How To Be Productive

People are interested in success. But one of the hallmarks of success, we all know, is productivity. Productivity is essentially
nothing more than our effectiveness at making, causing, providing or creating something. Now there are definite things
that increase our productivity and definite things that
decrease our productivity. Today, I’m gonna share with you my top secrets for productivity. How To Be Productive 1. Intrinsic motivation. When your motivation comes about specifically because the
doing of something you find naturally satisfying in and of itself, You don’t really need
motivation to do something. You will in fact, not even
have to try to be productive. Here’s an example: Let’s say you put a monkey
in a cage with a puzzle. You don’t really have to do anything to get the monkey to begin
playing with the puzzle, because they find playing with
the puzzle naturally satisfying. Let’s say that I was to
introduce a reward; And say that now I’m going
to feed the monkey for doing this puzzle. That’s an extrinsic reward. Now, this monkey is motivated not by the pleasure of
doing the puzzle itself, this monkey is now motivated by the treat. Extrinsic motivation is a recipe for productivity disaster. It’s one of the reasons why in work environments where the main motivation for
people’s work is the paycheck, productivity is “not what it can be”. ~ Laughter ~ You will not have the wave
of energy within you to accomplish a task, if you have no intrinsic motivation. Instead, it will feel like it takes the
forced effort of drudgery to do it. Intrinsic motivation is why a
scientist can spec year in a lab until they emerge with a theory. Intrinsic motivation is why an athlete can dedicate their entire existence
to a ten second race. This is one of the reasons why even though some people work better in a structure type of a situation, a lot of people actually
don’t work as well when their day or their
activities are structured. They don’t follow a set routine. Instead, it’s an intuitive
felt based and organic interaction with their
day as the day occurs. These people organize their day according to inspiration. Where there is inspiration, you can ride the wave of that inspiration and take inspired action steps. If you do what inspires you, even a task that’s difficult to do takes no forced effort to do. And it takes much less
time to do it as well. If you really don’t have
intrinsic motivation, or natural inspiration to do something, I think it’s about time to question why you’re dedicating so much
of your time and your energy and your resources, to something
you don’t find naturally satisfying. In other words, it’s time
to reevaluate your life. 2. If you aren’t automatically
intrinsically motivated towards something, but you’re still completely committed to dedicating your time and
energy and resources to it, I’m gonna give you a tiny bit of a hack. What you’re gonna do is you’re
gonna find something that does intrinsically motivate you within the thing that doesn’t
motivate you at all. For example, Imagine that somebody is totally
unmotivated to help others, but this person loves problem solving. If someone in their life has a problem, they can set the intention of honing
their skill of problem solving in general, and suddenly they will
feel motivated to do it. To understand more about
this watch my video titled: Priceless Motivation Tip
(Find the Self Serving Motive) 3. Act on inspiration immediately. This is one of the biggest
mistakes that people make. They think that when they come up
with something that inspires them, They have time to act on it. You actually don’t. When it comes to this inspiration
that rises within you that we could consider the
forerunner for intrinsic motivation, it functions a lot like surfing. Those of you who have ever surfed or have seen somebody surf know that there is a very limited amount
of time you have to get on that wave. This means act immediately. Don’t say:
“Oh I’m gonna do that in an hour”, “I’m gonna do that tomorrow” or “I’ll do it someday”. You wanna take action the
second that something happens. I’m talking seconds to
minutes is all you’ve got to take your first action step. 4. You wanna deal with resistance the second that it arises. Now this is the opposite of what
most people in the world do. And it sure as hell is the opposite
of what people in businesses do. In fact, the attitude is the opposite. That success or productivity is somehow accomplished by
bulldozing resistance when it occurs. To understand resistance fully, I want you to imagine a lake. In this lake there’s a boat. This boat has six oremen in it. Each of whom have a paddle. Some of these oremen are
paddling in one direction, some of them are paddling
in the opposite direction. These oremen are in
resistance to each other. Because resistance is nothing
more than opposition. It is any oppositional force. We can meet with opposition
form the outside, and we can meet with
opposition from the inside. How obvious is it, that when resistance is involved, like that lake scenario, the likelihood of us getting
to where we wanna go is a lot lower. And even if we do get there, how much time is it gonna
take us comparatively, if we don’t get all of these people going in one direction at one time? The rule of thumb for success is this: If resistance occurs, you stop what you are doing you deal directly with the resistance and create a resolution so that there is no longer
that force of opposition, before you do anything else. No action should be taken
from a place of resistance. When it comes to productivity, this is a particular problem when
we have competitive commitments competitive interests, competitive
desires or competitive goals. To understand this in depth,
watch my videos titled: Urgent! Deal With Your Resistance
Before You Do Anything Else and, Bulldozing ( The way To Ruin
Your Relationship With Yourself) For those of you who are
kind of struggling with this, especially on a business level,
