House passes farm bill granting large scale amnesty to illegal immigrants

100 comments on “House passes farm bill granting large scale amnesty to illegal immigrants”

  1. jamie oxenreider says:

    Nothing modern about slave labor.

  2. Steve Kimmel says:

    Send them all back we don't need them .all the Democrats want is vote finish building the wall

  3. James Poteat says:

    No doubt about it.
    We need more Mexicans.

  4. James Poteat says:

    Voters don’t care for brown people.
    They’re very expensive to keep around.

  5. TakeyaB Estshot says:

    Trump will sign it.. Just look at his recent executive order banning hate speech

  6. Jse contractors Inc. says:

    Democrats are playing for votes they know this will get vetoed..Dems are going to use this for against Trump. For illegal democrat votes

  7. blue eyes white dragon says:

    Why do they waist their time Trump won't sign this

  8. Terence Mckinley says:


  9. Fran Keeler says:

    Oh, no you don't!!! Good way to lose your job!!!! Those 35 Republicans will be found out who you are and you will be voted out!!!!! No more freebies!!!!!!!! Thus says the people

  10. Jse contractors Inc. says:

    Free healthcare for illegal immigrants! Send Demorats your votes! This why we need executive order on voter I.D.

  11. L W says:

    Without illegal immigrants America wouldn't have any commercial farms. You filthy bigoted hypocrites make me sick. You still love having slaves. Now it's your turn.

  12. Patrick Zeising says:

    Screw the dems and their double talk.

  13. Fran Keeler says:

    We have them already taking our jobs in places not farms, firing Americans replacing with illegals, don't think so?? Better wake up! Work force in factories is in some places over 90%, and only 10% Americans. FACT!!!

  14. Jse contractors Inc. says:

    D'Alessandro jr. Brought illegal drugs from mexico. Multi million dollar illegal drug business…who is he?? Nancy Pelosi's biological father. Makes more sense why she would be so against the wall

  15. Jake Ryker says:

    Well, most Americans are too Obese to work that tractor 🐽

  16. Veronica says:

    No amnesty. Senate must vote this down. Trump must veto

  17. Madeline Hursh Alcock says:

    No. Enough is enough. End all immagration until you fix the heione and homeless epedimic.

  18. eddie ed says:

    Who would have thought illegal aliens would be protected by U.S. legislators?

  19. UrDaddyTeddy says:

    Well technically they would be doing it legally and working on oir farms. Idk has pros n cons

  20. Elaine Koteles says:

    All welcome to get Free Citizenship and vote for ……. 👻🧟‍♀️🦹🏻‍♂️🧛🏿‍♀️👹👽

  21. michael padlo says:

    Get ready folks the revolution is coming the demarats are destroying America

  22. BonnieBlue2A says:

    No Amnesty. Call your Senators to block this!



  24. Boofer T. Washington says:

    Anything to exploit those brown people….right dems?

  25. marielucie masse says:

    hope that bill get shut down in senate

  26. marielucie masse says:

    the freking RAT'S don't want to work for you the US citizen but , they will do every thing for the illegal's and the cartel's … treason

  27. B uppy says:

    Cloaking it in "farm bill" only fools Leftists. There are still many "unskilled" laborers available to fill jobs in farming. There is a lack of justification however for this because the jobs going unfilled right now are for skilled labor. Thus is just a pig in lipstick.

  28. WWTormentor says:

    Am I the only one that sees that if this law goes into effect, all illegals suddenly migrating to farms just to get amnesty? And we all know that once they become legal they won’t work at the farms and then will open spots for more illegals to come a cross the border to fill that void. I hope this never sees the light of day in the senate. I know trump won’t sign it.

  29. Bill Rehm says:

    If we open the border,won't Mexico just empty their jails and prisons and send them north?

  30. Tyler Mounce says:

    I bet my money it won't get past the Senate.

  31. R D says:

    Trump won’t sign it.

  32. Jon Mcknight says:

    Is this still America??

  33. Angela West says:

    They are not immigrants if they are illegals only aliens. The dems need more votes and to please their multimillionaire donors. I hope the senate votes it down.

