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Today we’re going to go over every method
of gaining Nanites in No Man’s Sky and how to use them as efficiently as possible while
still playing how you want to play. Intro Nanite Clusters are a currency in No Man’s
Sky which are used to pruchase both blueprints and procedural Technology Modules as well
as other things liking paying a Traveller for the location of a Grave to get you those
all important Portal Glyphs. To keep it nice and easy, I’ve compiled all
sources of Nanite Clusters into 5 methods The first is Exploration. Exploration actually covers a large portion
of the sources for Nanites, which is great as you can just casually do them all at once
passively while you check out the universe. You’ll see small wall mounted devices at almost
every building site you go to as well as in the back rooms of Space Stations, these offer
a very tiny amount of Nanites, single digits, and so are not worth hunting, but if you see
them, just interact for a few nanites. You will also get a few nanites, around the
8-15 mark from the interactable little doodads on tables in buildings that often give Navigation
Data. NPC’s will sometimes give you a few nanites
for certain conversation choices, but it’s not all that much. Also NPC related, Nada of the Anomaly will
give you some nanites for completing milestone, it appears to be around 50 per milestone,
it’s a one off, but very helpful at the beginning of the game. Abandoned Buildings can be found regularly
as you explore and will have a terminal inside that will grant around 30 Nanites, though
I’m pretty sure ive gotten nearer to 80+ before, but that could be due to previous updates
during NEXT. Damaged Machinery can be found dotted around
most planets, fixing these static pieces of tech will provide you with a number of things,
full drop rate of everything and more will be covered in a different video as it’s not
a tiny thing, but the short of it is that you will mostly get around 30 Nanites, this
is true 82% of the time, but can also drop Starship Launch Fuel around 10% of the time
and even Upgrade Modules, which are often S Class, these modules can either be used,
or if you don’t have need of them or they are A class or lower, then you can just sell
them to a tech vendor in a space station for more Nanites. Damaged Machinery will also require substances
to fix, things like Sodium, Sodium Nitrate, Cobalt, Chromatic Metal and more, so just
make sure you have a stack of the usuals in your exosuit cargo when exploring, I’ll go
into exactly what you need for fixing in the more indepth Damage Machinery video. You can find various items while exploring
that can be refined into Nanites which we’ll cover under the refining method, but it’s
a good way to combine multiple methods to your playstyle and for efficiency. These include Hadal Cores when exploring the
oceans, Larval Cores when explorering Abandoned Buildings and Salvaged Tech when exploring
everywhere else. A big part of exploration is uploading your
discoveries, when you scan Flora, Fauna and Minerals, or land on an undiscovered Planet
or Warp into an undiscovered System, You have the ability in most case to Name the discovery
and then upload, while you make units for initially scanning Flora, Fauna and Minerals,
you gain Nanites for uploading Discoveries, the amount depends on what it is and how rare
it is, the Rarity only applies to Fauna though. For Fauna you can also do a secondary upload
of a completed Zoology of the planet when all species have been found to gain yet more
Nanites as well as a notch on your Zoology milestone The Second Method is Sentinels. When it comes to gaining nanites from sentinels,
it is very simple, sentinels drop nanites upon destruction, they also drop pugneum,
which can later be refined into nanites. We’re only after nanites here, so to keep
the guide from being insane, we’ll just cover the Nanite drop rates and I’ll go more indepth
into everything they can drop in another guide. All Drones, Quads and Walkers will drop a
cannister, which can be destroyed, most easily with a mining atatchment to obtain your loot,
they may also drop Pugneum, along with the cannister, the Pugneum is a separate drop,
unfortunately, I am not at this moment certain of the drop amounts and rate of pugneum, I
am getting my data here directly from the game files and while I found the cannister
info, the Reward Table alone is over 22 thousand lines long, but hopefully, i’ll find it all
in time for the indepth guide. Drones drop between 5 and 10 nanites 100%
of the time. Quads drop between 12 and 24 nanites 100%
of the time. And Walkers drop between 28 and 90 Nanites
100% of the time. For on land, fighting Drones, Quads and Walkers,
I would suggest using a specialised weapon, either a Scatter Blaster, Pulse Spitter or
Blaze Javelin, my favourite being the Pulse Spitter, mixing one of those with the Personal
Shield Atatchment for the multitool will allow you to almost indefinitely fight them, it
is a good idea to time mining the Cannister drops as they will recharge some shielding
on destruction. Having your Exosuit Shield Modules is also
very important here especially on Survival or Permadeath and if you are using the personal
shield atatchment, it will drain your lifesupport when being used, so be sure to have a bolstered
life support with plenty of oxygen at hand to recharge. Also remember that Pugneum which will drop
as the mob goes down will only be able to loot into your main Exosuit inventory and
not your Cargo, whereas the cannister loot will also be able to loot into your Cargo
on destruction, so be sure to have room in your main inventory when battling the Sentinels. Really, with these battle methods, I would
not advise them for Permadeath, so much could go wrong, and be aware that in survival, upon
