How to Replace a Lawnmower Blade on a Cub Cadet Walk Behind Lawn Mower CC999ES

Hi I am Tom from Weingartz. Today we are going
to show you how to change your Blade in your Hi I am Tom from Weingartz. Today we are going
to show you how to change your blade on your Cub Cadet CC999ES. Tools you going to need
today is 5/8 socket, in order to get the blade off, you need a ratchet and you will also need
a torque wrench in order to put the blade back on in proper speck. First thing before you work on one of this machine you want to make sure you take off the ignition wire that prevents
any mistakes starting, might prevent you from getting hurt When you go to tip this machine over to get
to the blade, you always want to make sure tip the air filter side up. Just for the fact
that if the air filter side down, oil will end up running into the carburetor and into
the air filter. So you will end up having to replace or drain the carburetor and also
replace the air filter if oil soaks the air filter You also will need a block of wood in order
to block the blades to get the bolts off. Now what you going to do is take the block
of wood wedge it between the blade and the frame of the mower. Insure its good and steady
cause you going to use force on that in order to get the bolts off. If you have issues getting the blade off or
you are not able to get bolt loose, you may want to use the help of a brake a bar in order
to help get the bolt off. Once you removed the bolt, you’re gonna want to check the bolt to see if there is any knarring, see if there any thread that are missing and if you have any threads missing, you have the chance that the bolt could come loose and the blade will come off. And it will end up injuring you or people around you. Then you can either
replace the blade or sharpen it or come see us at Weingartz at one of our local 5 stores
or you could order the blades at Now when replacing the blade, you would want
to put the adaptor back too, now the adaptor does have two pins on it. Now when you replacing
the blade, allot of them have signs that say bottom or it will say grass side. When putting
it on the mower you going to want the grass side or bottom to face you. Put the bolt through,
also on the machine, there is a plate that you going to bolt it through the going to
have almost like a bow tie pattern, you going to put that bow tie pattern into the blade.
All this just to help the blade in place so as when spinning, it doesn’t come loose. You going to want to thread the bolt in by
hand just to prevent it from cross-spreading it which event you will have to replace the
crank shaft. Now you going to wedge the block of wood between the blade and the mowing deck
housing make sure it’s in good and firm cause you to use torque on this. This is where your top wrench comes in handy
for this machine you’re going to 40 to 50 pounds in order for proper specs from the
factory. Once you properly put the blade on, move your block of wood, place the mower back
on its wheels, replace the ignition wire. Weingartz, Weingartz, Everything From Lawn To Snow

2 comments on “How to Replace a Lawnmower Blade on a Cub Cadet Walk Behind Lawn Mower CC999ES”

  1. AlwaysHopeful87 says:

    I went Righty loosy and broke the bolt.

  2. technicolorProducer says:

    Nice vide. I have owned several homes and flipped three…owned several mowers and other devices such as chainsaws and chippers — my cub cadet was the WORST mower/piece of equipment I have ever owned by far. I had problems while under warranty and the manufacturer would not stand behind their product.

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