How to lift weights using tractor counter weights for crossfit style workout for ultimate fitness

That’s a heavy tractor weight.
Bye, love you, be careful! Where’s your helmet.
Got one right here. Good!
How many sets was that? Three or four?
I wasn’t Counting. Heavy breathing.
Yeah Jen, why can’t you do a regular workout like
everybody else? Walker?!
I don’t have regular weights, ha ha! Ola.
But I have a tractor. Ola.
Forget something? We decided to come back, we were on our way.
About to do my tractor pull.

100 comments on “How to lift weights using tractor counter weights for crossfit style workout for ultimate fitness”

  1. Kevin Grazier says:

    Damn girl!

  2. John Powers says:

    From tractor accident to hot women working out old school farm boy way . Love it .. to bad theirs not more like her

  3. webugn2 says:

    Good job girl. I found your video while trying to find a JD video. Yep. Fixin it myself. I'm 48 😉

  4. 17SPIKE17 says:

    WOW !!!!

  5. Sam G says:

    You must be going out drinking tonight, your warming up the right arm and lats mighty good. It's always ladies night for you

  6. feedback864 says:

    How much does each weight weigh? and what is the purpose of tractor weights?

  7. NATE THOR says:

    How many reps? I wasn't counting. Hah this dudes great. Sorry I was checking you girl out but holy cow, good job dude!

  8. Dickie Darklumber says:

    You are every mans dream girl

  9. treestump flyer says:

    ok now i see how she stays so fit. The tractor and mower attachment must weight a good 800 lbs?

  10. Banshee Moon says:

    Hey all! Check out Farmer's hilarious new video on Exoman!

  11. sbf 342 videos says:

    Bet that box is full of truffle butter

  12. จันทร์แรม จริงประโคน says:


  13. ed perry says:

    Who need tractor. This good wife! She pull 4 bottom plow. Very strong!

  14. carrychris2010 says:

    Banshee You Prove some women can be both beautiful and strong.

  15. fares majeed says:

    i want a job in this hot farm now

  16. Vic Bud says:

    She is a real inspiration for women over 40. I am over 40 and work out at least three days a week and look nothing like that! Maybe I should move to a farm! She looks amazing!

  17. Larry Horrillo says:

    God you are fine !!!!!

  18. RonnieSixx says:

    Remind me to never piss you off.

  19. snorman1911 says:

    What size weights?

  20. jetvette66 says:

    Yes ma'am.

  21. Steve Rogers says:

    47 year old more like 27 year old ! Hot lady!

  22. Valdemar Križiak says:

    I like Your videos and your lifestyle. In my opinion farm women are most attractive and most natural women in any meaning. I know the kind because I'm farmer too.
     I have just one question. When you pull that tractor, why is the driver seat empty? I think somebody should control the steering wheel(or brakes just in case)? It's safe and it's also fun I believe. It would be looking great!

  23. Jalice8881 says:

    They don't grow women like that any more, just lazy pussy money hungry big booty & thighs now!!

  24. Carmel Pule' says:

    Up to some age  we all move forward blindly  mainly following our body instincts, then slowly one realises that  most of life experiences are gained and the body starts indicating  and telling us that it is not what  it used to be. Trying to keep  retain what one had,  including being "sexy and hot" could be worrying  for some and could turn us into a slave, running in vain , grabbing at a cloud  in the wind, where eventually it could be depressing. It would be more advantageous  for the future to invest in wisdom of thought rather than holding on to the strength  and body shape one had, as it is a losing game,  I said had because the present is less than one second long and it flits in the past in less than one microsecond, so it is the future that is coming.
    I would advise  that a little classical music accompanying  these strenuous  exercises, would add a little spiritual harmony, which would  eventually move any person getting older, to face an unavoidable situation of living in harmony with what  we have been,  and what we are to become, The present is too short to even consider, Perhaps the following will help us to enter our future gracefully and less  strenuous than  this lady seems to require to accept her present and her future.  Her husband should help her to move away from body sweat activities to a mind- state that will form beautiful thoughts which she can carry with her all her life. they are lighter to carry and it is the only assets to invest in at  her stage of life,