  34. Deborah Gaither says:

    And I can’t drink my water… but the house gets that done?

  35. Sylvia Rocha says:

    President Trump will veto it. Trump 2020!!

  36. Dan Blueneck says:

    Stupid idea lets just give the farmers more subsidies.

  37. 5728years ofyourmom says:

    Should be vetoed.

  38. Who Hash says:

    Which republicans?

  39. Thomas Cyr says:

    Sick of these fuckn idiots selling out our country

  40. Death Larsen says:

    Yeah like the guy who killed the Iowa girl

  41. gameofyou1 says:

    So the Democrats top priorities are impeachment and helping non-citizens.

  42. TrickyVickey says:

    Sounds like this bill helps Farmers feed all of us or to make a living. I think it’s a good idea. This does not take American’s jobs. The amount of food rotted in the fields since this war on migrant farm workers and the billions lost by farmer’s since this fight against what we really NEED in this country does not make sense. Relating farm workers to Cartel members is not only not fair it is ridiculous. Control the situation with enforceable accountable ways that make common sense. We can do that.

  43. Robert Paulson says:

    More US educated 2nd generation disenfranchised immigrants in their way who hate Americans who "stole their land".
    When are Mexicans going to get a 2nd Amendment and arm the Mexican farmers and become a country of laws? I hope this doesn't pass the Senate.

  44. Robert Baird says:

    What???? How cheap the Dems are! How full of guile and deceit.

  45. Algernon Flowers says:

    They grant amnesty every 4yrs on average. Nothing new. This is why people pour into this country, because they know they will be granted amnesty eventually. It is easier to hide for 4yrs each time it is done.

  46. Jason Piverotto says:

    NO…work no green card…work visa ONLY
    That's an illegals first agenda…NOT AMERICANS FIRST!!
    IT'S an opiod FIRST agenda…dems in cartels pocket…cartel owns illegal workers SMUGGLERS UNDER FARMER STATUS
    If we STILL have " illegal farm workers" Trump isn't racist at all…this would kinda prove that wrong 3 yrs. in…along with his beautiful legal immigrant wife

  47. Chozen Wone says:

    Can't wait to line up tomorrow for my kilo of Soylent Green.

  48. Betty Mignona says:

    Where in all this fighting is America showing the world we know to run a government.
    We have a legal way to change a nominated official. The polls. Vote. Make America First Again . .

  49. Tenmil says:

    Congress and the senate and all nasty evil corrupt bankers and business men and all governors and mayors and city council people should be BOMBARDED !!! The only leader America should have is POTUS Donald J Trump !!! Democrats libs and leftist and rhinos have destroyed America and Trump is doing his best to heal America and make America great again !!! ❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️👍👍👍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰💋💋💋💕💕💕🤗🤗🤗😊😊😊

  50. Hmngbrd77 says:

    Illegals even took away teenager's jobs.
    McDonald's for instance was a great place for teens to work.

  51. Rocky Hooah! says:



  52. Y Y says:

    The Democrats are DESTROYING OUR NATION! Will they be bringing PUTIN in to Be President NEXT?

  53. Mickey Andres says:

    Dems still trying to wipe out any chance for our poor for an illegal, it’s sickening!

  54. Laurie Darrow says:

    No more!!! Fix America first!!

  55. Hondo says:


  56. Cindy Holderman says:

    Is there anyway to block this?

  57. Debbie Singh says:


  58. Henry Niemi says:

    Why not announce all round amnesty and ask all illegal immigrants to pick up their citizenship cards from the nearest police station?
    And then, when those illegals stream in, just put them on buses and drive them back to Mexico!
    Now that would be cunning plan to catch tens of thousands of illegals!

  59. George Thompson says:


  60. George Thompson says:


  61. Hose Kim says:

    This is outrageous!

  62. Bill Smith says:

    I agree with this bill. Can anyone (and I'm a Trump supporter) can anyone argue about helping a man out who's willing to work and because of men like him you have food on your table. We are conservatives not total DICKS! We always hold a hand out to a man or woman who's willing to work and doesn't want a free ride.