I’m gonna give you an analogy; Dealing with your resistance
before taking an action step, is like pulling up an anchor on your sailboat. As opposed to, simply adding more sails, to hope that they’re gonna compensate for the drag of your anchor. 5. Do what you’re excellent at. This may come as kind of
a strange little tip for you, but here’s the thing, if you do what is
natural and intrinsically second nature to you, that thing that you’re
naturally talented at, it’s gonna take a hell of
a lot less effort to do. Besides, you can’t actually
be excellent at something, if it isn’t in align with your
life purpose in general. Which means that you’re not posing
resistance to the universe at large. Your area of excellence will be
something you take for granted. And I must mention here, that a company or system can only be genuinely productive when people are placed directly
in their positions of excellence. 6. Don’t think in terms of hours, think in terms of results. This is one of the biggest differences between people who are genuinely
successful and productive, and people who are not. You want to think of
the completion of a task and the quality of what is produced. Super successful people see what they produce as
a reflection on themselves. They take responsibility for
that which they produce. This means it’s in their hands whether they dedicate
two hours to something or three full days to something. It’s about what they produce,
not the time it took to produce it. People who are not truly successful have an “earning” type of mentality, where value is placed on their time, instead of on their results. 7. Every day you have to acess
what needs to be done according to the actual priorities of what’s going to be the most effective. It is absolutely critical that you appropriately prioritize, before throwing your
energy into something. People become much less productive because they become totally scattered. They’ve got a list of to do items and they cannot figure out what would be the most effective to through their energy into, and when. Your energy should pour into whatever is the highest priority at any given time. But here I’m gonna through a little
wrench in your sock and say: This may be a little counterintuitive. For example, let’s say that
you’re absolutely exhausted and you’re on the floor. You may have a whole
list of “to do” items of really high priority things, However, if you prioritize
getting a massage, that massage may be the very thing which enables you to focus on
those high priority things which makes that massage
the highest priority. Don’t forget to factor into
this prioritization rule to do those tasks which
are the most challenging when you have the most energy to do them. For most people, this is gonna
be first thing in the morning. Make lists and check them off
the minute that they’re completed. This may seem like a trite
type of a suggestion in fact you’ve probably
seen it in a lot of your ~ Sigh ~ Educational suggestions around success, but the reason that this is actually here is because it actually works, you guys. Try not to overwhelm yourself
with a very large list, but here’s the thing, we all
know that’s not gonna happen. So this is what you’re gonna do: You’re gonna write down everything
you have to do on this “to do” list. You’re gonna end up with an enormous list and you’re gonna tell yourself that the reason you have this list is so you don’t have to have any
of it sitting around in your mind. You don’t have to keep track of any of it. Then, you’re gonna break this giant list into smaller to do lists every day. Often you will not be able to plot out the entire process of something
being brought to fruition Because many of the steps,
you can’t even see yet. So it’s Okay. Plan to add to this to do list and to reassess priorities daily. It’s Okay if the process looks
like finishing the first step, then seeing what the second step even is. then taking that second step, then seeing what that third step even is. If this is the case, just keep on putting one
foot in front of the other until the idea is brought to life. 9. Focus on the first item of priority, and continue to focus on it all the way through to completion. The only exception to this rule should be of something that is
truly a higher priority comes up. Now we all know that obviously, if it’s super high priority to be doing
something on your computer and all of a sudden,
there’s a house fire, the automatic priority switches
to getting out of the house. And in a company this happens. But, when this isn’t happening you need to focus, and focus through to completion. Truly successful people focus on the completion of a task. When it comes to productivity, it is better if open ended items bother you. Because the likelihood of
you becoming scattered will be lower if you don’t
have a high tolerance for open ended items. You’re also gonna have to be really honest about your capacity or
lack thereof to multitask and let’s say that you are one of
these people who actually is, and actually good at multitasking, you still have to ask
yourself the question: Is multitasking the best
way of getting this done? Or is the very best thing to focus entirely all of my energy focus and anything else that I have, into this one thing to a state of completion. Also, I cannot tell you how much more productive
it will make you, because of how much more of
an energy boost you will get, to be able to actually cross
something off of your list and never have to think of it again. 10. Become aware of
where your energy is going. So much of the time people
who struggle with productivity think their energy is going toward things they aren’t actually focusing on. One of the most eye
opening things you can do is to pick two or three days and during those two or three days you’re gonna keep track of
every minute of your day. What you are doing, and therefore what your energy
is actually going towards. You’re gonna keep a journal and write down what you’re