death, you will lose your primary inventory, if on foot, anything in your main exosuit
inventory, not including tech will be gone, and if in ship, all of your ship inventory,
also you will have much damaged tech. The Third is going Pirate on Freighters. The freighters and mini cargo pod ships you
see in large convoys just about everywhere in space you go can contain many things that
you are able to steal by destroying the pods, if you target them by hovering over, you will
see what they contain, the ones that either say Exotic, or just Cargo contain nanites,
unfortunately, they only contain between 20 and 30 at a time, but this does build up,
and that isn’t really the huge prize here. If you are going to be shooting these you
may as well shoot them all. Freighter pods can contain 200-250 Magnetised
Ferrite, 200-250 Chromatic Metal, 100-250 Ionised Cobalt, 200-250 Gold and the best
one 100-250 Platinum, platinum can be refined to Nanites, so thinking in that respect, a
platinum cargo pod will give you between 20 and 50 nanites. I would advise the Cyclotron Ballista for
destroying Freighter Cargo as it has long range, is very powerful and when upgraded
well, can have a long volley, so you can just sweep the long rows of cargo pods on the sides
of freighters. Be aware that attacking freighters, traders
and such will both lower your standing with the respective race of the system and call
the space police. Fortunately, the space police will drop Pugneum. When they turn up, you should ignore the Sentinel
Drone Ships until you have cleared the Freighter Cargo, the first wave of drop ships is tiny
and weak, they will not grow in strength unless you fight back. The Fourth Method is Missions. Primarily, these missions are from the Mission
NPCs in the Space Stations, but you can also mix in some missions obtained from the bridge
of your Freighter. Many of the missions that can be obtained
from the Space Station NPCs can be completed passively, *****these are such missions as
Taking a Photograph of a location or Object, Feed or Destroying Fauna, Destroying Predatory
Fauna, Scanning Fauna, Flora and Minerals, Destroying Sentinels of each type, Destroying
Pirates, these mentioned are all Passively completed missions which you will complete
as you explore and can be completed in bulk. By completing in Bulk, I mean that when you
complete an objective such as scanning a mineral, every mission you have which requires scanning
minerals will have that mineral scan counted toward completion, so by stacking 30 missions
that require anywhere from 5 to 30 minerals to be scanned, you can scan 30 and have them
all completed to then hand in for the rewards. The Rewards for these missions range from
Units, Trade Goods, Products and Nanites. Missions are also Ranked as well as given
by specific factions, these factions are the 3 races and the 3 guilds associated with the
races, Traders, Explorers and Fighters/Warriors Guilds. When you complete a mission for the respective
race or guild, you will gain standing with that specific race or guild, upping your standing
will increase you rank at certain intervals. You are required to be of the rank or higher
for the mission to accept it, meaning when you first start doing missions, you won’t
have a whole lot of missions available to you at each station you visit, but the more
you complete and hand in the more that will be unlocked. The race standing for race faction missions
is the same as what you will improve when visiting and correctly answering Monoliths,
Observatory, Transmission Tower etc Riddles, Talking with a lifeform belonging to that
race in a satisfactory manner and more. The nanite rewards from missions go anywhere
from 50 or so upto 450 in the top tier, it is by far the fastest and most efficient,
non-grind method to obtaining Nanites. Freighter missions are a little different,
what is available to you from your freighter mission table is system locked, if you leave
the system with a mission active, it will disappear, you may also only obtain 1 mission
at a time from this freighter mission terminal. These missions are usually quite good and
can be used to augment your exploration or Nanite grinding, Good missions from here are
ones like Destroying a Pirate threat in the system or Destroying a whole bunch of Xenomorph
type creatures at an abandoned building site. These creatures also count for your destroying
creatures and Predatory creature passive missions, while you are down there, you can also farm
the Larva Cores which can either be sold to gain funds for refining nanites or refined
themselves into Nanites, you can also visit the terminal for 30 more nanites and fix the
damaged machinery that will almost always be there for more. The 5th Method is Refining. There are several substances and products
that refine directly into Nanites. The first is also the most useless, this is
Runaway Mould, previously, this was the best, but for balance reasons, you can no longer
pruchase it. So in order to use this, you must either collect
it from overgrown alien terminals, or refine it from Living Slime, which can be refined
from Viscous Fluids, or Hypnotic Eyes, I would advise selling the Hypnotic Eyes to then buy
Platinum. The route to get to Nanites through Runaway
Mould and it’s pals is very very cheap, but your time is worth more than what you will
get out of this, it takes quite a while. Next is Hexite, Hexite was introduced not
too long ago for a Community Event where it was briefly made to be a drop in place of
Coprite, meaning that it is special alien Fauna poop, it can now be rarely obtained,
I only know of it being a rare reward from Guild Representatives in Space Stations, that
as you do missions and more will sometimes give you rewards and missions. If you get Hexite, be sure to refine it in
