How To Make a Paper Crane: Origami Step by Step-Easy

hello, I’m going to show you how to make a paper origami Crane and What I’m gonna do different in this tutorial is I’m going to use highlighters to Emphasize and illustrate each crease so it’s just gonna be a little bit easier step-By-step for and maybe the first time or if you’re new to do an origami so first you’re gonna need either origami paper or Printer paper that you can make into a square and which we want to do to do that is basically take this corner and fold It down along that Edge and then take a pair of scissors and Cut the excess paper off just like that And then when you open it back up You have a perfect square, and then this is going to be the first of your fold you’re going to want to do So I’ll go ahead and illustrate this one On the next slide this fold you’re going to take the other corner and two And fold it the other way Just like that And then now you want to flip it over And you’re going to fold it now into in half the other way to basically two rectangles And then you’ll want to do it the other way as well So now on this side now have a folds basically going the other way and Then once you get to this point. You’re Gonna want to Tilt it like that and these two folds right here It’s going to kind of naturally want to come together, and you want to fold along those edges and bring these two points Inward down to the bottom and then when you do that at the top Hold those crease down just like that, so then now you have the square basically. They’re kind of like four little triangular flanges coming out, and then you want to always keep the flaps on the bottom And then now for the next step once you get that creased real good if you want to take this corner right here this edge and Match along the center crease you have right here basically just fold these in And then once you do that flip it over and do the same thing on the other side I’m going to go ahead and illustrate those for you and actually there’s one more thing one. So you get those folded on both sides And the step isn’t necessary, but I like to do it as an extra Step is when you take the top part right here And give it just a little bit of a crease on top and that’ll help help guide a fold later on Then you want to go ahead and open up all four sides. I’m going to illustrate all these for you You’ll fold their fold and fold down Right there and the crease we did Right on top and so now Go ahead and illustrate the unit side fold Just like that, so you have folded like this And when you did that also full of the inside which then what you want to do is take this bottom flap? and push it up and Crease it right there where this fold is and then on the two inside creases basically fold those in Crease the bottom and then just kind of let this fall together into a crease just like that and then flip it over and Do the same thing and then you’re gonna want to take this and Kinda. Just give it a little bit of crease the other way And open it up now along these two folds right here. Oh Fold those in and let this all just kind of fall together. Just like that crease it real good And once you have that you’ll see the split part down at the bottom. I’m gonna keep that there and now what you’re going to want to do is take the Corner Edges and this right here and fold it in to the center. Just like this get on both sides It looks just like that Then fold it up. I’ll flip it over and do the same two folds just Like that so it looks like that Well, then now you don’t want to take the two flaps pinch them together At the same time pinch the other two together, so you’re basically just inverting what you have and You’ll get what looks like this and then from there look I already see a little bit of a crease right here Go on to fold up these parts on both sides flip it over fold it up there at the bottom and then now Basically invert it again so pinch these two together and pinch the back two together just Like that so then you’ll get this and then down at the bottom fold these over to get your wings Same thing on the other side And now you can see you have the wings and the last second last step we want to take these and along this edge right here, basically just kind of pull them out and Then pinch it and refold it right along that edge Same thing on this side then last step I’m gonna take the four the head basically push this down and pinch it in Just like that and there you have it you have a origami Crane

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    I have to do this for choir lol. Cause we are singing “Paper Crane” by Reese Norris and as a choir we are making 1000 paper cranes

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