How to Build a Maggot Farm The Right Way: Feed Fish & Poultry

45 comments on “How to Build a Maggot Farm The Right Way: Feed Fish & Poultry”

  1. Matthew Sutton says:

    nice idea… best Ive found so far. Im thinking of a way I could use aluminium mesh to roll up into a cylinder and just attach that both sides to the swimming pool hose. the fluid would drip down easy and maggots would find their way to the exits easily. but how would the flies get in though….

  2. M.F. Productions says:

    did it work?

  3. mark durrant says:

    try pronouncing the letter "T" once in a while, when you talk you sound uneducated.

  4. Aristotle Coalbunker says:

    + mark durrant I say old boy one actually enjoys this commoners verbal utterings, makes one realise how lucky one was to have had a private education which puts one in a very privileged position. If I ever take up (I very much doubt it) this crude form of angling I would probably purchase a commercial maggot farm to add to my dairy and arable farms. By the way mark durrant are you related to the durrants of Belgravia?

  5. John Franklin says:

    I made one just like this, but I added a garden hose inlet at the top of the barrel and a tap at the bottom, after a while fill up with water open the tap over a drain and let it flush through

  6. maxdecphoenix says:

    this is fine and all, but damn, I mean a bucket with some holes drilled in suffices just fine.

  7. OXxSiiDe- says:

    wat u need maggots for

  8. Nico Burgio says:

    Next time please just don't talk. Submit a script to the internet and have people proof-read it for you for free. Then just copy/paste their words onto the screen. Please. Listening to you talk was seriously traumatizing. You also could have made a shorter video and been more direct with your instructions. Just wow.

  9. Life on a Homestead says:

    Fine instructions, love the accent. Do you have a follow up video with the container in action and crawling with maggots?

  10. jack jones says:

    nice video, thanks for the upload

  11. Diego Miescher says:

    hey men!
    how long does it takes to fill the little bottle with maggots?

  12. Graham Wright says:

    nice won bro, gonna make me sum oh dem maggots init

  13. Sergio Tapia says:

    Meth lab*

  14. Rick Greene says:

    I loved this. It also gives me something to do with the 15 shop vacuums laying around my property that do not work. Thanks man. Rick Green out…

  15. 234cheech says:

    i use maize flour/meal

  16. Medsed Medsed says:

    Please, How the maggot come colored?

  17. Michael Riley says:

    hm… do you have any videos on how to seal? lol

  18. Barry Cooper says:

    How did your maggot farm go +Ten Pound? Was it worth it?

  19. Darnell Hendeason says:

    No need for the blue container

  20. Harwich Ong says:

    I am starting to like [email protected] STOP ME PLEASE

  21. WesTex Homesteading & Outdoors says:

    I made one without that big ass blue barrel and used that shitty style of hose and it is a pain to clean out. The hay will clog up the hose and you spend more time than needed. I will be making another one without the holes in the bottom and the mesh. The maggots will wiggle through the mesh as they do with a sifter I use to separate them from the flour. I will use a solid hose and it will not come out at the very top as they is more work the maggots have to do to get out. My hose will come out halfway up the bucket into a black container as they do not like light. I will say I like the plastic bottle on top, it’ll help keep the flys in, I used a piece of wire mesh and it did okay.

  22. Marcel Klein says:

    It's a pity that you didn't show it when it actually works. Anyone tried this system?

  23. Chelle Weatherspoon says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing.

  24. Ytanythinggoes says:

    I think this is for soldier fly maggots not the normal fly maggots, should of specified it the topic.

  25. Johan Schreuder says:

    Great idea. How long does it take for the blue container to fill to the bottum of the yellow one?

  26. Yishay Cohen says:

    Great stuff man. Thanks! and give that toddler in the background a hug.

  27. Aditya Bagaskara says:

    My stomach :
    "Mr human, I don't feel so good"

  28. Treasure Love says:

    Please tell me what do you collect them for…

  29. catwithoutthe hat says:

    I just took an old beat up cooler added water hay wood and some meat/veg and just use a shovel when i want to feed some to my chickens and pig and just keep adding more stuff when needed

  30. mukesh um says:

    Is it haveing 🙊bad smell

  31. Làm vườn channel says:


  32. Mike Letterst says:

    Smart dude..

  33. Xue Lee says:

    How does the chicken taste?

  34. Ben Storm says:

    Or just buy a pint of maggots for £2 from a Fishing tackle shop lol 😂
    Cheep skate 😂👍🏻

  35. Ahmad Ali says:

    what a mess is this

  36. GPC™ says:

    name your price for one of those.

  37. Николай Бублий says:

    why maggot goes up to the top?

  38. Andy Gunn says:


  39. LXD9 DONOHUE says:

    I love this guys accent

  40. Dæ Dæ says:

    People make these


  41. PhantomSupr3m3 says:

    Why was this on my recommended?

  42. Daniel Treloar says:

    Wish we could see this working

  43. Madhu Nair says:

    Nice video

  44. NORTHCOASTGUY1 says:

    that looks like a lot of work there are more simple ways to do it

  45. ihategoogleplus says:

    haha i'm going to do this so i can let shit loads of flys go in my dickhead neighbour's house

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