    *Exercise now… and again. A 10-minute walk can improve your mood for two hours. The key to sustaining mood benefits is to exercise regularly.
    *Choose activities that are moderately intense. Aerobic exercise undoubtedly has mental health benefits, but you don't need to sweat strenuously to see results.
    *Find exercises that are continuous and rhythmic (rather than intermittent).Walking, swimming, dancing, yoga, and cycling or stationery biking are good choices.
    *Add a mind-body element. Activities such as yoga and tai chi rest your mind and increase your energy. You can also add a meditative element to walking or swimming by repeating a mantra (a word or phrase) as you move.
    *Start slowly, and don't overdo it. More isn't better. Athletes who over train find their moods drop rather than lift.
    * enjoy music  and dialogue and develop a rich vocabulary such that one can express oneself.  Start writing one' biography as that is what one's children can get to know us,  As some one related to this lady once said," We are all going to die" so write your thoughts down  as the only  things that we shall take with us is the tattoos we print on our bodies,  Invest in  written beautiful thoughts, htey are ours, and not beautiful bodies, loaned to us at birth and which we have to return at the end of life,

    If we want out efforts to last forever invest then in your thought and write them down and not in trying to keep a pack of  muscles on one's fragile body.

  25. Adam Bennett says:

    Full of yourself at all?

  26. xm377Moyocoyatzin says:

    Now there's a woman who can watch your back in a fight. 😛

  27. Robert Hollander says:

    Holy moley!! Steve Perry could NEVER come close to doing that. I am into CrossFit so I really admire your "moves."

  28. JoeWatson56 says:

    You are gorgeous .

  29. Jack Mail says:

    Just recently discovered the FarmGirl..Trying my best to catch up on past vids!
    Ya"ll are AwEsOme!

  30. rebel87 rebel says:

    one hot mama 😉

  31. hugo de jesus hernandez ramirez says:


  32. Marty Ray Project says:

    Awesome way to workout!

  33. Kripton2 says:

    You need to do a whole bikini collection video

  34. diego rodriguez says:

    I love you

  35. TheStreeser1 says:

    OMG Woman !!!!

  36. David Meale says:

    this is fucking bollocks…

  37. Gall E McOxbig says:

    Very shag worthy baby!

  38. 89 ruthwalk says:


  39. ridgeline006 says:

    look good for the age

  40. Harun khan says:

    Very nice body

  41. Patrick Taylor says:

    if I had a hot wife like u id never let you out of bed in the mornings hot mom mlf u are

  42. Patrick Taylor says:

    wish we had more hot moms like u up here in canada

  43. Ryan Clonch says:

    Nice tractor

  44. Patrick Taylor says:

    should answer all please looking good

  45. Franz Jukon says:

    you all watch the body??? her face is fucking ugly…

  46. Piotr Kurek says:

    My opinion its not a woman thing to workout like that, but its my opinion only.
    If You feel great with it im also happy with Your happiness, and Your husband/boyfriend really loves Ya ;). Never forget!

  47. mrbluenun says:

    Like youI always found it easier to lift weights when I made a horrible face ha ha ha! Mind you unlike you I never really had to try hard to make a horrid face, as though I am a man I am so ugly! Do you run the Farm alone?

  48. RedFoxVlogs says:

    Farm Girl is awesome and I love your videos

  49. Arturo Cuevas says:

    where can I get a farm girl like that, I have 7 acres

  50. 1casetractordude says:

    i would loose count too

  51. nabz says:

    sooooooooooooooooo sexy !!!!!

  52. mco zpda says:

    great …. who say the life in farms is boring ….. if by feeding the chickens
    and tractor repairs is exciting …. haahahahahah cheers …

  53. Bob Barker says:

    My wife let herselfgo at 25 sge was so hotwhen she was like 22 i wish she was like you cared about her body and she is not naturally big so she wouldnt have to even do much and i wish i was attracted 2 big girls but i cant make myself ive tried and people say well u never really loved her then why have i stayed for the last 10 years we havnt had sex in 10 years i cant do it

  54. Rupert Spink says:


  55. Jeannette Hillert says:

    Man, u are AWESOME!!!!