  63. Impeach the democrats in 2020 says:

    So the demons have the time to pass another bill for illegals and impeach the best president in our nations history … Yet can't pass usmca or prescription drug pricing..
    How can anyone vote for dems… It really stuns me😨

  64. Bonney Dahlquist says:

    It will not pass senate

  65. scotty68301 says:

    Go Lou Dobbs!! He just lays out the truth! Gotta love him.

  66. R D says:

    Thats awesome. Giving those VERY hard working farm workers a chance to thrive in our country. What our country is based on . Immigrants

  67. Dean Guando says:

    Another bs bill.

  68. Don Gillis says:

    The cesspool wasn't built in a day, keep on fighting the demorats and liberal judges, we will eventually get rid of them and ALL illegal aliens. It takes time, but Trump will win.

  69. Laura Bell says:

    "I'm going to be kind about it"Dlobbs, the 🐔💩 snowflake, mouthsucker of Drumpf. Fauxnews Hosts are so entertaining. LOL 🙄

  70. Lee Butt says:

    House stated that they passed 240 bills . Makes you wonder what they have been passing in the Dark of the Night .

  71. Johanna Roets says:


  72. Kyles Isler says:

    I sure am glad that Democrats care about foreigners MORE than actual citizens.

  73. Moonpetals Kast says:

    They are illegal !👎🏿

  74. Life Of Lucifer's Station Wagon Dragon Of Fun says:

    Trump better veto this bill..,

  75. Mike Dickson says:


  76. magic carp says:

    I love all peoples but this needs to stop really

  77. andy. hello. says:

    Modernisation act for slave Labor.

  78. Wooded Acres says:

    Once again…'s not getting past the Senate.

  79. kerry hart says:

    The Democrats want votes

  80. Caroline Kline says:

    Screwed at birth 1964

  81. Caroline Kline says:

    Who knew Shameful

  82. Caroline Kline says:

    A call for marshall law on the congress and senate .its being said from there mouth to our ears
    We knew theres a swamp
    Boot them All

  83. Caroline Kline says:

    50 Trillion reasons

  84. bee4pc goldrule says:

    I lost IQ watching this…..

  85. Caroline Kline says:

    They let Muller waste tax payers monies on all this .yeah china Russia UK ect …
    Do not get along .but to keep this going just to keep dirty cancer causing lights ""on":

  86. Caroline Kline says:

    Shameful Filthy is that what is gona be in our text books

  87. Caroline Kline says:

    Boot them we know some little bit about free CleanEnergy tell us let's see it congress senate we got so many innovations just waiting to be revealed we want clean safe .nothing less you bunch of liars I stand by my comments I know nothing be see and hear feel abused by trillions wasted .

  88. Caroline Kline says:

    Hey potus I was abused by my congress and senate since birth
    Did you sign into law abuse against hummanity well. Marshall law all of them for me.

  89. Christ is King says:

    This why wages don't go up and you can't supports family folks.

  90. Janna Watson says:

    Please do not want this to happen!!! I have many family members involved in small business farming and they’re getting screwed because of these idiots in the House.

  91. Caroline Kline says:

    It's only fair.

  92. Sharmi Bhalla says:

    No one can challenge this? Let the house come back in the hands of republic and they can reverse this law?

  93. P J says:

    Expect a lot of e-coli and lysteria cases.

  94. Marlane Flitman says:

    Thats the dems always passing things for illegals simply because the dems are um AMERICAN LOOK AT THE CITIES AND STATES THEY CONTROL TRUMP 2020 landslides

  95. Brenda Dale says:

    Once again the American people are not heard! It's time for Americans to take back their congress! No more illegals!

  96. Charles Lanier says:

    I'm just wondering if this can be abused. Cause it seems like it could.

  97. yukonjeffimagery says:

    What a bunch of Republican traitors. We need to get rid of both parties. Now watch the ilegles run for the border now.

  98. space man reviews says:

    I will never donate one dime of my money to charities ever again! F-illegals

  99. mr EDD says:

    34 Rino republicans need to be voted out and if 34 republicans vote against Trump he could be impeached in the senate we would loos Trump

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