How to Deal With Mowing Ruts at a Home – Lawn Mowing Tips

[Music] Happy Day.
My name is EJ McCoy. My companies and I have mowed hundreds of
thousands of lawns here in North Texas over the last number of years. I want to talk today about
a common challenge we deal
with here in North Texas lawns. As you can see,
we’re out here in Frisco, Texas where there’s lots
of construction going on, but I want to talk today
about ruts in yards. Even with a small 21-inch push mower,
ruts or a common concern with homeowners. Today, we’re going to do a
little experiment. Stay tuned. [Silly Music] This is actually probably a little bit
of a bigger mess than what we’ve done
towards the back. We’re not going to touch this at all. We’re not going to do
a single thing to it. We’re just going to let nature
take its course. This yard will be mowed probably five or
six times between now and the time we’ll be back here,
and what I foresee happening
is, over time, the ground’s gonna shift and it’s going to clean this up.
Grass is going to grow. Movement is going to happen. It’s not going to look
like this in two months. If we left this as is, natural ground
movement will fix most of this mess
over weeks and months. If needed, we have it a simple,
more immediate fix. Here we go right here. [Music] As you can see, that kind of
cleans it up a little bit, packed it back down. Again, if we did nothing, this would have self-corrected over a
couple of weeks as the ground moves, as it dries out, as it gets wet,
as it contracts and detracts. But this is an immediate fix, so we take care of this upon
request, anytime necessary. [Upbeat Music] Since we were here last time,
the lawn has been mowed about
three times, and had heavy amounts of rain. No further repairs have taken place. And with that, you see that the ruts
have naturally corrected. Take a look. [Music] So in recap, ruts,
when it comes to
small lawns and small lawnmowers, ruts are, for the most part,
something that’s going to self-correct, unless it is a very, very
dramatic amount of damage. Ruts will usually self-correct over the
course of a 30 to 60 day period. Make it a great day.

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