How to Make Hydraulic Powered Crane from Cardboard

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  1. Fabi Droid says:

    En donde dejas todas tus obras de arte saludos desde Uruguay

  2. Aston martis says:

    how to make this with syringe please tell me how to do it

  3. Ali Manzoor says:

    Can u sell me this

  4. وردة بامبى says:


  5. sarajuddin shamal says:

    Can I get the sizes

  6. Ramdas Lodhi says:

    I like it

  7. Rajesh saini says:

    Make this battery se up and down kaise Kare help video bhejo

  8. Lupita Ramos says:

    it cool

  9. Jack Russell Studios says:

    So creative

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  11. Rishabh Dhama says:

    what is the use of cell

  12. Rishabh Dhama says:

    cell=round bettary

  13. Bhikhabhai Suthar says:


  14. Rahul Parmar says:

    I'm facing difficulty for understanding the material s

  15. INVENTRO Mr. says:

    copy cat

  16. Dan Perez Mendoza says:


  17. Rachna Aggarwal says:

    I like your hard work

  18. Seema Tiwari says:

    Bhaiya apne kaun sa stick use kiya hai ese joint karne me pls reply me fast, its urgent I want to make this on project In my school

  19. Sawai Singh Khichi says:

    I like it

  20. YK CreatiON says:


  21. Sweta Sharma says:

    Measurements please

  22. Neetu jain says:

    which motor is this

  23. Radheshyam Meena [ishwar nagar ] says:


  24. Arush Khanna says:

    Copy cat

  25. Jasmeet Singh says:

    I also make a crane

  26. Meet Sidhu says:

    which cuter for cutting cardbbooarrd

  27. Meet Sidhu says:

    which cuter for cutting cardbbooarrd

  28. Anju Pandey says:

    Hey how did the syringes help in moving and what did you use to connect the tip of the dc motor and the toothpick ????? Please reply soon 🙏🙏

  29. luciano romero says:

    estaría bueno que para próxima pongas las medidas

  30. DIY Crafts says:

    Nice Project You Are Best Channel

  31. Ani Sethi says:

    Bhai mujhe injection vala batao kaise kia

  32. Kiruthika J says:

    what are the things needed

  33. DIY para iniciantes says:


  34. Mukesh Saraswat says:

    what are the name of sticks t that you used can it is available at market

  35. kanhaiyalal ji patidar says:

    Aap ka video very good

  36. Jogarana Naresh says:

    Plase halp

  37. Eemaan Khan says:

    How many volts is the battery

  38. farru boy gamer says:

    Very nice I like it

  39. Raja Saran says:

    thanks so good

  40. Raja Saran says:

    we're do v get the stick

  41. Dobariya Manisha says:


  42. VISHAL JADHAV says:

    mental man. homeless

  43. Fahima Jogiyat says:

    How did u connect the wooden stick with the motor?
    I have a remote car motor which motor did u use
    Pls reply

  44. mehak khemani says:

    Where I can get the measurements of cardboard cutting?

  45. Azole Cele Azole says:

    I like it I think I will pass this project😍thanks to you. make more videos

  46. Emily Martin says:

    What do you need to make this?

  47. Anil Yadav says:

    wonder full video

  48. Anjali kushwaha says:

    which motor you used

  49. Rajesh Kumar Singh says:

    have u use a dc motor

  50. suneetha shenoy says:

    Thanks a lot the circuit helped me in my project

  51. Shrishti Four says:

    Very nice

  52. Wolf Elixir says:

    Tell us the size of each cardboard please

  53. manohar kher says:

    Bhag re kutte🐕

  54. Clear Name says:

    excellent but I didn't understand how to make it

  55. Mini Tester says:

    I got 2nd position in models exibhition with thi !!

  56. Manju Belli says:

    A Very Good Idea

  57. Jiny Francis says:

    can we modify this to electromagnetic remote crane

  58. gagagag aagaga says:

    what are the measures for today please

  59. Rupesh Prajapat says:

    Ye motor kon si hèe

  60. Rupesh Prajapat says:

    Are ae motor kon si he re

  61. Amit Mishra says:

    Nice video🎥📹📹

  62. Fever of Angry Gamer :hunting sharpshooter says:



    We are going to make it on annual exhibition.

  64. M.v.prasanna Kumar says:

    Amazing you have another video

  65. Giri Sh says:

    Fuckk. Offfff it's fucking JCB not working shit wasted my money u bich. Don't try this plz 😲😲

  66. Mohd Moin says:

    Awsme mind blowing 😍😍🤩😃

  67. Dinesh Singh Shekhawat says:

    How to connect motor

  68. Mohemmed Ameenuddin says:

    I need measurements and motor name

  69. Sibe Studios says:

    All I can think about is how you could have used like 1/2 of those sticks.

  70. Dinesh Singh Shekhawat says:

    What is the name of the stick

  71. Katta Narshima says:

    chala chetha video👎👎👎👎🖒👎🖒🖒🖒👎🖒

  72. Katta Narshima says:

    sorry boss nene pettanu

  73. Srinivas Dwara says:

    What r the long sticks that u insert in all holes

  74. Srinivas Dwara says:

    And measurements please

  75. facts 4u says:

    Can I get the measurements, please bro

  76. gianni divico says:

    Very interesting work. Please can you give us the dimensions?

  77. Akanksha Mali says:

    Why these video can't download

  78. Ankush Ankush says:

    Please help me

  79. Noobdaa Gaming says:

    noce we also going to make it on our schools science exhibition

  80. sree hari says:

    I like it

  81. sree hari says:


  82. nagarjun ragi says:

    Can u please tell me the materials used

  83. Haribhan Yadav says:


  84. Neelam Saini says:


  85. Chetna Vishwakarma says:

    Please show the cm of cardboard

  86. Chetna Vishwakarma says:

    Please show the cm of cardboard

  87. Vithoba Khatri says:

    Is this can be make through irreversible motor

  88. Ginni Brar says:

    Amazing video

  89. Odhavji Makwana says:

    Can I get mearument

  90. Ankit Shaurya says:

    Please aaj mujhe iska material de do

  91. Vivek Sharma says:

    Thanks 😀👑

  92. crush nihu says:

    What is the name of this motor?

  93. Rajeev kansal says:

    Please display the measurements of all the things

  94. tiss mathew says:

    from where you are getting this much cardboard

  95. Rasheed Shaik says:

    hi , dod you have a set by set layout, also cutting measurements

  96. Natanae Trouves says:

    Thanks for the video. 😀

  97. Abdul Ahad Shaikh says:

    Can any one tell materials recquired

  98. Aditi Solanky says:

    It is so useful ….. It has a mistake there in the video information no detail about material .

  99. Dawit Aklilu says:

    This is what you call "thinking outside the box" (no pun intended)

  100. Kowsi Kowsalya says:

    Amazing….. tell me about the components pls………

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