How to Hide Unwanted Volumes in Clover Bootloader

Does your Clover Bootloader boot menu looks
like this? In this video I will show you how to clean
it up and left there only the options you really want or need. Simply how to hide all unwanted volumes and
boot options. I’m Teresa from and I help
people to save money on their Hackintosh builds. I help them simply to build a perfect Hackintosh. If you are new here, then please click that
subscribe button and hit the bell next to it, so you won’t miss any of my future videos. After release of macOS High Sierra and APFS
– the new Apple File System, Hackintosh users noticed some strange named boot options like
Preboot or VM. But it’s not just about macOS High Sierra,
APFS is of course in the latest macOS Mojave too. Also if you dual boot with Windows you can
see some other unwanted boot options in the Clover boot menu. So what about you would want to have just
one icon for macOS and one for Windows? I will show you now really very easy and fast
way how to do it. Let’s have a look now at real life example
on one of my machines running macOS Mojave. I have only one system disk with one system
installed in this machine. But Clover Bootloader shows me in total 4
options. Some FileVault Prebooter from Preboot, Recovery
etc. So let’s boot into the system now. Open the Clover Configurator, mount your system
EFI and open your config.plist. In the left column navigate to GUI section. And look at the top right. Hide Volumes. Bingo 🙂 But what to fill into those fields? We need to find out the correct partition
names. Don’t worry, again it’s very easy. Open Terminal application of your choice (I’ll
use now the native Terminal App) and execute this command: diskutil list. Great, here you can see the exact partition
names. So if my goal would be to hide all boot options
and have only one with the main macOS Mojave boot, I would need to hide Preboot and Recovery
partition. So let’s add new field with the little plus
sign and write into it Preboot. Hit Enter and again the same for the Recovery
partition. Great. Save your config and just reboot your Hackintosh. As you can see in Clover boot menu I have
now only one option to boot, the macOS Mojave itself. If you want revert back and see again all available options, just simply delete those
entries you filled into the Hide field by clicking the minus button, save your config
and reboot. Of course Clover offers lot more options for
hiding and revealing partitions and boot options like direct UUID of disks and disks paths
etc., but I think for 99.9% of people this tutorial will be enough for their needs. If you want to cleanup some Windows partitions,
you can for example disable the “legacy” option in Clover Configurator in your config.plist. So this way you can easily and fast hide unwanted
macOS, Windows boot options in your Clover Bootloader boot menu. If you need any further or deeper help, you
can always reach my personal individual support on my Patreon. I hope you’ve found this tutorial useful,
if so please click on the like button bellow. Watch also my other tutorials. Subscribe to my channel and hit the bell next
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groups on Facebook, Reddit or my website, links are now in this video description. Thank you for watching and see you next time.

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    Thank you so much for your video. Sure I'm fan!
    Hackintosh power

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    Hello , i have a big problem: I’ve downloaded the Hackintosh and its working very well but when im trying to show efi partition i couldn’t , do you have a way to that

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  4. bughu says:

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  5. Silviu Dascalescu says:

    in theory is perfect. but when it comes to dual boot with windows is not so simple any more. how to hide "boot windows from EFI" while keeping "Boot Microsoft from EFI" is another story. at the end of the day I didn.t manage to keep only macos and windows volumes on clover event though I used the UUID's of my volumes.

  6. ravz12345 says:

    Hi Teresa. I have a dual boot of Mojave and Windows 10 on separate disks. Do you know how to get clover bootloader to boot into windows by default? At the moment I have it set to boot into Mojave after 10 seconds.

    Love your tutorials. They're so simple to follow. Keep up the good work 👍

  7. Irving V says:

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  8. Tomasz Nowicki says:

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  9. A M says:

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    Grazie mille! Always very clear and precise.

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    Very useful tutorial
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  14. jie chen says:

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  15. davecc0000 says:

    Very straightforward. Thank you!

    (Music is nice. And distracting. The "listen to music" part of my brain and the "follow instructions" part of my brain are battling!)


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  22. Benjamin Fellner says:

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    if you hit F3 while in the Clover boot menu, it'll show your hidden drives

  28. wizardhunt69 says:

    This was super easy to make it work, Thanks so much.

  29. Martin Krause says:

    Hey, nice tutorial ! Can u maybe help me out with my hackintosh ? I just can't get my GTX 1060 working probably on my B360 mainboard. I have MacOS 13.6. installed. The onboard UHD630 graphics finally works, but not the NVIDIA one. I have tried many things, but it wont show anything more then Log in screen with realy low brightness. The picture comes and goes off again and I simply cant log in. Maybe it has something to do with the Framebuffer ? I dont know how to handle them. I would very much appreciate your help :)))

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    I am facing problem with dual boot, I was using dual boot Windows 10 pro and Hackintosh sierra edition, Now I upgraded windows 10 from 1607 build to 1809 build version on two separate drives. one hard-disk is installed Hackintosh and another hard-disk installed windows 10 pro (as you suggested one the video), after clean install windows 10 pro, I am unable to boot from clover boot loader, how I can configure both windows and Hackintish sierra on clover boot loader. Hackitosh sieera is working fine, but I am facing the problem with windows 10 pro, kindly suggest me.

  31. The Ice W1tch says:

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