24 comments on “How to Build a Backyard Fish Farm”

  1. Swiftyyyy says:

    How to build: Backyard Marihuana Plantation.

  2. JavaBro says:

    Yes, it's economical, BUT, now you have to slaughter and descale and cook the fish……

  3. Darrel Suarez says:

    saying first is GAY !!! @ Dino1482

  4. Neko Youkai says:

    @djmacapple if you know that, doesnt that make you gay? i mean, why would a heterosexual know what is gay?

  5. gpgpgp13322 says:

    or you can buy fish male and females and wait for them to bread then when you have the babies wait for them to get a little bigger then sell them to fish shops or people then you can make money and no fish dies but thats just a money making idea not for food

  6. Marie Pellejo says:

    A God Blessed day to Howcast! I would just like to ask permission if we could borrow this video and use it as a project?
    God Bless!

  7. flybuyfilms says:

    @Lugia625 Wow said like a true american.

  8. vanityrose12 says:

    don't you need some kind of air pump

  9. circusboy90210 says:

    who the fuck eats tilapia?? yuck . what I do on my land is my concern and need not ask anybody else for permission.

  10. cmb271 says:

    Wouldn't it be easier to just buy a pool or a series of good size above ground pool

  11. krisp says:

    see a new band at sluggybobproductions

  12. circusboy90210 says:

    yuck. taste has nothing to do with stupid. it has to do with difference of cultural upbringing. only poor people eat tilapia , it is the worst of the worst of fish, outside of cod . who eats big macs??? poor people.

  13. circusboy90210 says:

    sustainability is nothing more than a fear tactic, a buzzzz word , it means absolutely nothing in reality. everything is sustainable if approached correctly. we have more than enough land and resources for nobody to every want for anything.

  14. LunarEclipse88 says:

    Fuck step 2

  15. mindyq2012 says:

    Yay a

  16. 700mobster says:

    hey leave cod out of this, ever try rock cod?

  17. Brandon Mcallen says:

    didnt mention anything about filtration and fresh water

  18. Coolrh13 says:

    i not do a fish farm just a pond

  19. Brian Z says:

    very vague, not very helpful unless you know nothing on aquaponics

  20. Romaine Athey says:

    Make it yourself thanks to woodprix plans. I think it's the best way to learn how to build it in the cheapest way.

  21. danger dork says:

    You lost me at local authorities…

  22. Nikkel Farm says:

    I was told talapia is the worst fish to eat. they are bottom feeders

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