How to install a mower deck chute block off plate – Cub Cadet PRO Z500 700 900 – Tutorial

hey guys I’m mark with the TractorTread
YouTube channel and today I’m going to show you how to install the discharge
restrictor kit from cub cadet it’s part number 59A30048 this kit will fit the PRO Z 500 700 900 lap bar and steering wheel
models it’ll also only fit the 48 54 and 60
inch decks this kit is really nice and easy to use if you’re mowing next to a
flower bed and you don’t want the grass to go into the flowerbed right next to
the operator seat is a handle push down on the button lower the handle and that
closes off the chute not allowing the grass to go into the flowerbed since I
never installed one of these kits before we’ll be using the instruction booklet I
like to look in the contents of the carton make sure that I have all the
hardware and all the parts needed to do the job we’ll be going step-by-step so
you guys know how to install this step one says to remove the steering wheel
and if you have a lap bar unit just go to step two so to remove this steering
wheel you can get your finger underneath the plastic cap or with a screwdriver
pop it up and the cap will look something like this then I’m using a 1/2
inch socket with a ratchet to remove the bolt holding on the steering wheel the bolt came out pretty easy now we’ll
try to pop off the steering wheel and that popped right off too
step two tells you to move the seat all the way back and you can do that by
moving the seat adjustment lever toward the middle of the seat sliding the seat
back step three says to lift up on the seat and it says to remove the seat
latch and you’ll do that with the half-inch socket and I’m also going to
be using an adjustable wrench on the other side you do have to think ahead
because you don’t want to undo that bracket and flip that seat up and put
the seat right through that shaft where your steering wheel used to be so rip
off a piece of cardboard from the box that it came in lay it over top of the
shaft lay your seat up on there I do have the lock not loose on the end of
the bolt carefully remove the bolt holding on to the seat now we can lay
the seat forward layer it on top of the cardboard step four says to remove the
right-hand seat panel cover and I’m using a 9/16 socket and a ratchet and it
says to keep the hardware the two bolts I removed with carriage bolts with lock
nuts you’re going to keep that for a later step step five says to install the
door handle and we’re going to do that by sliding the handle underneath where
we just took off that cover and then you’re going to install the carriage
bolts from the bottom up okay installing this handle here really is no joke
you’re gonna be wondering how the heck to get this handle in here I’m going to
show you the easiest way because I just stood here for a while trying to figure
it out push down on this button here lift up on the handle so you have it up
as far as it will go and this end right here you’re going to aim that downward
toward the mower deck meanwhile you’re going to aim your handle toward the
emergency brake lever and you have to go right in between the wires
and the cable with this bracket right here closest to this panel there is a
rod down there in the way you’re going to go in between the rod and then
between the wires and the cable you have to be careful watching out for your
battery and you’re going to curl this bracket up as you’re doing it take the
back and put that underneath the frame and then there’s a bottom cable slide
that underneath the bracket then you can set the handle it in place and you have
to be careful making sure that your wires sit on top of the bracket and your
cable there’s a notch cut out in the bracket for everything to go over top
now take your carriage bolt go from underneath hold everything up there just
snug up the lock nut do the same thing at the back go from underneath send the
carriage bolt up through and just snug up the lock nut looking down on top of
that area you can see where I went with that bracket down underneath the wires
in between the gold rod I curled everything up put the back underneath
the frame first and then the front I had my wires and my cable sitting on
top of the bracket there is another cable down below and that should be
below the bracket the directions tell you to snug up both lock nuts but don’t
crank them all the way down because you will be removing these later on step 6
says to install this control cable first you’ll need to cut this plastic tie then
on the one end of the cable you’ll see some masking tape you can remove that
looks like a little tiny ball joint on the end of there and it says to remove
this cotter pin pull the cotter pin out and remove the
pin then you’re going to use the Torx head looking bolt and nut that comes
along with the hardware the directions it really isn’t clear at all which way
you should route this cable up to the control handle I’m gonna go in right
behind the rear deck hanger go up underneath the frame and route the cable
right between the gold rod and the handle mounting bracket I’m gonna take
another shot of this cable routing for you guys
I went right behind the deck hanger right up alongside the frame hopefully
you guys can see I routed the cable in between the frame and this gold rod this
cable here is gonna be on this side of the cable toward the back of the machine
now you want to slide this rubber boot up out of the way loosen up the jam nut
move that up to the boot and you’ll see two star lock type washers we have one
of those up there lower the cable through the slot bring it up through the
bracket turn one of the Jam nuts down against the star lock washer and we’re
gonna leave this rubber boot right where it’s at for now until we get everything
else hooked up now you can see how the cable routed through the bracket with a
jam nut down below with a washer and a washer on top and a jam nut and I have
that rubber boot about halfway up because we still may have to adjust this
before I put that rubber boot back into place now you can take your cable line
it up with the top hole insert the bolt through the cable and we’ll hand tighten
the lock nut on the back step number seven says to remove the chute deflector
you can discard that and you want to do that by removing these carriage bolts
and it says to hang on these bolts you will need that in step nine to remove
these bolts I’m using a half-inch socket and a
ratchet once you have the bolts removed the chute deflector will lift right off
step eight says to remove the three self tapping screws I’m going to do that with
a half-inch socket and a 3/8 socket step nine says to install the new chute