a Medium or Large refiner with Coprite to gain Nanites at a 1:1 ratio. Then There are Larval Cores, Hadal Cores and
Salvaged Technology, each of these is worth more as is than in Nanites, but if you must,
Larval Cores and Hadal Cores refine into nanites at a ratio of 1:50, with Salvaged Technology
refining into 15 per one. Larval Cores are collected from the egg sacs
on the floor surrounding Abandoned Buildings, you destroy the sac and the Core will drop,
you must interact with it to obtain it, and be quick as it will despawn quickly. As you destroy a sac, it will bring upon to
you an onslaught of Xenomorph type creatures that are fast and lethal. Larval Cores are worth 95,000 Units each at
base and 104,500 at the Galactic Average, you will likely get around the base price
or higher from most terminals. I would advise selling it to then buy Platinum. Hadal Cores are obtained from large mysterious
rocks in the watery deeps, these special rocks are differentiated by the 4 or so glowing
balls on the end of some tendril feeler like protrusions. Interact with the balls to pick and loot the
Hadal Cores, but be warned, picking them will have a chance to summon a mighty fish/whale/shark,
so be prepared. Hadal Cores are worth 92,625 units at base
and 101,888 at the Galactic Average, you’ll be better off selling them and using the fund
to buy Platinum. Then Salvaged Technology, you gain these from
using your Analysis Visor on land to look for this Symbol, mark it, then head over and
use your Terrain Manipulator at the location to unearth the Tech. Interact and you will loot 3-5 Salvaged Technology,
these are primarily used to purchase Base Building blueprints from a Blueprint Analyser,
but can also be sold or refined to Nanites, they are worth 50,000 units at base, or 55,000
at the GA. You can also sometimes purchase them at a
high markup from Planetside minor settlements, these are the ones with a Landing Pad and
a small building, inside is are a few things, but the main thing here is the Vendor in a
little stall to the side, he will sell a few things different to other vendors, which often
includes the Salvaged Technology. As with the others, I would advise selling
and purchasing Platinum with the funds. Pugneum is a great one, it is the cheap consistent
middle ground for refining Nanites, Pugneum will refine into Nanites at 10:1 and is a
little under half the price of Platinum, but, due to the Ratio and the extra time required
to Refine, you are still better off Refining Platinum. Platinum is the big one, it is not cheap,
but it refines to Nanites at 5:1, it comes in at 303 units per Platinum, but when comparing
with Pugneum, it will give you twice the Nanites for your inventory space per run and is very
slightly quicker to refine at 0.6 seconds per unit in comparison to Pugneums 0.7, this
adds up over many many loops. For this, I would suggest making a refining
room, this is a 3 by 3 room on either your freighter or land base, have the center free
with 8 or 9 medium refiners on the surrounding blocks, using glitch building you could make
this a 2 by 2 which would be slightly quicker due to them being closer together. With 8 or 9 Medium refiners, I find 8 is generally
enough for a speedy clicker, you can continously turn in a circle and non stop refine Platinum
into nanites. If you are not rather rich already, you can
combine this Platinum to Nanite refinement with a very high money making Chlorine Loop,
which is where you take the cheap oxygen and the expensive chlorine and refine them together
which turns 2 Oxygen and 1 Chlorine into 6 Chlorine, to then sell the Chlorine to fund
your Nanite grind and make a little extra on top. For maximum efficiency, have enough chlorine
for a single stack in each refiner ready in a storage or your freighter inventory, and
go to space stations purchasing Oxygen and Platinum, fill your inventory by 1 3rd of
Oxygen and 2 3rds of Platinum. Head to your refining room and refine all
of the Platinum in to Nanites, then with the inventory space you have just made, start
refining the Chlorine and Oxygen into more Chlorine, sell the Chlorine for a decent price
and repeat the process for huge gains. It is by far the best way to make Units and
Nanites at the start of a game, especially Survival or Permadeath where getting maimed
in the field could be lethal. Combining the Methods Combining the Nanite farming methods can make
for exceptionally efficient gains, do it to suit your playstyle. Almost everyone would passively complete missions,
so collect every single Passive missions you see from space stations and just have them
build up and you will generally passively complete them over time no matter what your
playstyle. If you are the explorer type, you can quite
easily mix in almost every Exploration method at once, later refining your findings and
even mixing it with making units via scanning, as having the scanner tech in your multitool
optimised will bring you huge amounts of units for scans of Flora and Fauna, Jon Hall currently
gets over 500 thousand units for scanning a single rare Fauna. If you are a purest grinder, then focus mostly
of the Refining, you could also mix in some freighter battling for a bit of fun if it
fits your morality and still pick up those exploration ones as you see them. And everyone has an impulse for destruction
every so often, so why not go Carthartic on some sentinels for a little change to the
usual. Outro If you would like to learn more about the
various things covered in this guide then check the description for playlists and links
to many other guides Special thank you to all of the fine folk
supporting Xaine’s World on Patreon and through the Join button below, your support is truly
appreciated. lots more coming, subscribe so you don’t miss

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