How to Farm Thorium Ore and Arcane Crystals | 6-10k

Hey! What’s going on guys, this is Reckles with
WTBGold and today we are farming Thorium Ore which sells for generally about a gold to
five gold, and can be converted into thorium bars which sell for about 2 gold to 10 gold. It’s generally a pretty safe bet that you
can flip those. We’re also farming arcane crystals which is
used to level up professions, make sulfuron’s hammer, Ragnaros’ Weapon. That sells for 50 to 200k, and thunderfury,
blessed blade of the windseeker. So, I’ve got 4 routes for you today. Three of them that you know about and one
that’s the best that you’re not doing, so let’s go, let’s do this guide! Ok, so I’m not just gonna just show you the
best route for thorium farming. By the way, arcane crystals only spawn in
thorium nodes, so it’s essentially the same guide. We’re multitasking here, people! But each of these routes gives you different
bonuses depending on what your second profession is. Also, you kind of go into each one with a
different mindset, but anyways, let’s start off with the most well known one. It’s gonna be Silithus. Thorium ore…any ore node in vanilla wow
only spawns on cliffy things and luckily the entire perimeter of silithus is a cliff. We’re just flying around the outside. There’s a few nodes in the center but you
can ignore those. You can ignore the ones in the hives. Just fly around the outside. I got 750 thorium ore. I got 20 truesilver, and I got 20 arcane crystals
per hour of farming when I did my testing. The only real bonus to going to silithus is
that, in the top northwest corner of the map there are some essence of air guys and I did
an essence of air guide a while back that you can go watch if you need that and you
want to stock up the auction house with that. Also! Did you know that the twilight hammer guys…this
used to be a fantastic transmog farm for glorious gear. The twilight hammer guys are now level 110. When did that happen?! I almost died making this video! If you get a lot of competition here, head
east to ungoro crater. In un’goro, I got 700 thorium ore. I didn’t get any truesilver, but I did get
20 mithril. And I got 15 to 20 arcane crystals. Everything was “meh.” Almost as good as Silithus, but not quite. If you have leatherworking or herbalism, this
is a great spot because there’s a cave in the northeast portion of un’goro that has
a whole bunch of gorillas in it and a-me 02 and that is the only place where you can get
ghost mushrooms, or one of the only places where you can get ghost mushrooms. Also, if you have skinning, any of the devilsaurs,
the T-Rex looking guys and the raptor looking guys are skinned to occasionally give you
devilsaur leather, which is used to make some really unique transmog that there’s usually
not a lot of competition for. The next spot everyone knows about is Winterspring. You get 770 Thorium per hour, 50 Truesilver
and only 20 arcane crystals per hour. So, this spot, like the others, is following
along the perimeter. You can also just do the southern end of it
because it’s a pretty big lap. This is also great if you want to stock up
on essence of water, or globe of water or elemental wate. blah blah blah water. You kill the icy elementals down in the southern
tip and they drop all that stuff. And essence of water sells for between 100
and 500 gold each, That’s a nice little bonus income for you. You’ll get one of each per lap. Also, if you kill any of the chimaeron, they
have a chance to drop the azure whelpling pet, so you know, while you’re flying around
going node to node, if you see any chimaera, go ahead and kill it. Only thing about winterspring is that it’s
not really an afk farm because there are a bunch of places in the middle where you occasionally
need to pop over to. You can’t just follow the perimeter because
you’ll miss….it’s inefficient that way. Anyways, it’s pretty though. Winterspring. It’s pretty. It’s snowy. Bring a jacket. It’s cold. But my favorite zone is Blasted Lands. I got 800 thorium ore here, I got 40 truesilver,
and 40 arcane crystals. Now, we’re not just farming blasted lands. We’re doing a super secret bonus route. Now, the right half of Blasted Lands only
has small thorium veins, and the left half, the corrupted forest part only has rich thorium
veins, and arcane crystals, if you’re farming for that specifically…really you can think
of it that they only spawn from the rich veins. That’s the only one you’re going to reliably
get arcane crystals from. There are a ton here, so you want to hit up
as many of those as possible. SO, you want to hit up as many of those as
possible, SO what we’re going to do, after we get all the war around to Netherguard keep,
we’re going to keep going over the mountain edge into swamp of sorrows. At the southern edge of swamp of sorrows,
there’s a cave. You go through the cave and there’s just a
ton of rich nodes up all the time. The easiest way to go through this cave is
just hang a left and follow the left wall. If you get to a ledge, just jump down the
ledge and keep following the left wall.You’ll track all the way around. You’ll hit every part of the cave, and then
you’ll run out the entrance. Follow along the bottom half of swamp of sorrows. Or you know, if you’re feeling spicy, you
can do the whole thing. But then head south once you get to the westmost
part of swamp of sorrows and that’ll connect you back into blasted lands so you can continue
your little two zone route here. That’s it. I hope this helped you. Go ahead and test all these out if you want. Let me know what your favorite is. Whether you’re kind of an AFK farmer or whether
you like to feel like you’re optimizing to the best of your abilities. But I will see you guys later. Subscribe. Like. Comment. All that. Follow me on twitter. And Facebook. Donate on Patreon. You know what to do, I’ll see you guys later,
bye. 🙂

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