doing and for how long. Every time you change focus or
do something else, write it down. For example, 8:00 – 8:20
getting ready in the bathroom. 8:20 – 8:45 Eating breakfast. 8:45 – 9:15 Driving to work and
listening to self esteem podcast. 9:15 – 9:20 Walking from
parking garage to desk. 9:20 – 11:00 In a marketing meeting. 11:00 – 11:20 Arguing with
girlfriend over the phone. You get the point. You’re gonna do this for the entire day and when this exercise is done, you’re gonna look back at it. You’re gonna actually add up the
hours of the time you’re dedicating towards different things in your life. And then you’re going to
ask yourself the question: How do I feel about this? ~ Laughter ~ Is my actual time and energy and focus going to the things I want it to go to? Or am I really lying to myself? Is it really a wonder why
I’m not productive anymore? Don’t be surprised about this: Most people who do this exercise find out just how much
time they are dedicating to thinking about doing something, versus actually doing it. 11. Be aware of when the
time comes to delegate. And when that time comes, delegate. ~ Laughter ~ Productivity slows down so much when one person has too many things to do. Basically there cannot be
too much on one person’s plate. That person includes you. The day will come where the
only way to remain productive or become more productive is to get help or hire people and productivity is
exponentially increased when those people you delegate tasks to are even better at doing
those tasks than you are. 12. Declutter. One thing a lot of people don’t realize relative to their productivity, is how much progress, when it comes to creation, is impeded by clutter. Now clutter can be tangible, and intangible. The environment you work in
impacts your energy and effectiveness. This means through away
or store old papers. Clean your workspace. Delete things from your
computer you no longer need. Or put them all in one place
and store it all externally. Create the space for clarity. Be in control of your canvas. One of the most important
aspects of this “decluttering” is to make sure not to
clutter it in the first place and this is the big problem people have. Let’s say that you wanna write a book; Now, instead of sitting down
and really starting on that book, you decide to check your email. That’s opening yourself for clutter. It means that before you
get down to the focus of that thing you actually wanna
create productivity with, you’re gonna get inundated by other people’s ideas, by things they want from you, by the need to respond. It’s gonna deplete your energy before you even sit down to do the task. It would have been
a hell of a lot better to not clutter your life with
those intangible things. And to instead, pour your energy into that thing you really want to pour your energy into. Looking at the news may create
a clutter of new worries. Cluttering your mornings with small tasks before you get down to your main task, depletes and scatters your energy. The rule is simplify, simplify, simplify. It is critical to remove both tangible and intangible distractions. 13. (This one ties in with our previous
item on the list about resistance) Whenever you feel a low
in your productivity do not be afraid to stop, step back, and reevaluate. Success owes itself to people
who can switch horses midstream. It is highly unproductive to continue to poor your
energy into something that just isn’t feeling right or just isn’t working. In fact, when you feel that way that’s a serious alarm bell that you need to step back
and take a way more objective look at this and reevaluate that you can
through your energy back into it or decide not to, in a different way. You need to be able to change course. 14. Set up systems. Systems are nothing more than repeatable processes. And processes that are repeatable
that are entirely in your control. For example, A goal might be: I wanna be in a romantic relationship. This isn’t a system, this is a goal. A system would be: On monday I’m going to single’s night, on tuesday I’m gonna go to the dog park and I’m going to initiate talking
with three new people. Productivity goes through the roof when people focus on systems. This is the step where
automation of repetitive tasks and creating habits that you can stick to comes into play. In a company, setting
up systems is critical. It is the only way that
success can be replicated and new people can be
hired into the company without having to reinvent
the wheel every single time. 15. The struggle is part of the process. It does not matter how much intrinsic motivation you have or inspiration you have, when it comes to wanting
to produce something, there is going to be inevitably, a time where you feel like: “This isn’t working”. When you run into one of these days where it feels like nothing
you’re doing is in alignment, I need you to realize
that this is very different than having no intrinsic motivation towards something in the first place. It’s just, everyone has bad days, on the road to creating something. Embrace this struggle, use it to reevaluate instead of immediately thinking
that the struggle means it’s time to doubt the whole
damn thing in its entirety. Sometimes we need to stop
fighting and take a rest. And ironically when we do this, often times we release our resistance to the struggle, just enough, that a
solution naturally arises. Expecting that if something is meant to be that it will just be easy or run smoothly or always feel good, is one thing, And that’s: Not being in reality. It does not go that way for anyone. Many people feel blindsighted by struggle, by setbacks and by failures, and when they encounter these things they just, give up. Success is really about realizing this is par for the course. It’s about streamlining your
energy and your focus and riding those waves of inspiration and intrinsic motivation so that you can focus
that streamlined energy all the way through to the completion of whatever it is you’re
trying to produce. Have a good week.

