une Nown says:

    This movie ruined my childhood

    I get why people hate this with all their might

  17. Zoom says:

    Got me at : Starring, THE MASK !
    LMAO !!!!! fucking picolo here looks just like him actually.

  18. Estarossa of Love says:

    Did you really just call DBZ a cartoon

  19. Reyna Soraten says:

    I'm sad that this movie stained Chow Yun Fat's CV.

  20. Fab Five says:

    Death note was a cancer too… stop Americans

  21. Lin Can Park says:

    Justin Chadwick is actually pretty good in some of his other stuff… But it sucks when a movie like this is what you're known for

  22. Kenny Omega says:

    9.7m omg

  23. Agent Smith says:

    Idk if this was an insult from america to japan, but as a Dragonball fan I really felt insulted, the only one i liked in this movie was piccolo the rest was shit

  24. Patrick Donnolley says:

    This is actually what caused Zamasu to wipe out mortals.

  25. Technology Made Easy says:

    The world in this movie needs zamasu for cleansing it

  26. Kamohelo Salemane says:

    Honest Trailer awesome deep voice


  27. abhinaba sain says:

    Me and my buddies used to pretend we were in DBZ verse when we were in kindergarten or something.
    I think we looked a little better than this movie….

  28. Mustiboi Salman says:

    It even steals from STAR WARS

  29. ivo georgiev says:

    Indeed this can easily be the top 1 worst movie in the mankind history

  30. THE EYEPATCH says:

    Saya-genie wtff

  31. Ritesh Singh says:

    this movie is so shitty that even its honest trailer sucks cz no one wants to see the scenes from the movie again, even if it's for a roast.

  32. Ineedthemic somabu says:

    Is noone going to acknowledge the CGI farts? haha

  33. Jasir Al faruq says:

    Oh no…

  34. QuartzsiteKnight says:

    The Honest Trailers narrator sounds like Duke Nukem. Lol.

  35. MikeRiderOOO says:

    Yeah, I kinda liked him better in Shameless than in this crap fest. And Emmy Rossum. For obvious reasons.

  36. Jamal Hamid says:

    Chris, where are you?

  37. Curve :P says:

    I like how Vegeta has more respect for Yamcha now

  38. Geek Cat says:

    If Dragon Ball is a religion, this movie is blasphemy.

  39. Elan Morin Tedronai says:


  40. Coolboy Master says:


  41. Latoya Downs says:

    I honestly thought it was a real movie

  42. free gamer gr says:

    That Goku doesn't have the right hairstyle,hair colour,race,body type,eye colour.

  43. Ryan Deal says:

    Yoooooo! Did you get TFS to help?

  44. Cloud Strife says:

    I'm pro-life but, this movie should be aborted.

  45. dumb student says:

    Hand farts ๐Ÿ’จ ๐Ÿ˜‚

  46. [endgame] avenger.infinity says:

    So this is what happened to Jimmy after he left Fiona and the South Side……๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ

  47. The Dark horse says:

    Which is worst adaptation?

    Dragonball or last airbender

    Press like if dragonball

    Comment if ooung

  48. horror vacui says:

    Oh no.


  49. Nick Partin says:

    Let this be a reminder, kids: Never do Anything based on Anything Awesome, just for the mere sake of cash.

  50. Andy wabaunasee says:

    Tfs voice

  51. Team Spintop says:

    YouTube bugged me until i watched this. Didn't even have sound on. Go suck it YouTube

  52. Logan Meeuwsen says:

    Abridged voices

  53. Psycho Sinister says:

    Worst movie adaptation ever

  54. Roronoa Zoro says:

    I liked this movie , really

    When I was 11 years old

  55. Eli Upset says:

    God I've heard about the movie but just seeing scenes from the movie actually causes me physical pain. I physically feel attacked by seeing how bad they could hurt the franchise

  56. Jack Da Money says:

    Dragon Ball-Less

  57. Lolikuma Desbear says:

    1:39 No-Ku๐Ÿ˜‚ And 4:13 Kaka-Not๐Ÿ˜Ž

  58. zeeshan hashmi says:


  59. Dean D says:

    This is far by the most horrible adaptation of the best anime on tv i watched growing up and Dragonball Z is still my favorite one. This movie is a mockery, a trash pile, an infection with no cure because it was made and a waste of time and nothing to do with the series. A bad attempt to cash in and ignore what made DBZ awsome. This movie should be remade and start with the Saiyan saga for first film. Ive seen fan films better than this.

  60. tanmoy aj says:

    Doooo not remind me of this train wreck!!!

  61. GamaouaT says:

    I liked the movie….. until i started watching the animation series

  62. Osama VinAlvin says:

    anime wreckers

  63. Sup3rich 321 says:

    Fs for krillin๐Ÿคฃ

  64. UltimusMagus says:

    This Honest trailer was better than the movie lol.

  65. Heroic says:

    Is no one talking about the TFS voices

  66. Ultimate Vault hunter says:

    To be honest, I donโ€™t think itโ€™s really possible to make a live action DBZ movie unless they use a lot of computerized characters.

  67. Josh Youwa says:

    Goku is 100% white lmao

  68. kiro Brooks says:

    The most gawbage dbz movie

  69. Michael Lam says:

    '… replaced with CGI Hand Farts.' CLASSIC. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  70. Jesse Thomas says:

    Goku looks white in the anime

  71. KayKwasa says:

    Rather watch Dragonball GT than this embarrassment

  72. BLUEBOSTON says:

    Also, i don't think your white.

  73. Lui Cambio says:

    Thank you YouTube algorithm for gathering up the dragonballs to bring me back here

  74. DMG Mana says:

    And Air Bending? master Roshi says Something Awww Come on! Is the best

  75. Daniel Figueroa says:

    This stupid

  76. Mobslayer roblox says:

    I like how Goku is one of the only white character in this movie

  77. SM PLAY PRO says:

    One of the worst movies ever

  78. Saddathy says:

    This is the worst dragon ball movie since Hiroshima

  79. Stuart Bloom says:

    I never went to school

  80. Stuart Bloom says:

    Krilin owned ๐Ÿ˜‚

  81. Stuart Bloom says:

    omfg this is funny

  82. Stuart Bloom says:

    This goku is from another universe

  83. Stuart Bloom says:

    Teetes ๐Ÿ˜‚

  84. Life For life says:


  85. Punctuation Police says:

    This movie is similar to when you spend hours making a cake and end up making it beautifully crafted, until someone comes along and takes a huge dump on it

  86. Malik S Khan says:

    Haha so funny

  87. Ft Paperbag says:

    Hand farts xD

  88. Simple Father says:

    Well that's not inaccurate

  89. just a servant says:

    i burnt all the copies

  90. Michael Johnson says:

    Yamcha is the desert bandit

  91. Aaron Death says:


  92. Saurabh N says:

    Hmmmm so dragon has 7 balls

  93. ArulEpsilon says:

    team four stars?

  94. Sachin Sharma says:

    The CGI Hand Farts

  95. asa ashara says:

    Guru: Nail ….. NAIL!!
    Nail: WHAT!!!!
    Guru: get the dragon balls

  96. Swarnapriyo Bhattacharjee says:


  97. Fare Bill says:

    Noku: saves friend he just met

    Master Gohan: So it's like dat…

  98. Cloud :3 says:

    GT is better.

  99. Rajesh Sivaram says:

    Saw this illegally,
    Want to sue them for wasting my time

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