“How To” do Tractor Prestart checks: Part 2

So, we’re at the Richmond Campus
with OTEN teacher, Steve to talk about pre-start checks. ♪ (upbeat music throughout) ♪ Ok, so prior to operation we must
carry out some pre-start checks. Firstly, check our tyres, we go round, give them a kick, make sure that they’ve got
the correct inflation. We want to check nuts and bolts, making sure that we don’t have
any loose parts, any loose nuts or bolts anywhere. We also want to look
underneath the machine to see where it’s been parked, make sure we don’t have any leakages
of fuel, coolant, oil. Possibly the first one
that we would do on the oil is look at the engine oil, which is situated
on the side of the engine. So, we want to make sure that it is in between the two notches, making sure that is at the correct level. Secondly, we’re probably going to look
at our fuel, our diesel, our coolant. Making sure that
our coolant level is topped up. Our pre-cleaner, our air cleaner, if this has got dirt in it,
we’re going to make sure that is clean, uncrew that, take it out. Lower down, we’re going to check
our hydraulic fluid …which is situated on some tractors
under the front seat, some other tractors, it’s a little glass bowl
at the back of the tractor. We’re going to make sure
that our platforms and steps are free and clean, so that it allows us easy access
up onto the tractor. We may need to check the battery, making sure that the terminals are on,
making sure that we have the… correct fluid level in the battery. We also need to check
our fuel sediment bowl. And lastly, making sure
that our dual brakes are locked together. So, this is another important guard,
it’s covering the PTO shaft… which we’re going to talk about
a little bit later.

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  1. Tech Review Corner says:

    my teacher warned me about you tire kickers haha XD

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