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  78. primrose foster says:

    Hey can you do a video on narcisstic abuse and Comorbid disorders for example anxiety, low self esteem, depression and isolation/loneliness as your parent lacks empathy and thus you are devoid of genuine connection and because she shows perfect image to outside world due to her grandiosity. How to cope and minimise the abuse.

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    BTW Awesome video. She's really good with motivating effectively.

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  84. THOUGHT TANK says:

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  85. Beans says:

    Hi Teal, I have been thinking to myself recently with all of the stuff going on with Epstein and also Nicole Kidman's father, your story isn't so unbelievable anymore. The child hunting stuff was like "I have heard this before". I always believed you even though I thought it was awful. I think people don't want to believe these terrible things are happening in the world, it destroys a sense of innocence I guess. I knew this was happening because it happened to the likes of a small child in Utah amongst religious/cultist power, it has happened amongst media power. 100 years ago religious groups held the power and influence over people, today it is Hollywood and the media. Where there is great power, there is even greater abuse. I think we need to wise up to that as a species as if we live in selfish denial we might as well be joining in because we sure aren't stopping it by putting our heads in the sand.

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    1. Intrinsic motivation (natural inspiration)
    2. If you aren’t intrinsically motivated but still committed to putting in your time and energy and resources to it, find something that does intrinsically motivate you within the thing that doesn’t motivate you at all.
    3. Act on inspiration IMMEDIATELY.
    4. Deal with resistance the second it arises (don’t bulldoze it).
    5. Do what you’re excellent at.
    6. Don’t think in terms of hours. Think in terms of results.
    7. Everyday you have to assess what needs to be done according to the actual priorities of what’s going to be the most effective. Make lists and check things off.
    8. Make lists and check things off the minute they are completed. Make big lists into smaller lists.
    9. Focus on the first item of priority and focus on it all the way through to completion.
    10. Become aware of where your energy is going.
    11. Be aware of when the time comes to delegate, and when that time comes, delegate.
    12. Declutter & simplify.
    13. Whenever you feel a lull in your productivity, do not be afraid to stop, step back, and re-evaluate.
    14. Set up systems.
    15. The struggle is part of the process.

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  100. Chris says:

    Teal I'm sorry about what I said all along basically. I went hypervigilant – was stuck in the hemisphere of conscious thought i.e. the closed side. Wow that's interesting and now I see the light coming through into my eyes whereas before it was only darkness while in thought. I think maybe my imagination took over as a substitute for expressing my emotions IRL. That's very interesting IMO. It's difficult to accept for me because I'm so used to living in fear and it's hard to be ok with things I don't understand but I'm slowly letting go and finding that I can feel happiness. Also my conscious thoughts believe in my complete lack of freewill so it does agree that fighting is pointless but it's very use to operating by itself without the wisdom of my subconscious I think and I think this is when it lashes out. This is changing though because the more I'm open, the more it doesn't do that anymore. I'm sorry for the all s**t I've said. It's interesting too me about why this happened and I think maybe I became closed in order to survive and that it's a self defense mechanism. Emotionally my environment growing up was extremely hostile too me. I think maybe that's why my conscious thought hemisphere freaks out about your ability to be closed so well in order to defend yourself… because it likes to read people and it couldn't. That's why your sad video about being all alone couldn't mean much and I wouldn't let it because I couldn't sense the source for the tones in your voice. That's self defence for both of us and I see that now. Thanks Teal.

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