  56. 666anon says:

    wonder if she can pull that tractor with her vagoo?

  57. Leandro FR says:

    Why use a gym when you have a tractor. LOL

  58. LG says:

    wow …energetic milf …good on ya

  59. Antonio Panzera says:

    Che muscoli!!!

  60. Brian L says:

    OMG – So bummed… I had stuff I HAD to DO today.

  61. THATGUYDOES says:

    I think I'm in love

  62. Tyler Minix says:

    If that's fucking beautiful I'd hate to see what the fuck ugly looks like.

  63. bjkjoseph says:

    I need some work done at my house.

  64. mustafa derindere says:

    Perfect Family 😎

  65. Subkhan Khamidi says:

    awesome 🙂

  66. Hengky ARIESTA says:

    wow keren 😂

  67. punhoss says:


  68. for reddit says:

    You're in better shape than 80-90 percent of college women.

  69. Darstcreek says:

    If you want men to look at you just show the goods thats what your old man likes

  70. Robert Storment says:

    Thanks for your video.  Please check out my original songs, He Wasn't Just A Dog and Evergreen (We Remain).  Thanks for listening and thanks for your video.

  71. MikaStr0L says:

    Maybe she can lift a tank?

  72. Gavin Cowsert says:

    why do you always put in title almost fifty year old or farm girl

  73. Pithecanthropus2483 says:

    How much do those tractor weights wrigh?

  74. Rikbud1_googlemail/moc My addy says:

    doesn't she know u put diesel init and sit on it lol

  75. Buck Shot says:

    Nah I'm good. Not a real farm

  76. Buck Shot says:

    Tractor doesn't automatically =farm

  77. AxumGear says:

    Thanks nice channel

  78. nw8000 says:

    Why has she not done any naked ones??

  79. Steuen G says:

    What else can one say… 💙💋

  80. huckster78 says:

    I want her to kick my ass

  81. Richard Clubb says:

    major guns

  82. Above All Co. says:

    Awesome! thanks for sharing! Keep up the Great work!

  83. Ricardo Pineda says:

    A eso es a lo que llamo tener una buena condicion fisica eres mi heroina 😚😚

  84. ARTHUR D DUDA says:


  85. Chukyka says:

    how many kg one tractor weight?

  86. ali lavasa says:

    farm girl is the hottest 50 year old in the history of humanity

  87. WILLIAM HUGHES says:

    you are a terrific looking lady.

  88. Paul Purtha says:

    All hail the new Chyna ..

  89. Eightosaurus Spelunk says:

    Is this guy's name Jen? WTF?

  90. Kultigin says:

    be careful about your waist darling. i dont want your beautiful waist to injure. kiss your waist…

  91. Geonious says:

    Hey Banshee Moon. You can stop by my house any day and pound out a few reps using my Kubota weights! Although, my farm house workouts require the ladies to wear a bikinis only (or less)!  >;)

  92. lolo 666 says:

    kawał baby! !!

  93. Robert Gift says:

    Tractor?   I never seen no tractor.

  94. Frank Jennings says:

    Every crummy video shows some half naked twerp with her hind end in the camera! GET SOME REAL CONTENT.

  95. Stefan Baz says:

    esti buna,rau,detot

  96. Thomas M says:

    0:32 you’re left handed like me but I was born in October 1981

  97. TheRaiden316 says:

    Phew that's a releif. I misread the title, and though I was about to watch an over-ambitious cross fitter try to lift a tractor. Know your limits, kids.

  98. David guitar madman says:

    Hey I remember this video!

  99. Greg Wenzel says:

    muscle babe

  100. MoOutdoors Tv says:

    Them are like 25lb weights. I do that like 100 times a nice at the tractor pulls but with 100lb

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