assembly and you’re going to do that using the hardware you’re removed in
step seven the instruction booklet isn’t very clear how to install this you’re
going to install this tab right through this square hole right at the end of the
deck opening then you can insert your carriage bolts through the square holes
one on each side and hand tighten it with the lock nuts just showing you how
I have that chute installed currently that looks just like that step number
ten says to install the chute door group doesn’t show you where to mount it I set
it up on the outside of the mower deck and when you close the chute you’ll see
it leaves a gap along the top closed nicely along the bottom but that that’s
gonna leave grass blowing out the top of the chute I don’t feel that’s the way to
do it I tried installing this bracket over your chute bracket and the other
side on the mower deck frame when you install it this way it looks
really nice it looks like the bracket supposed to go on the outside but a
chute deflector bracket and the rest go on the other side of the mower deck
frame but when you try to close this you can see it leaves a gap at the bottom on
both ends and grass is going to blow out between your mower deck and this rubber
so I don’t like mounting it up this way the way I feel this fits the best is to
install this down between the deck frame and the chute deflector bracket one end
there’s a slotted hole on the other end there’s two square holes now you can see
when we have this chute door in place now the rubber fits nice and tight
against the mower deck up in the front and fits tight against the back of the
chute opening I also found out that the existing one-inch long carriage bolts
weren’t long enough and I had to get inch and a quarter long carriage bolts
and we’ll insert them through the square holes on both sides the instruction book
also shows to come through the back side with the carriage bolts and put the nut
on this side I think it’s best to put the carriage bolt this way and put your
lock nut on the back side and then we’ll tighten it down with a half-inch socket now I have everything bolted down you
can see the rubber flap fits real nice and tight against the mower deck and
nice and tight along the front of the mower deck and at the rear of the chute
taking a look down from the top you’ll see where i mounted this bracket did
leave a little gap on this side and between the deck and the chute mounting
frame but I filled that with two washers on the other side I didn’t have to add
any washers because you can see the bolt goes through the chute door bracket and
through your main chute bracket and I’ll show you another angle how the rubber
fits real nice and tight against the mower deck now how the top doesn’t have
any air gaps and when you fold down the main chute you can see it comes right up
against the mower deck and along the top real nice and it’s hard to see but
taking a look at the rear of the mower deck you can see how the flap fits real
nice and tight against the rear of the chute opening and you can take the main
rubber chute fold it down over this shaft that’s real nice and the chute
will fit real nice and tight on the mower deck we remove these three tap
screws earlier now in step 11 we’re going to install this bracket we’re
gonna line up this spacer underneath the bracket and then from underneath the
deck I’m gonna push the bolts up through and tighten down with a lock nut on top step number 12 says then install the
cable onto the bracket and onto the chute rod I’m going to do that by
pulling that rubber boot back again loosening up one of the jam nuts past
the threads and move one of the star washers up to the nut then you can
insert it down into the slot push the washer and turn the nut and the end of
the cable will insert through the rod and you’ll tighten it with a lock nut
and now you want to make sure that your nut is tight at the end of this
adjustment here tighten down the jam nut and up on the handle make sure that the
bolt is going through the top hole and tighten down this nut at this time and
the jam nut step number 13 is adjusting the chute deflector go up to the handle
squeeze the button lower it all the way down in the locking position go down to
your chute deflector make sure it’s straight up and down are tight against
the mower deck using the adjustments of the mower deck move the cable either way
to get the correct adjustment and you’ll want to use the adjustment by the handle
to make sure that you can get the handle to lock in the lowered position and the
raised position step number 14 is tighten down all the adjustments made on
the handle and down by the mower deck step number 15 is installing the chute
cover over the chute cover bracket and you’re gonna fasten it with the five
self tapping screws that came in the bag with the hardware
there is no threads in the bracket so when you install the self-tapping bolts
they will go in kind of hard start each one turned it in about half way and then
go all the way around and tighten them all down and one more little thing guys you may
need to bend this rod Bend this tab in order for that to fit underneath this
cover step number 16 you’re gonna remove the bolts holding the lift handle after
you remove the bolts you’re going to install this lift handle cover slide it
over the handle and you’re going to insert the slightly larger carriage
bolts that were provided in the hardware down through the hole and tighten them
with a flange lock nut underneath number 17 you’re gonna reinstall the seat latch
the shoulder bolt you took off earlier with the washer
you’re gonna install from this side grabbing a hold of the latch carefully
roll back your seat and install the lock nut number 18 in the instruction manual
make sure your wheels are straight and we can reinstall the steering wheel and
you’ll tighten it down with the bolt we removed earlier and install the cap in
the instruction manual number 19 they want you to remove the bolt on the right
side with the washers moving that to the left side take the left side and move
that to the right side then we can set the seat back down but
before we do want to make sure we take a look at the wires and the cables and
make sure nothing is going to get pinched and make sure everything is
routed right and that’s it now we can lower our handle down check to make sure
our flap goes tight against the deck and it does we can lift the handle back up
again lock it into place then we can lower our chute down we’re ready to mow
so I hope this video helped you guys out please subscribe to my channel you can
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